The Perfect Date

perfect date would be this:
A man invites me to his home for our first meeting. As I walk in the door wearing a sexy shirt unbuttoned to the navel and pair of blue jeans and tennis shoes, no belt with red silky panties, I am greeted with a warm friendly hug and a deep passionate French Kiss. His hands encircle my shoulders and gently slide down my chest as he uses the back of his thumbs to caress my sensitive breast. Then as I gently coo aloud, he slowly moves his fingers over them as we kiss even deeper. Now as I become putty in his hands my last button is undone, and my shirt is pushed off my shoulders and drifts to the floor. As he resumes his caressing of my now aroused nipples and while I sigh in pleasure he slides one hand down to unsnap my jeans and then slowly unzip them. Watching them fall to the ground he takes me into his arms and runs his mouth and lips over my nipples gently then firmly. Then as he begins to suckle on my breast his hands caress and fondle my ass. Soon I feel him lift my legs slowly and remove my shoes and pants one leg at a time, when at last I stand in only my shimmering silky red panties, his hands pull me close to him and turn me around as he grinds and rubs his now hard member on my ass and while he does my nipples are being tweaked and teased by his fingers and twisted and tugged like I am a woman.
Then without asking or wanting, he slips my hand to his hard crotch and I turn to kneel between his legs. I unbutton and unzip him slowly and hearing him say go further, I lower his pants to the floor and slowly and gently stroke his hard underwear that still hide his cock.
As he fondles and strokes my hair I gently release his meaty surprise unto the freedom of being nude. My lips wet as I long to taste him in my mouth and as I lick and kiss his shaft and encircle his head with my tongue he continues caressing my hair. Then I slowly move my lips up and over the head of his cock and begin to gently devour his wonderful pecker. When I fondled it and loved on it for as long as he can stand I begin my oral assault of his hard cock and continue sucking it until he begins to seep and finally explode in my mouth. His warm hot cum fills my mouth and as he exhales in relief as I swallow in pleasure and drain his meaty manhood until he seeps no more. Then I stand and await his touch and direction as we slowly move off towards his bedroom. There I offer myself as an object for his amusement and pleasure and with that he removes move underwear and begins to amuse himself with my body. He slowly and gently begins to kiss my nipples and then as he does his hand takes hold of my pecker and begins to jerk it off. When I am at my peak he slides his dick to catch my cum on it then he carefully brings it to me for dinner and as I eat I also harden him.
Facing him I then spread wide my firm ass and then my legs are rolled up and my ass is made available for his entry, when he pulses into my hole I shudder in joy. Then as he rockets faster and faster I beg for more. Suddenly his hard dick begins to twitch and to jerk and I feel his warm cum enter me from below.
Now I am his plaything at his beckoned call and ready for his desires to become my realities. He knows now that I will let him do whatever he desires and his passion is not yet fulfilled.
He then takes me into his shower as the hot water flows across our body I am made to kneel and suck and drain him not of his cum but of his piss and as I am bathed by it he smiles for me. Then I am lifted and gladly wash his body clean and then I allow him to wash mine as he wishes as soft or rough, as he likes. When he is pleased I am then clean for his entry once more and anywhere he chooses, and before this date ends, I will be his slave willingly. His wants are to be made real and my body will be his playground. If I misbehave or displease him I will be punished by him anyway he sees fit.

Is there anyone that would like to make this fantasy come true?
Please come and take me.

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  1. Very detailed and to the point. Hope you get what you’re looking for (and actually, thats the perfect sex, not date)

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