what i learned from my sister

i wasn’t always bisexual, at one time i thought ia was heterosexual. i found the real me shortly after graduating from high school.i had moved out from my mothers and had an apartment of my own.one day after work i got a call from my sister tina. she asked to come over, isaid yes. she came over bearing gifts, she had a 12 pack of beer. we downed 3 or 4 each and i guess she was ready to talk. so she said ed i need to move out of ma’s and i need a place to stay. i said i only have one bedroom but you can use it, i can sleep on the couch. she bent over and kissed me and said you are a dear. she said there are some things you need to know first. i said go ahead and tell me. she said i like girls. i didn’t catch on right at first and she said ed i mean i have sex with girls. i said oh. she said so if you are still willing to let me stay you will have to realize i will have women over and will probably have sex right in front of you. i said well now that is something to think about i took a second and said if you don’t mind fucking in front of me i don’t mind the idea of watching. and tina if you must know i am getting turned on right now just thinking about watching my sister fuck some other girl. she said are you now and reached over and grabbed my crotch and said yes you are how sweet. she said you ed you are the only man i have ever want to be fucked by. well tina i might as well tell you up front i am a virgin and that you would be my first fuck. she said alright then you let me stay here and we fix your virginity. i said deal.
so no longer was a virgin i fucked my sister. i wonder how many guys broke out of their virgin state by fucking their sisters or even their mothers. i enjoyed watching my sister fuck her girlfreinds. one day my sister said, after we got done fucking, ed have you ever thought about what it would be like screwing another man or maybe being fucked by another man. i said no. i said tina i will confess to you that in high school i used tolook at the other guys in the showers and when we were getting dressed. i did like what i saw. she said i know some guys that might break you in if you want to find out. i said sure why not you like girls maybe i like guys. so she set up a meet with some guys.
i went over to the house she gave me the address of. i was nerveous. after i was let in we sat down and had a few drinks. after a while one of the guys came over and sat down next to me. he put his hand on my leg a slowly moved it it to my crotch. when he got there he started massaging my balls and cock. he leaned over and kissed me gently on my lips. he leaned back and took my hand and brought it to his crotch. i felt his balls and cock, and nearly came in my pants. he said you like what you feel, then don’t be afraid go ahead unzip my pants and take my cock out and kiss it. i was so turned on. i couldn’t belive what i was doing, but i was doing just that. i shaking but i wanted that cock and balls so bad. finally i got his cok and balls where i could get to them and without him asking i bent down and licked his balls and then ifound his dick inside my mouth and iwas sucking it. it was so good. after i got done sucking his cock and he blew his load of cum in my mouth. while i was still swallowing his cum i got up and went to the next man and started sucking his cock. after i had sucked everybodys cock i finally looked up and said thank you. one of the men said if you really want to thank me then let me fuck you in the ass right now. i looked at him realizing i was still hot and said i would like that. i asked what he wanted me to do. he said take your pants off and bend over the table i did as i was told. two of the guys spread my ass cheeks and the man that wanted to fuck me smeared some sort of lubrication on my ass then started forcing his cock into my asshole. i was wondering if he was going to tear my ass apart but i didn’t ask. deeper and deeper until i felt his balls against my ass cheeks. then he started pulling out then back in over and over harder and harder faster and faster un til i finally felt his cock stiffen for the expulsion of his cum. i didn’t even think about asking him to pull out and cum on my back i just let him cum inside my ass. after he was down i turned around and fell to my knees and licked his cock clean.
we had some more drinks and they said we don’t have to ask if you liked sucking and being fucked we can see that you do.i said any time you would like me to suck your dicks or you would like to fuck just ask. they said we didn’t service you i said thats alright i got what i wanted and if i feel i need to fuck something i can always fuck tina when i get home. one of the guys said so the cunt was telling the truth when she said her brother was fucking her. i said thats true i do enjoy fucking my sister but if you want to know the truth i would rather suck a mans dick and be fuck by a man.
so i am only bi sexual because i fuck my sister otherwise i would be a stone cold faggot.

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