The Scrimmage

Nate slowly, gently dried me, neglecting himself, then powdered me and told me to go get in bed. As I got into bed, I hungered for Nate’s dick in my mouth and thirsted for his warm, salty cum, but Nate took some time returning from the bathroom, and I was sound asleep by the time he came in and curled up next to me. From time-to-time during the night I was aware of his warmth, his hardness against me, but I never actually awakened.

Early the next morning, just as the sun was rising, I felt Nate stirring, and I felt him take my dick into his warm, moist mouth, but without urgency. I was hard, but I wasn’t going to cum anytime soon. Nate’s motions were slow, deliberate. As he ran his tongue up and down my hardened shaft, he would lightly brush his fingertips across that sensitive area below my navel and above my pubic hair. Each touch would send tremors throughout my body, with a sensation of being tickled on some deep, deep level. As each tremor would start, I couldn’t wait for it to end, then when it ended, I would want it to start all over again. And, with each tremor, I felt a deep sense of emptiness in my ass, like I wanted something in it. This need and this desire I would explore later, but for now, I simply contracted the muscles in my ass in a somewhat exaggerated manner and gave myself over to the enjoyment.

I should have felt somewhat guilty about not turning my attention to Nate, as I had planned to do before I went to sleep, but he was obviously taking pleasure in my enjoyment, so those thoughts passed. Finally, I was ready to give in. I knelt in the bed, and Nate came up behind me. I could feel his hard pubic bone rubbing against my ass, and thought if he hadn’t shaved, I also feel stiff, wiry, stimulating pubic hair against my ass. Nate wrapped his right hand around my right side and grasped my dick slowly pulling from the base to the head, and he cupped his left hand under my dick. I came. Nate worked at pulling every drop from me, and when I had finished, Nate took his hand and lubricated my ass. Generously and deeply. I had been so involved in my own pleasure, I was surprised to find out that Nate could so easily enter me. He was hard and thick.

Soon, I was flat on my stomach, with my legs spread wide, and Nate was pushing in and pulling out in short, quick motions rubbing my back, massaging my shoulders and kissing me gently on my neck. From time-to-time, he’d stick his tongue in my ears. Soon, my entire body was moist. Suddenly, Nate pulled out and drug me to the edge of the bed. He placed my legs around his hips, leaned over me and then began pounding. The muscle contractions I had practiced just minutes before became useful. As Nate would get inside me, I would grasp his dick and pull it in just a bit more. Each time I did this, Nate would softly moan. Just before he came, Nate pulled out and shot his load on my lower back. He slapped his dick against my back to empty it then pulled me up, off the bed, wrapped his arms around my back, squeezed me and nuzzled my back.

After a few moments, Nate released me. I turned around and we kissed for a couple of moments. Nate suggested we take a run, reached into a drawer and pulled out a couple of jocks and some running shorts. Thoughtfully, the shorts he gave me had a drawstring waist. We headed up the hill from his office and ran for at least thirty minutes. As my body warmed, Nate’s cum in my ass began to run down my legs in the oddest of sensations. I was accustomed to a moist chest and pits when I ran, but a moist lower body was new to me. It wasn’t unpleasant.

When we got back to his house, I showered while Nate fixed breakfast. When I got out of the shower, my clothes were waiting for me. I walked into the kitchen and Nate was still in his running shorts finishing coffee, granola and fruit. Nate grabbed me as he walked by and kissed me. He had a deep, musky smell that excited me all at once.

Nate suggested I wait a bit, and he’d run me back to the dorm. When Nate emerged from the shower, he was in jeans and a black t-shirt. Somehow, I had missed his well-developed arms, his tan. He was a very good looking man.

When I got back to the dorm, I rounded up a few things and went to the library. I had a paper due next week, and the bus was leaving for a scrimmage with a nearby school in about six (6) hours. The drive would only take a couple of hours, but this was an overnight event. Most of my work would begin once we arrived and after the game. I didn’t have any equipment responsibilities.

I slept on the bus.

We arrived, and I began massaging calves and taping ankles, to the sound of rowdy male voices on one side and explosive bowels and flushing toilets on the other.

The game itself was pretty sloppy on both sides. Coach was in a foul mood, but we sure knew what we needed to work on when it was all over.

I was the last to leave to locker room, and hoofed it over to the restaurant for a late post-game dinner.

The bus dropped us off at the motel, and Coach gave out room assignments. I was surprised and disappointed that Nate was rooming with Coach, and I was going to be with Chad. We grabbed our keys and our gear and headed upstairs. I had another surprise: two (2) of the assistants from the team we had just played were in the room, stripped to their briefs and grabbing some beer from a cooler. Chad called my name out across the room, and one of the assistants, Mike, walked over to me. I stuck out my hand to shake. He shook it briefly then held his waistband open and shoved my hand down into his briefs. My hand was in the midst of a dense mass of public hair and I was feeling a long, thick dick. I couldn’t tell how long because the briefs were tight and the dick straining. I was eager to pull Mike’s briefs down, but as soon as his left hand was free, Mike reached out, grabbed my ass and pulled me towards him. So, I was in the midst of a bear hug.

I looked across the room, and Chad had the other assistant, Bruce, over a chair, with his briefs at his ankles. I could see a good solid 9″ hanging down. Chad was slapping Bruce’s ass quickly and violently and Bruce was relishing the contact.

I didn’t have much time to look, however, because Mike tongue was forced into my mouth, and Mike was roughly pulling my pants down, not bothering with belts, clasps and zippers. With his left hand, Mike grabbed my right ass cheek and pulled it away, and the index finger on his right hand was already probing my ass. This was going to be a very different evening.

[To Be Continued]

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