The story of Me and Dave. Chapter 1- My first time

I have never wanted to be gay with a man really. i have always wonder what it was like to suck a cock and get fucked. and for once, i think i got my chance. Im gonna call him Dave in this. Dave was a strong, big, athelte that really really turned me on. i always thought to myself that i wanna be his boy toy, i want him to fuck me and i wanna suck his cock. I dont know, its just i wanna be on the girls side, i wanna be a hardcore boy toy and be fucked. i wanna be on the bottom and be called a whore and get my┬áballs slapped as my man pounded me in the ass. Dave came to my house everyday after summer school, we always talked about his hot girlfriend. Dave was very gullable and i also tried to get him to think me sucking his cock wasnt gay. he always got out of the converstion though. So one day he was in my room on my chair computer chair, and i asked him how big his cock was. he said 10 inchs. i said i didnt belive in him and i said prove it. he went on about how that is gay, so i told him, we see naked men all the time in school, i think you can be a big boy and show me your dick. so he took of his pants and pulled out his massive 10 inch cock. thats when i made my move, i got down on my hands and nees and took the whole thing in. it was the best feeling every, as i pulled out i looked up at him like a puppy would beging for more. the next words he said i can still hear today… keep sucking! this time i sucked the head of his cock sucking hard as i hear him moan, i pull out and lick the shaft from top to bottom and put his sweaty hot balls in my mouth. i then go back up to the head and kiss it, then i start to get a rythem of sucking and blowing his dick. as i pulled out to look at the monster he graped the back of my head and forced me to suck more. it was amazing. at one time when i pulled out i said “o baby, your cock is soo big” and went right back in. i finally pulled out he we looked at each other and i asked if he wanted to fuck me, he said yes! we took each others cloths. while we were doing that i told him, “i wanna be your boy toy baby, i want you too call me a whore and pound me so hard in the ass and i want your cum all over my face and hair”, he just kissed me and said okay. he first put me doggy style on the bed and slapped his cock on my ass. he asked if i was ready, my responds was “fuck me soo hard”. He put the head in my ass slowy and it hurt at first but then it started to feel amazing. he started to go faster and faster, his balls were slapping agaisnt mine, it was amazing! i was orgasiming like a girl, and i was saying fuck me harded baby, i want your cum, call me a whore and spank me. he talked too. dave said, you like this baby, and your such a dirty whore, and he slapped my ass. it was awesome. Then he let me ride his cock. i was bounceing up and down so hard and soo fast, it was amazing! He said finally that he was gonna cum so i got off of him and he started to jack off next to my face. i told him to cum in my hair, mouth and all over my face. He did! his white water tasted amazing. i started to lick the other cum of my face and finger myself a little. he kissed me a little more and i asked him if he wanted to do this again. he said tomorrow we”ll fuck again. as if now i was i was lying my head on his sexy, huge chest, and i told him that i want to be the girl of the realtionship, i wanna suck, get fucked, and be called a whore and get cummed on. i even said i wanted too be the girl when we arent have sex. what i mean by that is if we were watching tv i would snggle up to him. everything i did was the girl part. and i loved it. after are wonderful time we got in the shower as we clean each other, then we watched tv as i was in the middle while we were spooning and he had his hand inside my shirt. it was the best.


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The story of Me and Dave. Chapter 1- My first time, 8.7 out of 10 based on 18 ratings

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