My Gloryhole Enocunter

I have a serious addiction to porn, porn shops, adult toys, anything to do with sex including sex! Im a normal guy who just has a wild, kinky and freaky sexual side. Anytime I am travling alone and see a adult bookstore, porn shop, etc, I ALWAYS stop. It really is an addiction but, it’s an addiction I SO love. Anyhow, I was working out of town a couple years ago and I ran across one of these adult bookstores. This was one of the bookstores that had a small theatre to watch porn in and it also had video booths. Of course with my addiction I had to check out the video booths, I LOVE porn and at this place I could take some dollar bills, go in a private booth and watch all kinds of porn, how great is that!

It was hot humid late saturday morning when I pulled up to a white building with no windows a green door and just a bright yellow sign that said dvd’s $4.95. There was only one car parked in the front so I drove around to the back where the parking lot was pretty full. I found a spot, parked and started walking up to the back entrance door. I walk in, say hi to the guy at the counter and I start browsing at the dvd’s. What I noticed after a few minutes that, there were at least 15 or more cars in the parking lot yet I was the only one walking around in the store. I then seen a guy come in and walk down a hallway and I wondered where the hell he just went? So it did’nt look like I was following him I waited a couple minutes then headed that way myself. I entered a long dark hallway which was video booths side by side and I thought to myself, “cool, I can watch some porn, I don’t have to buy any”. I walk up to a door and try to open it but it locked and then I noticed above the door a round red light that said occupied. I look on down the hallway at the other door and see a green light that said open, so I walked towards that door. You could hear all kinds of porn coming from the booths and of course I was getting turned on. I walk into the open booth which was very dark, there was no light except for a dim light coming from the tv screen. I go in, shut and lock the door behind me, I sit down in the little plastic school style chair, pull some ones out of my pocket and feed the machine, the tv lit up with porn and the sound kicked on, and some buttons lit up for changing the channels and controling the volume. I flipped through a few channels til I came across a porn I liked, which was a hot ass brazilian hung she-male getting her cock sucked by a hung young guy. (I told you I had a wild, kinky and freaky sexual side…lol) I sat there watching it and started rubbing on my cock through my shorts when, out of the corner of my eye I see movement! I look over to my right and see fingers pop through a hole in the wall. “HOLY SHIT, a GloryHole!” I look over the left wall and there was another gloryhole. I had seen em in porn and that was it. The holes. were about the size of a dvd. Sitting there looking at the hole, again, fingers pop through. I was clueless so I put my fingers through the hole, I did’nt know this was the signal. The signal for what you ask? It was the signal that I now wanted that man to put his cock through that gloryhole.

Im sitting here in this little dark booth, watching she-male porn, my cock hard from the porn and rubbing on it and now I have a thick white semi hard cock poking through the gloryhole in the wall waiting on me to do something to it. I won’t lie, I did’nt sit and think about it too long, I just reached out and grabbed the cock and slowly started stroking it. I’ve never done the gloryhole thing, I may not know the signal but, I was’nt stupid, I know what the guy wanted! Im not gay, don’t even consider myself bi at all but, I am a freak, I love sex, loving recieving pleasure but love giving pleasure even more believe it or not so, what the fuck, i’ll get this cock off. I was stroking him slow and his dick got harder and harder. It was a thick about 5 or 6 inch cock, fat head and thick veined. As he grew harder, I noticed my own cock throbbing harder then normal. Yep, I was highly turned on from holding this man’s cock in my hand and feeling it grow as I stroked on it. Fuck it, noone is gonna know, I thought to myself, I got out of the chair, went to my knees and took this thick throbbing piece of white meat into my mouth and started sucking it! I heard a deep voice ” Oh Yeah, Suck That Dick” Suck it, I did and, I was fucking loving it! I was so turned on feeling this thick veined cock in my mouth and got VERY turned on when he started thrusting it and I could hear him letting out some moans. The thrusts started getting faster so I sucked him harder, taking his cock all the way into my throat. He was now fucking my face and I felt his cock start pulsating fast and I knew he was about to cum so I sucked faster and harder going with each thrust and I knew I should’nt have but, I let it happen…. He let out a loud grunt and his dick exploded in my mouth and I just kept working it, taking a mouth full of cum and I LOVED IT! I was about to cum myself, my dick was throbbing and pulsating hard as he kept pumping his hot thick cream into my mouth. It started running out, down my chin, all down my chest… once again I thought to myself and again I thought “fuck it, I started swallowing that hot jizz… My own cock exploded, I did’nt even have to touch my dick, I was that turned on. I sucked that man’s cock, sucking out every last drop and I still kept sucking him til he pulled his going limp cock away. I sat there on my knees, a load of cum down my throat, my underwear covered in my own jizz and my cock still throbbing hard, still turned on from just getting off that thick meat. I yanked my shorts down and started stroking my own cock hard and fast, thinking about what I had just done and, SPLASH, all over the wall I blew another load!

Back sitting in the chair, trying to catch my breath and gather myself, I looked down at my shirt which is covered with that mans cum, sticking to me, my underwear stuck to my cock and balls from my load and watching my second load dripping down the wall. FUCK, that was awsome, I wanted more! Though I wanted more, I decided to sneak out of there and try to make it back to my car without anyone seeing the mess all over my shirt. I make it out to my car unnoticed (I think) my cock still throbbing from what I just done and then I simply just leave already in my mind planning my next visit back 😮

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