This is the story of the first time I got with a guy. I’ve been thinking of writing it down for some time, and I hope you enjoy it. I think it’s pretty horny anyway!

First, a bit about me. I’m 26 years old and living with a long term girlfriend. No talk of marriage yet, but it’s on the cards. I’m pretty much heterosexual, but I’ve always had curiosity, urges even, to experiment with another guy in bed. The thoughts began at an early age, say 14 or so. At that age I would finger myself in the bath and fantasise about being with a guy, blowing him mostly. As the years passed the thoughts continued, and I sometimes became more elaborate with my fantasising, using a banana or similar to drill my ass while I jacked off. The feeling was always amazing, culminating in great orgasms. I always thought deep down that one day I would get to have sex with another guy, and one hot holiday six months ago, my wish came true.

It was a one-day public holiday. A scorcher, and I was hot as I logged onto a gay chatroom. Looking down the list of names of those in the chatroom, I noticed one name with the town I lived in – BiguyMadison. I clicked on his nick and sent a message:

-Hi, bi male 25 here, in Madison
-Hi! Madison too here, 38 m bi

We exchanged names and stats. He was an older guy with not a great big dick! Some may say pity, but I was excited because I always thought my first cock should be smallish, so I could “accommodate” him. And he seemed like a nice guy, straight acting, not into kissing, just straight forward sex. Perfect.

I plucked up the courage and asked where he was and if he was free. He said sure, he was at his boat shed and alone all day. He invited me over, and as it turned out, it was only 5 minutes drive from my place.

This was it. Would I go around? It was risky, considering I had a loving girlfriend, and this guy could turn out to be a weirdo. The negatives swirled through my mind as I weighed up the pros and cons. Finally I came to the conclusion that I just had to go around and see what I was comfortable with. I told him this in the chatroom, and he was cool too take it as far as I wanted. Fuck it then, I thought.

-I’ll be there in ten
-Great, see you soon!

The shed was, as promised, only 5 minutes away, in an industrial part of town. I pulled into the yard and waited in my car. After a while the door opened and Rob (as was his name) motioned me inside. It was a typical boat shed, with half built vessels standing on brackets. There was a smell of wood and fibreglass. Inside there was a tea room with a couch. He made me a coffee and we had a cigarette and chatted, just small talk. Eventually the conversation turned to sex and he said “So, do you want to do some now?”. “Sure”, I answered, my heart beginning to race. He went to lock the shed and take the phone off the hook. On returning he was naked, his cock half erect. Wow, straight into it, I thought, and proceeded to take off my jeans, tshirt and jocks. We sat down on the couch and he reached for my cock, not yet hard. I in turn reached for his, and began jacking him off.

So there it was, my first cock. It wasn’t that big, maybe 5.5 inches, but thickish. It felt hard and rubbery, and somehow different from mine. It seemed to curve upward at an angle more than mine. I continued to slowly tug away.

My cock, meanwhile, was enjoying it’s treatment, but it wasn’t getting hard. I guess I was nervous deep down. Expected, I thought, just relax and enjoy. You’ve come too far to back out now. It was at that point that he took the fun to another level. His head suddenly was in my lap, and I felt his mouth engulf my cock. Now, I’ve had plenty of blowjobs from different girls, but this bj was something else! He really sucked me hard and his tongue immediately found my most pleasurable spots. Up and down his head bobbed, and I became rock hard there in his mouth. I’ve got a decent sized cock, about 7 inches, but he had no trouble deepthroating me. It was simply the most amazing feeling bj I’d ever had.

Sitting back and enjoying the sensation, I continued to jack off his hard cock, and my thoughts turned to returning the favour. I wasn’t quite ready to come yet, but I let him go on for another five or so minutes. He was really lapping up my cock, clearly enjoying the task. I couldn’t wait for my turn. Eventually I said “Ooh that’s good. Why don’t you stand up for a few minutes?” He smiled and stood in front of me. His erect cock stood in front of me. Here goes, I thought. Years of waiting and wondering about to end.

First I jacked his cock with one hand, and then began tentatively kissing his balls and shaft. No tongue yet, just kissing it all over, occasionally looking up to meet his eyes. I felt quite feminine, even giving him a shy smile. I always enjoyed it when girls did that for me. Slowly I began to lick his shaft, starting low and working upwards. I licked under his head and then the head itself. I wet it thoroughly with spit, and worked my tongue into his slit and under the head. I opened my lips, and with a look upwards into his eyes, I let my first cock into my mouth. It tasted like nothing really, just skin and maybe a slight tanginess. I moved down his shaft until the head rested on the middle of my tongue, which I moved and snaked around his cock. I slowly started bobbing my head up and down, trying to remember all the tricks that girls had used on me. It was harder to coordinate than I thought….maintaining lips, moving tongue etc. Eventually he took over and grabbed the back of my head and quickened the pace, fucking my mouth with his rod. I controlled my gag reflex and took him in to good effect. My nose was at times pushing into his belly, his cock pushing to the back of my throat.

We kept up this for a few minutes more, and he started to make noises like he was going to come, his breath becoming more ragged and his movements twitchy. I didn’t want him to come in my mouth however. I had other ideas for that. “Do you want to fuck me?”, I said, rather lamely, I thought. “OK”, he replied.

He reached for a tube of lube. “How do you want to do it?”, he said. “I don’t mind”, I replied, “However you like”. “Doggy?”, he asked. “Cool”, I said, and bent over the couch.

I must admit my heart was racing, and while I wasn’t scared or tense, I was nervous. How will it really feel?, I wondered. After all these years of experimenting on my own, finally a real cock. I felt the cool lube and his fingers on my asshole, and he slowly worked a finger in. It felt great, and one finger became two. Slowly at first they worked their way in and out, and slowly they picked up pace. My ass was loving it and my cock was rock hard. This is cool, I thought. He’s not rough and understands about loosening up. Oh yeah, I thought, bring on the cock.

And very shortly he did. My ass was nice and relaxed, not gaping loose but ready as it ever would be. I felt him part my ass cheeks with one hand, and then felt his cock at my back door. A slight push and there it was, my ass got it’s first cock. It was neither uncomfortable or amazingly pleasurable. It was just nice. He slowly pushed more inside, and I could feel my ass twitch. It did actually begin to feel slightly uncomfortable, but I enjoyed that. Eventually I pushed back on him and said “OK, go for it”. He took the cue and pushed totally inside of me. I felt my ass slide over him. It was slightly dry but more than able to take him all in. I felt him pull back to about half and push back inside. Slowly he began to fuck me, each time withdrawing to about half. I began to make little groaning noises, the first either of us had uttered during the whole session. “Uh uh….mmm…uh, yeah”, I said, quietly at first. His cock gathered more momentum and he was now pulling out almost totally, before plunging all the way back in. Sometimes he spent more time fucking me shallow and fast, just like I did to the girl’s asses I had fucked over ti
me. Sometimes he slowed right down and gave me full, deep strokes.

My ass was loving it and so was I. Here I was receiving my first cock and without a hint of pain or awkwardness. I became more confident and thrust back onto him, moaning louder now and saying “Oh yeah, that’s it, fuck me. Oh yeah”. He gathered more pace and our bodies slapped together. I was being fucked hard now. It continued for about another five minutes, and again he approached orgasm, and again I took the initiative. Pulling away from him, I turned around and got onto my knees in front of him. His cock, fresh from my ass, stood twitching in front of me, and I wasted no time in greedily shoving it into my mouth, immediately going into a full and fast blowjob. His cock tasted different now, of my ass of course, but it wasn’t unpleasant. He groaned and I felt his head swell for an instant, then twitch, and then my mouth filled with his salty-sweet semen. I took the first few squirts to the back of my throat, swallowing quickly as I had seen chicks do to me in the past. I tried to swallow the entire load but he just kept coming. Semen leaked from the corners of my mouth and bottom lip, dribbling down my chin and onto my chest. Slowly he eased, but his cock continued to give little twitches, and I circled my tongue around it. Slowly it softened and I let him slip out. I smiled and he chuckled “You’ve got yourself a bit messy there”. I smiled again and used my fingers to wipe off the come from my chin and chest. Looking into his eyes I then licked the jizz from my hand and swallowed his last. “Man your hot”, he said “What can I do for you?”. I was honestly not that fussed about coming myself. I already felt satisfied, having quenched my curiosity and no longer a virgin. “Just be here next time I feel horny”, I said. “Cool, but I want you to know that you’re a great fuck, the best I’ve had in years”. “Thanks”, I replied “You were great too, the best I’ve ever had”. “Your kidding!”, he said. “For sure, the best, and in fact, the only”, I said. An expression of extreme surprise was on his face at hearing this. “Wait, wait, wait a second. Are you saying you were a virgin before coming here today?!?”. “Yeah, as it turns out. You were my first cock”. “Wow, well all I can say is man, you were born to fuck hahaha”. We both laughed as we put on out clothes. “Thanks again Rob”, I said, “That was a cool way to spend the day off”. “For sure, and remember to call again”, he replied. I walked back to my car, enjoying the slippery feeling still in my ass. It tingled slightly and I felt like such a slut! My mouth still tasted of him as I drove home – yum. At home I got clean and jacked off in the shower, with a mind-blowing orgasm.

I haven’t been back to Rob since. It’s been about 6 months, and while there have been times that I wanted to, the opportunity hasn’t really arisen. Recently however I came across another guy, one in my area and my age, in the chatroom. He’s a straight acting gay that wants to have discreet fun, all anonymous. We exchanged mobile numbers and who knows, I might call him next time my girlfriend is out of town. I think my curiosity, while somewhat satisfied, will make me go again. I hope it’s another good one, but with a bigger cock this time!

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