My Life Sucks (Part 2)

Phil was a salesman for vinyl flooring, he had been on the road for three weeks and still had another week before he got back to his beautiful wife and loving family.

He told me that after dinner he wanted me to shave all my body hair off; he wanted a woman not a man, as he was not gay.

So after dinner I went into the shower and shaved all my body hair off, I looked in the mirror and admired my new look, my cock was rock hard and it looked so much bigger without pubic hair, I could not reach all the hair so I called Phil to help.

Phil’s hands moved swiftly, he ordered me to bend and pull my ass cheeks apart to ensure that I had gotten all the hair. Soon he nodded his approval, I rinsed off the lather, and I dried off and went back into the room.

Phil still naked his cock hard, lay on the bed, come give me a blowjob.

A knock on the door, Phil motioned me to answer it; I picked up the robe on the floor to cover my naked body.

Phil told me to leave it, I obeyed without question and opened the door, the waiter (Calvin) entered, he was dressed in t-shirt and jeans, he cupped my balls and my cock jerked at his warm hand.

Phil told me to help Calvin get undressed, a job which I did happily, I lifted his t-shirt off, his upper body toned and well defined, he obviously worked out, he pulled my head to his chest and I licked his stiff nipple, my tongue swirling round the hard bud. He lifted my head and kissed me his tongue entered my mouth, my knees buckled his strong arm held me up, his hot tongue danced in my mouth.

Phil lay on the bed his hand wrapped round his stiff organ, sliding the flesh along the hard inner shaft, as he watched Calvin and me.

Calvin stopped kissing me and released hid grip, leaning back slightly he pushed his hip forward, inviting me to unbuckle his belt, unfasten the stud fastening, I slid the zipper down, hooking my hands either side I pulled his jeans down his legs, his cock hard sprang up an inch from my face. I moved and kissed the big dome, Calvin’s cock was visibly bigger than Phil’s, the veins stood out along the tanned length, his heavy balls dangled tantalisingly. He kicked his shoes off and I pulled his jeans off, he was now naked.

Phil beckoned us over to the bed. Calvin lay beside Phil while I knelt on the bottom of the bed, I moved between them, my hand encompassing both of their cocks. I leant to the right and my mouth closed over Calvin’s hard cock, I bobbed my head on his cock as I pumped Phil’s hard cock with my hand, I switched to the left and sucked on Phil’s cock pumping on Calvin’s. I alternated on both cocks for a few minutes my jaws began to ache as I worked these two big hard cocks. Phil sat up and swung off the bed, as I took Calvin’s cock all the way into my mouth his black pubes tickled my nose as my tongue flicked across the underside of his cock, tear welled up in my eyes, I felt like I was choking but his hand on my head kept him in my mouth. I was light headed, when Calvin released my head and I pulled myself off his cock, coughing and spluttering. I spat long strands of saliva on his cock and moved my head back onto his cock, I was as cock sucking slut.

Phil returned and squeezed some cold gel on my ass hole, he rubbed it over my asshole, then he pressed his finger into my anus smearing the gel inside my hole as he rotated his finger while moving it in and out, more gel and another finger speared my ass. Phil then offered me his cock, I pulled off Calvin’s long hard cock and using my hand I pumped up and down his stiff shaft, I licked along Phil’s cock before taking him in my slutty mouth; he held my head and pressed his cock all the way into my mouth, just as Calvin had done. I tried to relax my throat. I was being used by both these men and loving every minute off it, ii desperately wanted to please them. My life was swimming before my eyes, as I was being starved of oxygen. Phil released my head and I gasped a big breath filling my lungs, I spat saliva on his big hard cock rubbing it over him.

Phil moved behind me and I felt his cock rub along my ass crack, he positioned himself at my anal opening and pressed harder I relaxed my ass and I felt him slowly entering as my ass opened. He reached round and stroked my small cock, as his big hard cock entered further, his bulbous head squeezed into my secret hole, then with a small jab forward Phil’s cock head passed my anal sphincter, I yelped, on Calvin’s cock, as Phil sank deeper into my burning asshole, until all his cock was imbedded in my virginal hole.

I sucked harder on Calvin as Phil began pumping his shaft in and out my ass, I was beginning to enjoy the feeling of being ass fucked when Phil stiffened and I felt him cumming in my asshole, he held still as his cum filled my bowels. Once he had finished his cock began to shrink and he flopped out my asshole. I felt empty, but not for long, Calvin lifted my head off his rampant cock, slid off the bed and round behind me. He rubbed his cock over my extended bum hole, and slowly entered my ass, as his cock was bigger; he jammed his hard cock past my stretched sphincter and filled my ass with hot cock. He set up a steady rhythm pumping his cock in my ass. He spanked my ass a couple of times as he rode me hard and deep.

Phil sat beside me as I knelt on the bed my as up and my head down. Phil took my small cock in his hand and pumped my foreskin covering and uncovering my glans, it was only seconds until I came spilling my creamy cum on the bed.

Suddenly Calvin jerked a couple of times and he came, his cum mixing with Phil’s cum deep in my ass. I heard him pop out of my ass as he was still rock hard, he offered me his hard cock, which I accepted into my mouth and sucked all the cum off and from his cock, cleaning him. I fell flat on the bed, as cum dribbled from my ass.

I sucked both men once more that night, eventually falling asleep with Phil’s cock still in my mouth. When I woke, Calvin was gone, it was morning and Phil was ramming his cock into my mouth again.

My Life Sucks.

The difference was that now it was hard cocks I was sucking. Someone, perhaps even loved, at last wanted me. I lost count of the cocks I sucked that week, I discovered that most married men when away from their wives, wanted something different; something exciting; something illicit, and I supplied that.

All too soon, I was on the plane back home, but now I had a new secret life, a life that did not SUCK

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  1. MasterHank

    Good story and a nice follow up to Part 1. Hopefully, there will be more stories of why your life sucks. Maybe I, Hank, will run into you on one of my business trips. My cock loves it when your life sucks.

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