Straight to gay in one evening, final chapter

I’ve been with Greg for awhile now. We enjoy going to concerts,movies, and ball
games. Along with several more places. We have a great relationship.
I know too, that he loves me. He demonstrates that every day. I know i love him
with every fiber of my being.

But something still troubles me. I see good looking women, and i still feel an
attraction to them. I can start getting hard, just thinking about taking one of
them to bed. Of coarse i wouldn’t. Still, i’m wondering. I think i’m gay,
so why do i feel these things? I want to talk to Greg about it. But i’m worried
that he wouldn’t understand. I wouldnt want to lose him. I’m happier now than
i’ve ever been. But,questions still nag me. Although i had seen Greg numerous
times at work, i had never actually looked at him, until the night of the party.
Maybe he’s the only guy i ever really looked at.

Greg went to see his parents after work. So i looked up a gay chat line on the
web. I though i might get some advice from other gay guys. I got little help
from most of them. But one of them said i should talk to Greg about it. He also
made some suggestions that made sense, on how to bring it up. I think maybe
he’s right. So, i am going to talk to Greg.
If he loves me, i won’t lose him for telling him what bothers me.

It’s saturday. Greg and i went out for breakfast, and when we returned, i
discussed my problem with him. He was very understanding. He says you can have
sex with the guy you love. But you don’t have to be in love to have sex.
He said he never has sexual feelings for a woman. But sometimes sees a guy and
thinks about it. But he doesn’t love them. He only loves me. He asked,
“would it help if we got another guy for a threesome?” I said, “i don’t know.”
He said, “since you’ve never been with any guy but me, maybe it would help you
sort out your feeling.” I told him, i know for sure i love him, and i don’t want
to do anything to that might harm our relationship. He said, “don’t worry.
I’ll never leave you. Besides we’ll both be with the guy.” I thought about that
awhile. Then told Greg, “ok. Let’s do it.” But i wouldn’t know how to arrange
that. So he’d have to do that.

That evening we went out to a gay bar. Greg’s not new to this. He knows several
guys. Some of them were there. We looked them over and settled on one. I stayed
at the table, and Greg went over to talk to the guy. I guess some thought he’d
abandoned me. I got hit on a couple of times. It did thrill me. No guy had ever
flirted with me before. Greg came back with the guy, and introduced me.
His name was Tommy. I don’t know what Greg told him, but apparently he knew i
was a newbie. We all talked awhile and had a couple of drinks. Then we all
three left. He followed us to our aprtment. Once inside, Greg took us to the
bedroom. They were taking off their cloths. Having a third guy with us was
really awkward for me. But i did agree to this, so i striped too. When we were
all naked, i got more into it.

My dick was hard. We got on the bed with Tommy in the middle. Tommy’s dick was
a little shorter than ours, but it was nice. I didn’t feel attracted to him.
But i was excited about having sex with him. Greg must have told him something
at the club. He didn’t try to kiss Greg, but turned to me. He kissed me very
passionate, and his hand fondled my cock. The kiss did nothing for me, but his
touch was getting me very hot. I started feeling his cock and balls.
He moved his hand to my ass, and pushed his finger in. Tommy asked, “you like
that?” I said, “yes, but i want you to fuck me.” Greg handed him a condom.

I let him up, and got on my knees on the edge of the bed. Tommy pushed his hard
cock into my ass. while Greg started kissing me. Running his fingers through my
hair, and telling me he loves me. I said, “i want you baby.” He moved his body
in front of my face and i started sucking him. Tommy was fucking my ass hard.
Man, it was good having one in my mouth, and one in my ass at the same time.
I looked up at greg as i sucked him. He was watching Tommy’s body slapping
against my ass. I was sure he enjoyed watching, and i was enjoying getting
fucked. Tommy’s hard cock felt good in my ass. I was hungry for Greg’s cum,
so i sucked harder and faster. Greg pushed his body toward my face. His cock
throbbed,and began filling my mouth with that wonderful, creamy man juice.
Tommy shoved in all the way. I could feel his dick throb as it pumped his load
into my ass.

Tommy went into the bathroom, and Greg turned me on my back. He started kissing
me. His tongue explored my mouth. Then he moved down. He sucked my nipples and
moved down to my dick. I needed this so bad, and Greg’s mouth worked magic on
my hard cock. I was so hot, that it didn’t take long to unload my cum in his
magnificent mouth. Tommy came back, and i got up and went to the bathroom.
When i returned Tommy was kissing Greg. I felt jealous, but kept it to myself.
Greg put on a condom and got Tommy on his knees, and started fucking him.
I laid on my back and slid my head under Tommy and sucked his cock. I liked
sucking him. I wanted to taste another guy’s cum. I wondered if it would taste
different than Greg’s. We sucked and fucked him several minutes. Then Tommy let
go of his load, and i swallowed it all as it shot into my mouth. I slid out and
stroked myself, as i watched Greg fucking Tommy. Then Greg shoved his cock all
the into Tommy’s ass, and unloaded his cum.

Afterward Tommy said, “that was great guys.” “Let me know if you want to
get together again.” We told him we enjoyed it and thanked him. Then he
dressed, and left. Greg asked how i felt about having sex with Tommy. I told
him, i really enjoyed sucking him, and having him fucking me. But he could have
skipped the kiss. It wasn’t the same as kissing you. I told Greg, i don’t mind
having other guys with us,if he wanted it.

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