road side ass…istance

I had no Idea what I was in for when my friend Brian asked me to take a road trip with him to his girlfriends for the weekend. As we drove he made a stop at a rest stop on the side of the highway he was gone a long time and I was getting concerned when he finally arrived back at the car with his jeans half undone and his shirt all untucked.
“What the hell happened?” I asked as we pulled out.
“There is something you need to know Ben” he said “I have no girl in Toronto”
‘then why are we going?”
“I have a boy friend there”
“I am gay and I just fucked a Cop in the rest stop stall!”
“yeah it was fucking hot too, he was hung and very forceful it was awesome!”
We drove in silence for a while when I finally asked what it was like to do something like that. Je said he figured the only way to get me to understand it was to experience it. When I said I was not gay he said I was a liar….he was right I had been dating men since the tenth grade.
Just then another rest stop came into view and Brian pulled in there were no cars around as he turned the engine off.
“You have been cruising right Ben?”
“Yeah why”
“rest stop cock is no different people who stop here want one thing, they give the same look as in the bars…. that is your invite to follow him into a stall.
We sat watching traffic for about an hour when as I sat on the hood smoking a cigarette a dump truck pulled into the lot and a very muscular man jumped down from the cab. He was shaved bald except a hair patch under his lip. He wore jeans with a big belt buck and a muscle shirt that was a size too small to show off his arms. His cowboy boots crumpled the gravel as he walked by. He was smoking a cigarette himself as he threw me a wink as he looked me over in my khakis, sandals and black t-shirt.
I looked back through the window as B motioned me forward with a wink and kiss. I followed him into the can and took the urinal next to him as he stood there. As I released my cock I felt his hand on my ass. It slowly rubbed it as I looked him in the eye he licked his lips.
“Sssssssoo ” I opened ” I bet the vibrations in that truck make a guy horny”
“‘god damn right cutie, any idea what I should do about it?”
“I can think of a couple of things” I said as I undid my pants and stepped out of them and naked from the waist down walked into a stall. I sat on the john as he entered and closed the door behind. I undid his big buckle and let his jeans drop exposing his shaven cock and pubes region and a seven inch and thick cock looking at me. I grabbed it and put into my mouth using lots of spit to lube and slick his sweaty cock as he threw his hands out to the walls to brace himself as I sucked him hard and fast.
“Shit you little highway bitch you suck good cock, I bet you have a hot little anus to fuck don’t you!”
“Maybe” I said “maybe you should find out” His cock was nice and slick as he pulled me out and bent me over the sink and rammed me hard from behind.
“Yeah I knew your ass was doable”
“jerk me off while you fuck me!”
He did as ordered and used his strong hand to jerk me off ass he pounded my ass.
“Yeah ffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffuuuuuuuuuuck yer big cock is soooo good” I screramed.
“Yeah your ass is about to be filled with come”
“fucking A ah yeah fill me up” I begged as he emptied his seed into my ass. Seconds later I covered his hand with my own come. Which he quickly licked off his hand.
I came back to the car with my disheveled clothes to Brian looked at me smiling.
“How was it?”
“Holy fuck I came so hard”
“yeah I know, no climax like nasty road side climax eh.”
“Wanna taste?”
So I kissed him the first time Brian and I kissed. Before I knew it we were out of car and in the stall again buck naked and He was sitting on the can and deep inside me as he fucked me the ass.
We took turns fucking each others ass and got dressed,
By the time we to Toronto we had taken turns driving while the getting his dick sucked. We are not a couple Brian and I but we meet at road side rest stops and fuck like crazy.

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