The touch of god

Prica has found a favorable situation. on 16-yard box. A VIF player starts to shove a little Prica (which with its well-known temper does not find himself in it). We see that Dos Santos will notice this and go away to sporenstreks Prica (already irritated) to shove a little more. Prica pushes away Dos Santos. Dos Santos coming back – Prica pushing Dos Santos in Annan, who has also approached the situation. Annan pushes Dos Santos back, and stands on 16-yard box. Dos Santos Annan pushes in the back, but Annan endorses the 16-yard box again. At this point, Annan and Prica ended with pushing and shoving. Then Muri and stands right in front of the face of Annan, and leans against him. Here, a recently backpushed Annan with a ball grip and an anal penetration, and it’s on.

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