Should not have done that coke, But glad I did

I am a 41 year old male, never married but had many relationships with women over the years. Though I always lead a straight life part of me wanted something else, I had never fancied men but had fantasy’s about gay sex, I did really fancy convincing trannys but had never done anything about it.
The story begins in a small town outside London in July 2006 when I was 35
Things had got to the point where I really needed to get this thing sorted one way or another, I had tried to get it out of my mind but it was no good. I confided in a lesbian couple I know Sam & Amy & they suggested I come to a gay bar with them. I wasn’t sure at first but they eventually persuaded me. Anyway Saturday night came & I was getting nervous, & wondering if I should back out, my phone rang it was Sam saying “hope you’re not backing out on me” of course not I said slightly nervously, “pick you up at 8” she said. So I washed shaved, splashed on some smelly stuff & got dressed. Dead on 8 my bell rang & I turned off the light & headed out.
It took about 30 minutes to get to this quite small pub in the middle of nowhere, I gingerly walked with them, paid the woman on the door & we went inside, it was very busy, didn’t look any different to any other pub really. I wasn’t long before I was approached by a fairly tall guy in his late 20s who introduced himself as Brian, we had a couple of drinks & talked a bit, but he was boring me & I made my excuses & made a beeline for Amy, “I need rescuing” I sat at their table & Just chatted. At the end of the night nobody else had made a pass at me I was thinking ‘wish I’d carried on with Brian. Just as we were about to leave I got chatting to another guy, probably mid 30s 6 foot tall slim, slightly effeminate, kind of interesting, Sam & Amy had gone back to the car & we stood in the corner of the car park chatting, cars were leaving & there were just two cars left, one started hooting the horn, he said it was his mate’s & he had to go, I said ‘you here next week?’ he said it’s only on once a month, he asked if I had a pen, I hadn’t but ran over to Sam’s car & got one, He scribbled something on it & gave it to me, I ripped it in half & wrote my number on it & gave it to him. I got back to Sam’s car & they wanted to know the details, they got really exited when I showed them the number, all it said was the number & ‘Ring me X Jon’ I was buzzing in a sort of nervous way, I’d just exchanged numbers with a man!
I sat on that number all week, every time I went to ring it something stopped me. On Thursday evening my phone rang it was Jon, first thing he asked was why hadn’t I rang him, I kind of explained, he hadn’t realised it was my first time & suggested meeting up in a London club on Saturday, he said don’t worry I’m meeting up with some mates, I had enjoyed the weekend before so I agreed. Sam & Ami were really impressed I’d taken the initiative & offered to give me a lift & said they might as well come as well, keep an eye on me lol
We arrived at the club at about 10pm & it was quite empty so we went straight to the bar, Amy was driving so Sam & I started on the shots. About 11 it got busy & I saw Jon arrive with his mates, my legs were like jelly & I downed a couple more shots, I caught Jon’s eye & he made his way over. After the initial formalities we sat down at one of the small tables dotted around the outside. After talking to him for 20 minutes at all I think we both realised there was little sexual attraction between us & he suggested I come over & join his mates, there was 5 of them including Jon, He quickly introduced them but I wasn’t really paying much attention. As I sat down One of them got up & returned a few minutes later with a huge tray of shots I was offered & 3-2-1 down, that eased the situation & I just started chatting, After an hour or so I had started getting on really well with one of Jon’s mates Richard (or Rick to his mates) When it was my turn up the bar he followed me chatting & after buying a round & taking it back to the table he asked if I fancied come charlie, I asked “where” follow me he said & headed towards the toilets, I didn’t think twice & followed him, he opened a cubicle door & said this’ll do &beckoned me in. It was a bit of a squeeze in there but he done two big lines on the cistern lid & proceeded to sniff one of them then handed me the rolled up tenner & I leaned down & sniffed it up, whoa that was some good charlie, I stood up sniffing the rest up my nose.
What happened next really took me by surprise. He said “you missed a bit” & leaned forward & licked the end of my nose, before I had a chance to react he kissed me on the lips, whether it was the drink or the drugs I don’t know but all my inhibitions disappeared & our tongues entwined as we kissed passionately, our hands exploring each other. My hand soon found it’s way between his legs & he was obviously rock hard, I rubbed his cock through his jeans & we carried on kissing, I was getting really turned on, I started to fumble frantically at his belt & zip, eventually he helped by releasing his belt & I undid his jeans & moved my hand inside, I almost died when I realised he wasn’t wearing anything underneath, once I got over the shock I gripped his cock & started moving my hand back & forth as he started to breathe heavily, still kissing he moved us round so his back was facing the door, he broke off the kiss & whispered “suck me” I felt my legs turn to jelly as he pushed me back, the only option I had was to sit down on the toilet lid, I was now sitting level with his stomach & he moved closer allowing his jeans to fall down exposing his erect cock to me. He was similar length to me just over 7 inches uncut but not as thick. As I sat looking at it he moved closer, I felt his hands on top of my head pull me towards him, his cock pointing at me, he was whispering “take me in your mouth” The drugs had really kicked in & I was getting even more turned on, without another thought I took his cock in my right hand & rolled back his foreskin to reveal a fat round end, I leaned forward & kissed it then opened my mouth a little & swirled my tongue around it, lightly nibbling it as he moaned softly. After a few minutes of this he started to pull my head down & he slowly slid in & out of my mouth, it was really nice & I was loving it. He stopped for a moment & asked if I was ok all I could say was “fuck my mouth” I think he said something like “that’s what I hoped you’d say” as he pushed his cock back into my eager mouth going almost to the back of my throat but not quite, gradually getting faster, as he did he started going deeper & I started to gag, but he didn’t stop & started thrusting deeper. At first this brought tears to my eyes as I was gagging so much, but as he carried on & went deeper I stopped & with his hands tightly on the back of my head he slid his cock all the way down my throat ’till his balls were pressing on my chin, something happened in my head, a massive head rush like I’d never had before. Now he started really facefucking me, his balls were slapping on my chin, I was loving it, I just went into a daze as he fucked my throat, my daze was broken by his muffled groans (he was trying to keep quiet) & he pulled back so his cock was just in my mouth, at that moment he started to shake & moaned as he emptied a huge load of thick cum in my mouth, I’d had fantasises about this moment for so long, I looked up at him as I swallowed it all, he was still breathing heavily as I went back down & sucked the last drops of cum from him & licked his cock clean. We looked at each other & I said “that was fucking fantastic”
I had no qualms about saying yes when he asked me to go home with him. We wiped ourselves with toilet paper & he pulled his jeans back on & we ventured out of the cubicle. After a quick wash & brush-up we went back into the club, I got a couple of knowing looks from a couple of guys as we made our way back to the bar. We were met at the bar by Sam & Amy & while Rick got some drinks in Sam asked “well” I said nothing, She said “well how did you get on” I think the expression on my face said it all & she dragged me to one side & whispered excitedly “did you suck him off” I just smiled & said “and I swallowed” to which she replied “at fucking last” It was getting towards the end of the night & I said to Sam, “I’m going home with Rick” & she & Amy hugged me goodnight & whispered “good luck, hope he fucks your brains out”
I went back with Rick to the table where judging by the comments I think the others had realised what happened in the toilets, Jon looked at Rick with a look of ‘you bastard he was mine’
The end of the night came & one of the group said “why don’t we have a party round mine” he said he had loads of drink & the neighbours were away. Nobody seemed to have any objections so all six of us piled in a taxi. We arrived about 20 minutes later at a pair of detached houses in the middle of nowhere, I said “nice place” & he said yeah the only other neighbours are half a mile away & we all went inside, glasses appeared & the drink started flowing. It was a very warm summers night & someone suggested we take it outside, so without further ado we all went outside, there was a large patio with some really comfortable sun loungers, before I knew it more charlie was lined up on the table & I had another huge line & sat back down next to Rick who’s hand was working it’s way up my leg. One of the guys said “so what happened in the bogs then” my heart missed a beat & I got nervous as Rick explained how much I enjoyed him fucking my throat, I couldn’t believe he was openly telling them everything. Rick leaned over & putting his arm round me said “don’t worry were all friends” I calmed down & got back in the flow Answering questions from all of them, whether I’d do it again etc.
I hadn’t realised at this point that the party was a set-up but a set-up it was.
Next thing I realise Rick is standing in front of me completely naked with a hard-on, completely forgetting where I was, I sat up, rolled forward onto my knees & took him in my mouth again & greedily sucked on his gorgeous cock, like id done earlier in the toilet I took him all the way down my throat, as he pulled his cock out I became aware that I was surrounded by naked men. Jon the one I’d gone to meet in the first place was the next one, his cock was about the same length as Rick’s but quite a bit thicker & cut, as he took his position I didn’t hesitate & took him straight into my mouth, his circumcised cock felt really nice in my mouth, I could hear the others egging him on saying “go on, throat fuck him” with that he slid in, I didn’t even gag & just went with it as he fucked my throat hard his balls making a slapping sound on my chin, he didn’t last that long & I realised he was about to cum, but unlike Rick he grabbed my head & thrust it down my throat as far as he could as he shot his load. As soon as he finished I was pulled up to my feet & led over to a large heavy wood table in the middle of the patio, I laid down on it so my head leaned back over the edge & it didn’t take long for another cock to fill my mouth. I hadn’t even thought about anything else but I realised they were removing my jeans & boxers, my cock was hard & I felt a hand rubbing it & a warm wet mouth on it. My brain couldn’t keep up, but I tried to put up some resistance when I felt a finger slide up my arse, but there was little I could do, I had one guy fucking my mouth & another sucking my cock.
I had been fucked up my ass with a dildo many times by an old girlfriend & had always wondered what it would be like to have a real one, well I didn’t have long to wait! I don’t know who it was but I felt the coolness of some lube followed rapidly by the pressure of a cock slowly entering my arse. If I could have gasped I would have as I felt a big unknown cock slide deep inside me. His gentleness didn’t last long as he started to pound my arse like a whores pussy it was a bit painful at first but it soon subsided as I just gave way to it. At last the guy fucking my mouth came & I could breathe freely again but this was short lived as his cock was replaced by another. & they took it in turns to fuck my arse & mouth.
I must’ve passed out for a while because I suddenly realised it was light & three of the guys were asleep just leaving Jon & one of the others who were trying to move me onto one of the large loungers, half asleep I got up & stumbled over, Jon lay down & told me to get on top, I didn’t have a lot of energy but I climbed on & slid him easily into me, he pulled me towards him as if to kiss me but he just hugged me, I should have realised, I think my arse was numb because I didn’t realise at first that I had two cocks inside me, even though I was completely shattered this was a huge turn on & I offered no resistance as the cock that had been up my arse was shoved back in my mouth, in fact it turned me on so much I found a new lease of life as the two of them were re joined by Rick & they took it in turns to fuck my arse & mouth again, swapping over every few minutes.
It all stopped at 7 or 8ish I think & we retreated back into the house, as I stood up I could feel warm cum running out of my arse & down my legs, I must’ve looked quite a sight, my face & hair were covered in cum as well!
After a quick shower I lay down on a bed upstairs. I woke about 5pm & wondered naked down stairs, everyone had gone home apart from the owner of the house, he looked different to what I had remembered from the night before, he was really quite cute, about 5 feet 11″ 30ish blue eyes, dark blond hair & a nice smooth body, I knew I fancied him straight away. He said “we didn’t get much of a chance to talk last night, I’m Colin” & laughed & said “it’s not often we get fresh meat & you were so willing” I started to react to what had happened but he calmed me down by kissing me & grabbing my cock which quickly started to harden, he led me by the hand back upstairs & lay me on the bed & proceeded to suck my cock, I almost came within a minute but he slowed down, I was almost cumming again when he stopped “not yet” he said as he climbed over & sat on my cock letting me slide into him, I didn’t last long before I let go inside him. We didn’t fuck any more that day & ended up falling asleep in each others arms.
I didn’t leave until the next weekend. Sex with him was fantastic, considering a week earlier I’d never so much as touched another man’s I had in one night been fucked into orbit by five guys & had a week of almost continual sex with Colin. We had pretty regular sex for the next year or so & a few threesomes, but nothing compared to that first week!
We lost touch because he wanted a committed gay relationship, I still liked women & saw myself as bisexual, though I find myself having sex mostly with guys these days having become quite well known on the local scene, but I still like a woman’s touch. I always practice safe sex these days, but only for anal, that first time we were all caught up in the moment, I have had full sex with about 40 guys now & probably sucked off 100, seven in one night once! I still get really exited when a guy cums in my mouth for the first time. Still don’t want to settle down & lead a gay life, time will tell, maybe I’ll never settle down.
As for Sam & Amy they got married, I was their best man, I even managed to suck off the husband of one of the guests at the reception, but that’s another story!
Recently I’ve started seeing a trans girl, she’s really doing it for me.
Who knows what the future holds?

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Should not have done that coke, But glad I did, 7.8 out of 10 based on 4 ratings

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