The Stag Night

The Stag Night

My mate Kyle was getting married to Fran, so traditionally the best man me organised a sedate trip to Catania, Sicilia, Italy. I assured both Fran and Kyle that it was a golfing trip with a few beers at night we had three days. We were going to Catania but one of my colleagues at work had told me that Catania was the happening place. About twenty of us boarded the plane flying from Glasgow to Catania International Airport a flight of about 4 hours. Catania is not the jumping place as I had been informed, my colleague had stitched me right up, and so we played golf and drank and drank.

On the day we were due to fly back I woke in bed, I could not remember anything after leaving the golf course. I tried to focus but my eyes would not co-operate. I did not recognise the room and then I heard it the shower, I lifted the cover, I was naked I usually slept in shorts. My brain tried to assimilate events of the previous night, I was taking to a long legged auburn haired girl, and wow, I hoped it was her she was gorgeous. I padded into the bathroom peeped through the door. The shower curtain hid her from my eyes, I ran the cold water and splashed my face grabbed a towel and went back into the bedroom. I lay on the bed to await her return, I thought *Yes, the Nikky charm worked again*.

The shower stopped I closed my eyes and waited heard the door close and opened my eyes, there was a muscular man standing naked his cock was long thick and heavily veined he had no body hair.

‘Showers free baby’, he said his voice warm and deep, ‘Have a quick shower then we can make love again’.

I was awestruck, I am not gay and I have never even thought about men before, ‘I should be going’, I said, my voice two octaves higher.

‘Come on baby, just stay another hour of so’, his voice was not inviting but not intimidating either but his sheer size and seeing his hand closed round his cock slowly pumping it was.

My hand covered my cock, ‘Sorry, err …..’ I mumbled.

‘Steve’, he said his voice more menacing this time, ‘Nikky you will stay and we will have sex, easy or hard, but you will do it’.

I had never really been scared of anything before but Steve was extremely scary.

Steve ordered me to shower and get back here, ‘Take the time to decide baby, easy or hard’.

I rose covering myself with the sheet like a virgin, Steve grabbed the sheet as I walked past, man I love that ass and cock you should be proud of them honey. I closed the bathroom door but before I could slip the bolt Steve pushed against it, I want to watch baby it gets me so horny. He stoked his cock which was large slick shiny looking he had no foreskin his cock poking from his hand was bigger than mine by a good margin. I turned around not wishing to see it further I stepped into the shower and began to wash. Steve lent against the doorjamb and directed me as I washed my cock, balls and ass. Despite my fear, my cock began to swell as I pulled my floppy foreskin down to clean my bulbous head. Steve told me how good my cock felt in his mouth and ass. I could not accept I did any of that, but two condoms on the cistern seemed to confirm his story.

I thought if I stayed in the shower perhaps, Steve would tire and let me go but, Steve had other idea he ordered me to get out and come back into the bedroom.

I entered, ‘St by me’, Steve said his voice reverberating.

Nervously I crossed the room and sat he took my face and kissed me, running his tongue along my lips, Steve pulled back, ‘Open your mouth baby, you were so more enthusiastic last night when we kissed’.

He kissed again my lips remained firmly closed.

Steve stopped once again and slapped me across the face, ‘Baby, you will open up, I don’t want to get physical I want this to be sweet and tender but, I does not matter to me now you kiss me and make sure you do it properly’.

My stinging cheek and the promise of more physical violence I kissed Steve, he put one large hand behind my head and slipped his tongue between my lips his tongue wriggled against mine. I was shaking in fear and disgust, Steve took my hand and placed it on his hard cock it was extremely warm to my touch it felt solid I could feel the veins. I was horrified, I had never touched another cock in my life yet here I was holding a massive cock. All the time Steve was kissing and rubbing my nipples or running his hand up and down my stomach.

Steve laid us both down on the bed and pushed my head against his throat and neck, Oh yes baby keep kissing and start moving down not too quickly work my nipples and mind your teeth if you bite I will knock your front teeth out then fuck your mouth’.

I felt sick, Steve looked like he could easily do it, and he must have been over 260lbs while I am a mere 110lbs. I licked down my mind trying to pretend Steve was female as I worked towards his nipples. His chest was a solid mass not soft and yielding like female breasts, this brought me back to the reality. Steve moaned as I flicked my tongue across each hard nub in turn, that he lifted me physically on top of his hard rippled body, his big hard cock pressed against mine, which betrayed my horror by swelling, an action that was not lost on Steve even in his orgasmic bliss.

‘Hey baby, you’re enjoying his, I knew you would’, Steve whispered, ‘You just needed some encouragement’.

I spent another minute lapping and suckling on Steve’s nipples before Steve pressed on my head to make me go down I licked down his tanned rippled stomach he was sculptured all muscles clearly defined. Suddenly I had nowhere else to hide, I had run out of body, kneeling on the floor between his two massive thighs, Steve had no pubic hair which gave his cock more potent. Steve lifted his head and reminded me that I had better mind my teeth.

My stomach cramped as I wrapped one hand around his cock then the other, I had two hands on his cock and still had three or so inches sticking out. This was it capitulate or have my teeth knocked out and my mouth raped. I licked round the head then over the head making Steve judder, which pleased him as he moaned aloud. I opened wide and took the tip into my mouth I struggled to take it so I bobbed the inch I had managed to take up and down. I cupped his large meaty balls lifted my head to gasp a breath then down managing slightly more it was not the length but the girth I struggled with. I pumped his thick shaft hoping to make him cum so I could leave and put the whole thing behind me. Then suddenly it struck me I had a plane to catch, I sucked hard and worked his cock to make him cum but Steve had other ideas.

Steve grabbed my hand and slowed my pace, ‘Lick my balls baby’, he said, ‘Oh yeah baby that’s it slowly suck my balls’.

He lifted one leg and exposed his ass; I was in a panic now surely he did not want me to lick his butt opening. He did not say anything further just moaned as I licked and sucked each ball in turn. I slowly worked his cock flesh; I followed his orders again hoping that he would ejaculate soon. Time seemed to stop as I pleasured this hulk of a man. If I thought this was as bad as it would get I was wrong.

Steve sat up and pulled me to my feet, he kissed me gentle his tongue slipping inside my mouth, Steve had to hold me up as my legs were shaking so much.

‘Get on the bed baby; this will make you feel nice, on your knees head down’.

He opened the drawer and took out a purple tube flipped open the top, ‘Open you ass baby’, he said, ‘This will make you feel good’.

I reached behind my eyes were screwed shut not wanting to be here fearing what I expected would be the most unpleasant experience of my entire life. The cold gel trickled down between my spread ass cheeks; Steve’s finger smeared the gel round my anal opening.

I felt him gently probing, ‘Push back baby it will enter easier’, Steve said with genuine affection.

I pushed back and Steve’s finger pushed past my anal sphincter, Steve slowly rotated his finger and drizzling more cooling gel on my now burning ass. He began pushing and pulling as he twisted his finger gently opening me for his pleasure and my horror. A second finger joined the first and Steve worked it in, out and around followed a shortly by a third, I clenched the sheet as Steve prepared my ass for his cock. I looked round and saw Steve drizzle some gel on his already hard organ I could not believe he would get that inside me. He withdrew his fingers and with cock in hand, he rubbed the shiny dome round my anus then he placed his other hand in the small of my back and pressed forward. I pushed back and felt my ass open to accommodate his monstrous cock; I could feel my sphincter pulsing against his iron stiff erection embedded inside me. I bit the sheet to stop yelling aloud lights seemed to flash in my head I wanted to die. Steve just held his cock there just inside as he began to fondle my cock and balls, I was surprised to discover my cock was hard, at the violation of my rectum. I felt Steve begin to fuck my ass with a slow steady press of his hips his cock stretched my ass, more cooling gel then his cock retreating until just the large head remained then with a quick shallow thrust he began to ride me pressing deeper with each alternate inward stroke. He began to ride me no longer caring for my feelings and the discomfort I was feeling. Suddenly I had an orgasm my cock twitched and jerked as cum jetted out landing on the sheet. Steve gathered my essence and smeared it over my ass, then without warning he withdrew, my ass pulsed involuntarily at the sudden emptiness. Steve flipped me over lifting my legs high and spreading them wide he poked his cock against my ass and re-entered from here I could see that he had only half his cock in my red hot ass, he fondled my cock and balls as he plumbed my ass, leaning down he kissed me his tongue wrapping round mine. I lost track of time it could have been a minute it could have been an hour, my next recollection was Steve telling me he was coming and jabbing his cock in my ravaged hole, sperm jetted up inside me coating my anal passage with hot creamy essence. He kept his cock inside me as he pulled me up wrapping his big strong arms round my neck he held me and kissed me, like a lover. Finally, his cock plopped out his essence leaked out my sore tender asshole. He got up and fed me his soft sloppy coated cock suck me baby taste my sperm and your ass. I sucked on the mess until Steve told me to get dressed. I got up my legs unsteady seeking out my scattered clothes I dressed and with Steve’s cum still seeping out, he opened the door and kissed me.

On the street I caught a taxi and just had time to grab my suitcases the lads had already packed for me, they were all waiting for me at the reception desk. They all wanted to know about the blonde-haired woman, so I lied and everything Steve had done to me I told them I did to the blonde-haired woman. In the airport, I went to the toilets, cleared my ass out, and pulled on a clean pair of shorts, stuffing the stained ones in my bag. Once home and in my own house, I took the shorts out and masturbated into them as I replayed the events of the previous day.

So far, I have not had another male-to-male experience but one day …

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