the true storie of the man I loved

The early night sky was turning bright pink as the sun dipped behind the frosty mountains of a unknown city in new york. High school had ended for the last day 4 hours ago and now I was on the side of the street in front of the red widow, (a bar in my town that I lived in), smoking a cigarette. My name is Kevin. I didn’t want any body to see me, for fear that they might of figure out why I was there. I took the last puff of the cigarette, the bad energy coursing through my body, then put it out. I took a look at my watch, witch said the time 6:43, took a long look around what I could see, then wiped the sweat off my forehead. I had a thought of leaving and as I took a step away I saw the color car that the guy said he would be driving in. I saw the dented silver Chrysler symbol and the broken radio antenna; it was hem.
I walked up to the front of the curb and he pulled up in front of me. the car was clean and obviously well token care of. I opened his car door and muttered he’s first name “James”? He said yes in a calm but loud voice, and I got into the car. He had a light 5’o’clock shadow, and dark blue eyes. His blond hair was short and trimmed neatly. His body looked perfect. Now I needed to figure what was going to happen. I had a fast heart beet and my palms where sweaty inside my clenched fists.
James broke the awkward silence and said “Are you sure you want to do this. You can back down now and I wouldn’t be angry”
“I’m sure” I told hem “this is something I … I need to do.”
“OK” said James as he started of down the road. The car glided down the smooth road’s curves and spins. It stopped easily at the red light and once it turned green he turned right down the street that he lived on. Most of the houses where panted white or bright yellow and occasionally a dark set house stood out. As he pulled up to his lawn I saw his great house. It was panted bright blue and the grass looked freshly cut. He stopped his car and got out with witch I quickly followed.
He opened the door and walked in; I took a deep breath and did the same. He had an ordinary house. A TV, couch and chair, a small Coffee table all placed on a hard wood Flore. He had an ash tray so I was more then sure it was OK if I smoked, besides he was doing the same thing. I took out the cigarette and lit it. I got the buzz feeling I wanted and felt normal once again.
“ready to do this” he said. “you can still back out, I’m not going to be angry if you want to”?
“no I knead to do this” I said, “I’m ready, I’m sure.”
“OK, lay back”. I did as he said and the first thing he did was kiss me. He kissed me on the side of my neck and worked he’s way up. Before he started I wasn’t sure if I would like it or not; now , I had a feeling I hadn’t had in years. It wasn’t disturbance but pleasure. He reached my lips and stuck he’s Tongue deep into my mouth and I did the same. I wanted to go on, I wanted more, but I didn’t rush it. He lifted his mouth and did it again. He took his hands and rubbed it down my chest ending at the bottom of my shirt. Then he took his hands, grabbed the bottom of my shirt and lifted it up. he took he’s Tongue and started to lick my nipples witch increased my boner to maxim levels that I never believed possible. He rubbed my chest with his Tongue and gently glided his fingers on my shoulder blade and down my arm.
I took my hand started to play with his hair. Then I grabbed his shirt and pulled it off and unbuttoned his pants. He easily pulled mine off and turned around. I took this as an opportunity to take his off. He removed my underwear and started to suck on my penis. I did the same thing. With his boxers off I took my Tongue and licked his balls, witch tasted great. I jabbed his penis inside my mouth and sucked on it; pulling it in and out, in and out, like he did to me. I pulled his penis out of my mouth and started to lick his but crack. It tasted sweet and good.
He stopped and moved around once again we started to kiss. The new tasted in his mouth was better then when we began. “turn over” he said with a grin, and so I did. He lubricated his penis and slowly stuck it inside my but. I grunted with joy and it felt so great that I wanted more. His 9 inch penis fit all the way in and once he was sure he had enough room he started to go faster. The pleasure increased every time he started to go faster. He pulled his penis out cummed over my body then licked it up. I turned around and kissed hem and during then we cum swapped. He swallowed the cum and then I did the same thing to him in bull horn pose. He grunted but louder. I wasn’t sure if he was doing it because I was good or if he was faking it but I wasn’t going to change a thing.
We where done within the next hour. I wasn’t sure what happened but it felt great. The feeling I had that was coursing through my body, unbelievable. I was lying in his bed with him naked. He had his penis just barley penetrating my but and he was rubbing my arm. He had done a remarkable job and now I had a feeling I would never go back to women. “did you like it” James had asked with a voice that sounded like he knew what the answer was going to be before he even asked it.I chuckled a little and said “I loved it.”

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