Spending the Night

My name is Matt. I’m about 5’9”, I have short brown hair, and am just beginning to build up my muscles. I’m a sophomore in high school, and I’m fifteen. It all started when I agreed to stay the night with Christian and Marc, some freshmen in my Geometry class. Christian has somewhat long black hair, and a very muscular chest. Mark has short brown hair like me, and is kinda scrawny.
I had gone over to Marc’s house after a movie, and we had all stayed up until about four o’clock in the morning talking about music, sports, and girls. Marc was sleeping on his bed, in some athletic shorts and a tee. Christian was sleeping on the floor next to me, in just his boxers. I had on a wife beater and some tight grey boxers. I woke up first and looked over at Christian. Sticking out of his boxers was his boner. It looked around five inches long, but I could tell it wasn’t really hard yet. I was surprised I didn’t have morning wood. I usually always woke up with a boner. I looked over at Mark to see that he was watching me. Mark smiled, as did I. I figured we’d josh Christian about it later.
Then, Mark crawled down onto the floor and did something I never expected him to do. He licked Christian’s prick before sliding it into his mouth! I gaped and started to ask what he thought he was doing when I noticed Christian stir. He smiled and put his hands on the back of Marc’s head. He was soon moaning with delight and bucked his hips. I was in total awe. I couldn’t believe this! Here were two of my new friends, having oral sex right in front of me! I thought about leaving when I noticed I was getting a hard-on. Not only was Mark blowing Christian…I was liking it! My dick swelled and grew as I watched Mark slide his lips all over Christian’s salive covered stick. I could no longer ignore my throbbing boner, and took it out of my boxers. It was really thick and already at it’s full size of eight inches. Just as I began to stroke it, I saw Christian buck wildly as he spurted stream after stream of sticky white cum into Mark’s mouth. Mark swallowed it up, and licked Christian’s dick clean. I couldn’t believe what was happening! Both Christian and Marc looked over at me. I simply smiled.

Tune in next time!

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  1. isaaccox

    This story was a real turn on and I like your other stories too. Please write more stories like this.

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