My friends dad

I had just moved into my new apartment and my friend dad was going to help me put in a new microwave range over the stove. I woke up and saw that he would be coming in about an hour or so. I went out for a bite to eat and coffee, lots of coffee. I had never met my friend’s dad so I did not know what to expect. I sat at a table after finishing my breakfast and could see a man looking at me as he sat beside my table. ‘Hi’ I said in a friendly manner.
‘Hello’ he replied. We started talking. He was an older gentleman muscular and friendly. As we talked he moved over to my table and even closer until I saw I had to go that my friend dada would be at my place soon. The man made me feel at ease but I had something else I had to do and excused myself and left after paying my bill.
I arrived back at my apartment and put some coffee on when my friend dad knocked at the door, and was I surprised it was the man who I had talked with in the restaurant. We both laughed and he came in. I couldn’t help but look how hot he looked and the bulge in his pants didn’t help me ease my stare at all. When he turned his eyes towards mine he saw what I was looking at. I didn’t know if he knew his son was gay or not so I had to play it cool.
‘Oh sorry lost in thought’ I said trying to cover my lustful thought too.
‘That’s Ok’ he said ‘my sons gay the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree I am afraid’ we started with coffee and talking about his son and his life.
‘It’s what ended my marriage. I loved her but time has a way of changing us and I started seeing men and one thing lead to another, next thing I know I decided to leave and let her find her way’ he said honestly then turned his eyes on to me. ‘How long have you been gay?’ he asked.
‘Oh well I like guys and girls’ I said holding my coffee cup in my hand as we sat at my glass kitchen table and I could see his crotch through it. Pretending to look at the cut I watched intently as his cock grew hard. We stopped talking long enough to put up the microwave range up and at one point I was standing my hands up over my head holding the thing up and he had to reach around me to screw the thing into place. I could feel each breath he took, his cologne wafting over me and his cock pushing into my back side, making me week in the knees.
‘Keep holding it’ he said as I closed my eyes and fought with myself to hold it up. His hands touched both sides of my chest and moved slowly around than played with my nipple making them hard. My cock was getting hard as I fought to hold the damn thing up. I came out of my trace when his hand went into my pants and he played gently with my hard cock. I let go of the range and it stayed up. I stood there in a place not far from ecstasy and undid my pants letting them fall to the floor. With no underwear on, he saw everything I had to offer. As I turned around to get face to face with him he continued to hold my hard cock in his hand, gently moving along its shaft. I place my hands onto his chest, feeling all his muscles. With his free hand he undid his pants and let them fall to the ground. I looked at his hard cock that beckoned me to it. My hand moved to his large mushroom cock and I took hold of it.
‘Let’s move to the bedroom’ I said. Once in the bedroom I sat on the bed thinking I was going to suck his cock but his cock had somehow taken control over me. I can’t tell you how but it did. My hand took hold of his hard cock and I could feel the sheer power it possessed. I other hand cradled his balls and I wanted to suck his cock so bad yet I couldn’t. Soon he gently pushed me back laying me down and took control. His hand were soft gentle and powerful as he began pumping my cock. I still hung on with one hand to his, as he moved down and took my cock into his mouth. My balls tensed up ready to explode on his command but the order never came. Instead his finger played on my hole gently making circles around it and pushing it open but never going in. he was driving me wild.
‘There’s lube in the stand’ I said pointing to the small stand beside the bed. He reached over and took it out never letting go of my cock. He licked my cock a bit as he applied the lube. ‘If you keep doing that I will shoot’ I told him and he stopped licking my hard ready to explode cock.
‘I’m glad. He said that means you’re ready for me’ then he guided his hard cock towards my ass. I reached down and spread my cheeks as he put my feet above his shoulder and pushed gently into my ass. I could feel every muscle his cock had to offer and my ass begged for everyone. It felt so, great as he slowly pushed the entire length of his cock into my pleading ass. I let out a long sigh as he now slowly began to pull his cock out and then in. pre-cum started to ooze out of my cock and my ass tried in vain to move in order to take his cock deeper.
‘Please’ I pleaded. ‘Fuck me, I want it all, I want you’re cum inside me’ I begged. He smiled and started fucking my ass somewhat faster with each thrust as deep as the first and only pulling out enough to make my ass open widely to let him in again. I can’t tell you the feel of such a amazing cock, how every inch only makes you want more. He pulled his cock part way out and moved my legs down so I was on my side, my ass pointed towards him for his pleasure. Once again he began pushing his magnificent cock into my ass then pulling it out. I began to twitch wanting his cock harder but he was in control, taking his time and taking me to the edge of lust never before ever imagined. He lifts my one leg as he thrust deep into my ass and cupped my balls wrapping his finger around both balls and my hard cock. Using his palm to push the area between my balls and my ass it made me ready to explode but he wasn’t ready to let me yet.
‘Oh you have a great ass’ he said to me as he pulled his cock out. You could almost hear my ass cry for it. He moved onto the bed with his large cock pointing up. ‘Come ride me’ he asked and I moved on top of him straddling his hips with his hard cock sliding between my ass cheeks. I lead forward and he took hold of my ass cheeks and pulled me forward to his face making me kiss him as he pushed his hard cock into my willing ass.
‘Oh fuck’ I cried loving every bit of his cock. I slowly sat up and sank onto his muscular cock. Just the feel of such a tool pulsating inside you is sheer heaven. I rocked forward and arched my back moving up his cock but not letting it slide out, then sat back down taking the entire length. He let out a large sigh as I did. I continued to move up and down his shaft trying desperately not to blow my load before he was ready to explode. I could feel his cock moving each time I would arch my back and move up his shaft.
“oh fuck. Just fuck me make me cum’ he said. I began to move up and down his shaft like a crazed kid on a lolly pop. It was when he grabbed my hips and started fucking me I started to shoot my load all over his chest and I was in sheer ecstasy when his load filled my ass. My head titled back as my hips moved quickly back and forth wanting the last bit out of his cock. ‘Lick this cum off my chest’ he said and without hesitation my tongue was sucking my cum from his chest and around his nipples. ‘My son told me you were good in bed’ he said to me in a whisper ‘he told me you like to be treated like a girl too, Is that true? He asked and I nodded somewhat ashamed. ‘then get off my cock and clean it up with your mouth’ I moved carefully off his cock now semi hard and sucked on it until he was satisfied. ‘You’re a good little whore. Maybe next time you will answer the door in lingerie’ he said. I didn’t know what to say as he dressed and left out the door. ‘Please come back’ I begged in my mind but said nothing.

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