Part 1 – Demonic Dreams

The night was dark and stormy. I was sixteen and heading off on my first solo date. Her name was Tamika, she was an apache and at nineteen and five seven and 120 pounds of bubbling horny energy she was a fox. She had long black hair and a dark tan and she was wearing virtually nothing. A red tube top of mesh that allowed me clear view of her nipples and a pair of cut off blue jeans with the sides spilt and the pockets removed and when she sat beside me in the car I could she her bald shaven split. We were suppose to be going to a drive-in movie out in the country when the storm hit. Yes we knew they would close it but we were hoping to get to be alone for a few hours. The fact that she had a three-year-old son and a four-year-old daughter didn’t bother me. She was hot and had met me the day before and offered to take me and make man then so I knew she wasn’t pure. She was a very horny person and so was I.
Along the way the rain poured so hard I had to pull over on the shoulder and wait for it to slack, but it didn’t. We sat there kissing and groping for almost five minutes before we decided to pull on down the road and find a quite spot.
She said she knew a place that no one ever went to and that we could be alone there and that it was just down the road.
Tamika had already unbuttoned her shorts and was unzipping them when I spied the driveway that led up to the old Miller place. The house was abandoned for the last twenty years and I thought we would be alone there.
Tamika pulled her top off and threw in my back seat then she shimmied out of her pants and tossed them as well. As I pulled up under an old tree near the house the storm raged.
She wasn’t afraid but she was horny, so I discounted her bravery. No sooner had I turned the car off when she started stripping me naked. I didn’t have to wait to taste her, she pushed me down flipped around and sixty-nine time was at hand. We went down on each other and she was the first to get her climax. She was grinding her cunt into my face as she yelled and then went wild on my dick. Just before I shot my load of she opened the car door and let rain pour in on us as she swallowed me whole load.
Then she grabbed my hand yanked me from the car and away we ran in a driving rainstorm for the old house. She was giggling and laughing as we reached the steps soaked from head to toe. She opened the door and darted in. It was dark and filled with cobwebs and smelled like old underwear. She turned to me and started kissing me and playing with herself and then licking it off her fingers as she slowly weaved her way back to the far side of the house. It was hard to see, only the brief light from the flashes outside lit our way.
Naked and horny she led me to her master, you she was a demonic sex toy and she was being sent to bring me to him. As we reach the place she wanted to be at she lowered herself to her knees and began to revive my hard prick with her mouth. Then she let her body fall back to the ground, and then she pulled me down on her. I started to ride her like a pony, and the faster I pumped her the more excited she got and just as I came something grabbed me and lifted me up. Suddenly it threw me through the air and down the steps that led to the basement.
I was almost knocked out, but as I struggled to get up, I saw a dim outline of her laughing at me. Then she evilly called out, “Soon you will have real sex for the first time and then you will be his.” Just then a flash of light lit the house above and as it faded the door slammed shut.
I was left completely alone in the dark. It was eerie feeling and it stank and then as I was trying to feel my way out it started.
First thing I felt was someone or something grabbed me by my thighs and started to pull. Then my legs were opening wide by themselves and two restraints placed themselves on my ankles, they could have been hands but they were ice cold. I tried to brake free but it was a vise like hold on me.
Then my wrists were bound like my ankles, and my arms were pulled almost out of their sockets by the force. I was scared and screaming for help from anyone that could hear when I felt a person breathing hotly on my back and as it moved to my ass I started to cry. It was just then as I felt that I was about to die that a hot hard dick entered my ass. I moaned out in pain and terror at first, two hands grab it and squeeze it and tortured the cheeks as my hole was being bored. Something then moved to my face and my head was lifted up and back and I could not move it.
I could feel a hot wet tongue caressing my neck and ears and then it stopped.
The pounding from behind was making me cry but as mouth open and I lost control of it, something poked into my mouth. My lips sealed it in and it began to slide in and out of my mouth. I had never sucked a dick before so I did not know then what it was. My prick was only being tortured at the same time, and as something or someone pinched, poked and pulled at it something else started sucked my tits. I felt it cum in my ass first and its warmth started to calm me down and almost enslave me from that point on. Then it seemed to get harder with the thrust to my mouth as exploded there next. It never stopped torturing my prick not even after I came, it just pulled and played with it and my tits were being bitten and sucked the entire time. It paused for only a second before it began to re-pound my ass and mouth. Over and over again it filled me with its liquids and I swallowed it and each time I could feel myself needing more of it and wanting to give more of myself to get it.
I could hear the storm ragging outside and now one was ragging in me. I began to like my situation. As the rape continued I started to enjoy it. Almost three hours more of it passed before I was dropped onto the dirt floor. For about two minutes I lay there thinking about what had happened. I lost count how many times it came in my ass but I know I swallowed eight loads and I myself came five times. I was truly under its spell and I loved it.
Then I struggled to stand. The door at the top of the stairs opened and there was Tamika holding a candelabra smiling. I started up the steps as a voice from behind me echoed out, “You must return here tomorrow night for more. You will not be able to forget it and you are mine now for as long as I want you. Now go!”
The sound was harsh and evil but his words made me horny. As I searched for him in the darkness, Tamika spoke softly and told me, “When you come back tomorrow you will see who and what has taken you for its slave. You will enjoy it almost as much as I do. The rest of us will make sure you do”
I looked at her and could see that she was telling me the truth. Her naked body still looked good to me, but for the first time I wanted to be with a man. The feeling that this night had planted in me was growing. We walked out into the storm and made our way to the car, she told me, “You should enjoy making love to me one last time as a man. Tomorrow night you will become a mans sex toy and you will never again want a woman.”
I took her words to heart, and as the rain poured I mounted her and began to fuck her wildly in the muddy soaked grass. She bucked at the right times and as we fucked each other the thought occurred to me that I wanted him more. I came in her and with its leaving so did my desire for women. As soon as I finished she knew.
Stay tuned for part 2.

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