My 1st time

I’ll never forget the first time a guy came in my mouth, I was about 20 and had been visiting adult book stores since I was 18.
I loved glory holes{and still do} at that time I mostly enjoyed feeling a hot mouth suck me from the other side of the wall. I couldn’t count all the great head I received. I also sucked a few good looking cocks but always stopped before they came.

As time passed I began to crave the feeling of a hard cock sliding in and out of mouth moving across my lips and using my tongue on the sensitive underside of a strangers cock.
I slowly started to suck longer and longer on these anonymous cocks always stopping just as I felt them swelling, I’d pull away using my hand to stroke them to orgasm.

One day I had some great head he had soft lips and a great tongue, when I came I thought I was going to pass out! After I recovered I found I was still very horny and started to get hard again as I watched the video I had just started to play with myself when somebody entered the next both.
I continued to pump my cock as my neighbor slid the tip of his cock through the hole I reached out to touch his large head as soon as he felt my touch he slid his entire cock through. It was a nice cock and it had a very large head.
I leaned over and gave him a quick lick before taking it into my mouth, right away he starting to sliding in and out slowly fucking his was way deeper into my mouth.

His head got bigger and bigger as he pumped my mouth I could taste his pre-come I was about to pull away but for some reason I continued to suck him.
He pumped faster and faster then his cock suddenly grew even larger the head was enormous I knew he was abut to come in my mouth but I didn’t pull away I just let him slid in and out. He came just moments later, even after all this time I still remember the feeling of his cock pulsing, shooting his come into my mouth. I sucked him until he began to get soft and slid out of my mouth.

I spit his cum in the trash. When I looked he had already gone.

As I drove home I felt sick, not because of the taste{that didn’t bother me at all} it was more nerves. I couldn’t believe a guy just came in my mouth!

I was so young, now I love to feel a man cum against my tongue I can’t to feel it again. It’s been far too long!

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