My Shower Bud

My Shower Bud

Thinking back, I cannot remember a time in my life when I was ever free of strong sexual desire. As a very young child I was the bad boy in the neighborhood… You know, the one that lured the other kids into the bushes and forced them to play doctor with me.

I was one horny kid and I always had a stiff little pecker to prove it. And I didn’t discriminate either… Boy or girl, it didn’t matter. It was a stranger’s touch to my genital area that I craved. It was pure ecstasy and I lived for that sensation.

Naturally I began masturbating at a very early age, long before my body could even produce semen. Jerking off became a ritual for me, doing it sometimes three to four times a day. It just felt so good and I did it anywhere that I could.

My sexual appetite grew as I got older. In high school I would routinely cut class just to hide out in the men’s room and masturbate. The urges had become so strong by my senior year that it was getting more difficult to hide these extracurricular activities.

Of course gym class always presented a problem. Dressing out was mandatory and so was the shower. I always worried about getting an erection in the presence of other naked guys and getting dubbed a homo. So I’d meander around the locker room with a towel wrapped around my lower half until everyone had left the shower stalls and then I’d go in.

So this one particular day I went to the shower stalls and much to my surprise found a straggler. It was Tommy from third period study hall. There he was, standing partially under the steaming water, body all soaped up, gently stroking his humongous dick!

He hadn’t actually seen me at this point so I remained quiet and watched him as he continued to jerk off. The sight of him doing that coupled with the sensation that I know he had to be experiencing was just too much for me to handle. I wet my hand and grabbed some soap and began stroking myself as I continued to watch him.

As I became more aroused I began to feel very connected with Tommy. My thoughts became dangerously irrational. I wanted Tommy to know that I was watching him and I wanted him to see me too.

Tommy’s hand began moving faster and faster and I knew that he was nearing orgasm. I did not want him to cum by himself. I wanted to cum with him, to shoot my cum all over him while he shoots his cum all over me, and to hug and be close and feel each other’s passion at that magical moment.

Before I knew what I was doing I quietly walked up behind Tommy and said, “Hey Tommy, how’s it going today?” I could still see his arm moving back and forth but it was obvious that he was now trying to hide it from me.

Tommy attempted to speak but was having some difficulty as you might expect, being just seconds away from shooting his load. He was obviously almost at the point of no return and had to decide right then whether to continue or stop.

Knowing all too well the intensity of what he was feeling at that moment and wanting him to enjoy the fruits of his labor, I decided to very daringly break the ice. So I moved around to the side of him so he could see that I was also jerking off.

Tommy looked at my dick and he began to stroke his faster and faster. He was so turned on that he could not even speak, but I could tell that I had his approval for what was going on there with us.

As I continued jerking off with my right hand, I took my left hand and began caressing Tommy’s balls. I got very close to him and our upper bodies were touching. I reached a little lower and began fingering the exterior of his butt. I heard him begin to moan and his body began to shake. Then I felt his hot cum shooting all over my belly. One pulse after another. Tommy tried to speak, “Oh God, It’s… Don’t let it stop… It’s so good… Touch me all over.”

Then I began to cum too. I shot my load all over Tommy’s belly as he ran his hand down my back and hugged me tighter. I ejaculated more with Tommy than I ever had in my entire life. It just seemed to keep shooting out of me, one pulse after another, wave after wave. It was like three orgasms in one. The absolute best ever.

But as with us guys the passion died quickly and we were both left wondering where we go from here. What did this mean? Was it a fluke? Are we both homosexual because of what we did and how much we enjoyed it? I mean, we were both 18 years old and we certainly knew our own minds and what we were doing the whole time. We both did not say too much afterwards as we dried off and got dressed.

Later that night I got a phone call from Tommy. We had a heart to heart and decided that we should see each other again – and the sooner the better! We discussed other sexual delights that we may engage in and just from talking on the phone with him I got so horny that I had to jerk off before the call ever ended!

Tommy and I became regular sex partners and would meet in the shower at the end of gym class daily right up until high school graduation. No one ever caught on to what we were doing and today Tommy and I live together and continue to have the greatest sex ever!

The End

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