Welcome to my Dreams

I walking around a local beauty spot, which is idylically set around a lovely huge lake, and surrounding woodland, i stopped occasionally and chatted with the local anglers, about what they had caught, and the one’s that had got away, wishing them tight lines i carried on with my walk.
After an hour or so i really needed to pee.
I knew there was a public toilet set back off the trail, and it wasn’t a long walk, so i headed off in that general direction.
Upon reaching the toilet, and opening the 1st door, and then entering in through the 2nd door, i reached the urinal, and relieved myself with a glee.
As i was just finishing off and shaking my cock, i heard the door open, i turned to see this young good looking youth come in, i would say he was around 25 years of age, shaved hair, around 6 foot tall, he was wearing football shorts, a t shirt, and white trainers.
I smiled and said hello, he returned my hello and came and stood beside me at the urinal.
He pulled his cock from his shorts, i couldn’t help but to sneak a look,it indeed was a nice looking cock.
I tucked my own cock back in my jeans and walked over to the sink and started to rinse my hands, i turned to dry them but there were no paper towels left, i said ” damn “, he looked at me and said, everything ok?
I said yeah, but theres no paper towels to dry my hands with.
He turned to me with his cock semi hard and said, you could dry them on my cock.
I was a taken back a little, but i couldn’t refuse this offer.
I said ok, walked over and started to stroke his cock, it instantly sprang in to life, it was aroung 8″ in length, with a good thick girth, slowly i started to manipulate his wonderful cock.
OH, yes, that’s good he said.
I ran the tip of my thumb over the head of his big purple cock, and could feel the pre cum moistening his big cock, i lifted my thumb to my mouth and sucked the cum from it, constantly stroking this cock, all the way up and down it’s magnificent length.
I dipped my head down and licked the length of his cock, running my tongue around his helmet, and probing my tongue into his pee hole.
He arched his back thrusting his hips towards me slightly saying OH YEAH SUCK MY BIG HARD COCK, TAKE ME IN YOUR MOUTH.
I duly tugged down his shorts and slowly moved my lips over his cock, i could hear him sighing and moaning, as i slowly started to engulf his cock taking it in and out of my mouth and slowly taking in more of it, gently squeezing his balls.
I could feel him tensing up and he was rubbing his hands through my short brown hair, my blue eyes occassionally gazing up at him, his head was slightly tilted back, and he was thrusting his cock in and out of my mouth, forcing it further into my eager wet mouth, i moved my hand further between his legs and started to play with his arse, he groaned louder begging me to finger fuck him while i sucked his cock, i produced a small tube of lube i always caried with me whenever i went out incase of chance opportunities like these, and squirted a small amount onto my fingers, again i sarted to play with his arse, all the while he was fucking my mouth, and calling out to me to suck him and fuck him, i inserted my finger into his well lubed arse, it was tight at first but soon relaxed to allow all of me into him, again his rhythmn returned to his hips, fucking me faster and harder, my mouth and tongue fucking his big hard cock, after a few minutes he screamed to me, I’M CUMMINGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG, OH GOD YEAHHHHHHHHH, I’M CUMMINGGGGGGGGGGGG, i could feel his balls tighten right up and his cock twitch uncontrollably as the first shot of his gism exploded into my mouth.
I t was then that the toilet door opened, and in walked a man in his late to early 40’s, there was no way he was going to stop cumming into my mouth, and there was no way i was gonna stop him from emptying himself into my eager mouth, so we just caried on.
The man who had just walked in stood there watching us, he had very short blach hair, a black well trimmed goatie beard, he was wearing a black t shirt, light blue jeans and a pair of black boots.
The guy who’s cock i was sucking, had emptied his load into me, i was swallowing his cum like it was the 1st good meal i had had in a while.
The man who had just walked in, started to undo his belt, then opened up his jeans to reveal a big cock of around 8″ and slowly started to stroke it.
So he said, this is were all the action is, i would like some of that.
I smiled at him and said ok.
He walked over and started to stroke my cock which was bursting to be sucked, he stroked it and then started to lick my balls, i could have shot my cum there and then, the guy who had just cum, took the other guys cock in his hand and started to wank it, all 3 of us where getting right into it, after several minutes of sucking and wanking, i shouted out I’M CUMMINGGGGGGGG, I’M FUCKING CUMMINGGGGGGGGGGGGG. GOD YEAHHHHHHHHHHHHH AND SHOT MY CUM OVER BOTH OF THERE FACES, YEAHHHH, YEAHHHHHHHHH, URGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH.
i turned and kissed them both, licking my cum off there faces, i then turned to the new guy and said, sit on the sink i want to suck your big cock till you shoot your hot gism deep down my throat, i stripped out of my clothes while he did the same and then he sat on the sink, i took the lube and placed it on the sink, and then started to play with his balls while licking his cock up and down and sucking the tip of it, licking his pre cum, i the turned to the other guy and said, take some of that lube and finger me, which he duly did, i was sucking this big gorgeous cock and having my arse fingered by 2 fingers, i was in heaven, i reached behind me with 1 arm and started to play with the other guys already stiffening cock, the guy who’s cock i was sucking was leaning back on his hands and moaning and groaning, i took the other guys cock and guided it to words my aching arse hole, he knew what i wanted, i felt the tip of his cock press up against my arse, and i tried to relax as the tip of it entered me, i lifted my head up and moaned out loudly, slowly in and out he went till i could feel all of his big cock inside of me, the feeling was tremendous, i settled back down to sucking this big wet cock, i was slurping and moaning as these 2 big cocks spit roasted me, i have never been fucked by a real cock before, although i have fucked myself with several different vibrators.
The thought of being fucked by these 2 men was just mind blowing, it was a dream that i thought would never happen, but it did and it has.
After about 5 minutes the guys cock i was sucking twithched and shot his hot acrid cum deep into my throat, thrusting it deep into me, i was drinking what felt like gallons of his hot cum, I could hear him groaning out loud, then i could feel the 1 who was fucking me starting to get faster and faster thrusting into me harder and harder, gripping my hips and pulling me back onto his monster cock, then i felt his hot juices explode into me as he gripped me tightly and and thrust himself deeper into me.
All 3 of us were totally spent and extremely happy and satisfied,
we cleaned ourselves up as much as we could, using the toilet paper in the cubicles and water from the sink, and agreed to meet up again in a few days time, we exchanged mobile numbers, then we went on our way.
That was 1 walk i really enjoyed.
Hope you enjoy reading this as much as i enjoyed doing it, although some how i feel doing it will be much more better than reading it.

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  1. masterhank1

    Good story, too bad I missed the fun. Maybe someday I’ll run into you in the Men’s room and let you suck my cock before I screw your ass. Until then, send us another story.

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