Unexpected Fuck

My friend and I, Robbie had been friends since Primary school. We were really close. I invited him over to my house so we could play Call of Duty and have some beers like we normally do. But the night took an unexpected turn…
We’d been playing Call of Duty 4 for quite some time. He was really good at it and would beat me all the time. I had just split up with my girlfriend and just wanted to chill which was mainly the reason why I told Robbie to come over. As we were both playing, I took a sly glimpse down at his crotch and noticed he had a really large bulge. This was out of character for me as I’m straight and wouldn’t normally do this. He looked at me and I quickly looked away. We then carried on playing. I then started looking again but this time he caught me. “What are you doing?” he asked. I panicked and didn’t know what to do. He looked down at my crotch and saw that I was really hard. “You like what you see, huh?” he asked. Before I could answer he moved in and stuck his moist tongue into my mouth and gently caressed my crotch with his hand. I enjoyed it so much. After thirty seconds of lust filled kissing I broke off and got off my bed. “What is it?” he asked.
“This is too weird.” I said before leaving the room. I rushed into the bathroom and closed the door behind me. I pushed my hands into my boxer shorts and gently stroked my pulsing hard cock. What were we doing in there? It wasn’t like us at all!
I stopped touching myself and decided to face the music. I left the bathroom and snuck to my bedroom door. I slowly opened the door and peeked in to see Robbie laid on his back, tugging his cock in his boxer shorts. He stopped when he saw me standing there. I approached him and kneeled down onto my bed. He got onto his knees also and we kissed again. This time I pulled his shirt off and rubbed my hands all over his body. He pushed me down and kissed my body all the way down to my crotch where he pulled my trousers and boxers off. He put my hard cock into his mouth and began to tug and suck simultaneously. I moaned with pleasure as it felt oh so good. As he was sucking my cock he gently rubbed my asshole in circles with his finger. He was teasing me so much as I was desperate for him to jam it in there. He eventually pushed his finger into my tight bum hole. It felt so good. He pushed his finger in and out very slowly, stimulating my already rock hard cock. He pulled his finger out and crawled up me to kiss me. He put his tongue into my mouth and I moaned as I felt our saliva exchanging so gently. He put his finger into my mouth and said “I want you to taste yourself.” I sucked his finger and rolled my tongue around the tip. “Does it taste good?”
“It tastes incredible.” I said as I put it back in my mouth. It was then that he crawled down me and lifted my legs into the air. He licked my ass before pushing his tongue deep inside. I moaned as he moved his tongue around in circular motion.
“Are you ready for the good stuff?” He asked me. I moaned for more and he pushed his huge cock into my tiny little hole. It hurt at first but as soon as he got it in there it felt so good. He began to thrust very slowly and as soon as he was comfortable he began to thrust faster. I gripped my bed sheets as he slammed my shitter. I was practically screaming the house down. He tugged on cock as he pounded my ass. I was so close to cumming it was unbelievable. He rubbed his finger on my cock to gather some pre-cum on there. He then sucked the pre-cum off his finger as he continued to fuck me. He then pulled his cock out and indicated for me to get on my knees. He stood up on my bed as I knelt before him. “Open your mouth.” He ordered me. I opened my mouth as tugged hard on his cock. Before I knew it, his warm, gooey cum was shooting all over my tongue and into the back of my throat. I felt so naughty as he did it. He shot his last bit of cum and I saw savoured the flavour in my mouth. “Come here. There’s enough to share.” I said to him. He got onto his knees and I pushed my semen-soaked tongue into his mouth and he sucked every last bit of it off me. “Give me some, you greedy boy!” I snapped. He spat the cum back into my mouth. I savoured the flavour one last time before swallowing it whole. “Good boy.” Robbie said before kissing me again.
Swallowing all that cum and tasting it’s flavour made me crave more. That night as Robbie slept beside me, I tugged my cock like never before, watching his face as he slept. I blew my load all over my hands and sighed with relief. As I brought my hand to my face to lick it all up, Robbie’s voice said “Save some for me.” I put my hand between our lips as we licked my cum from my hands, our tongues brushing at the same time. When it was all gone I went to sleep, with plenty of memories left for my wank bank.

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