When you love your pet a lot

Brownie was pet Black Angus steer. I raised him from birth and hand fed him grain everyday for almost 6 months. I was only twelve then but as time passed he became bigger and I became gay. I was in the barn alone playing by myself when I started to get horny. I was fourteen then and bit small for my age. I lived alone with my aunt and uncle on their farm. They were too busy to notice me, and there was no one my age that lived with three miles of us so I stayed in barn with horses and cows.

I had never seen gay sex before. I had never really thought about it before. I was just horny and had to get some pleasure. So as I stripped naked I moved to the stall where brownie was. I went in and he started rubbing his head up on me as he always did, but this time I was nude and it felt great. When his mouth stopped at my breast and his licked them I trembled. Then he lowered his head down and licked my rock hard dick, the salt on body from the sweat attracted him and as he lapped me twice more, I felt hotter than I had ever been in my life.

I moved around behind him and looked at his balls and then I saw his dick flop out. I knelt and watched as he sprayed his piss onto the ground and as it ended I leaned in took it in my hands and kissed it. Pee was still seeping from it as I opened my mouth wide enough to suck the head of his sixteen inch dick. I drained the pee and then went to work on his pecker.

He must have trusted me because he did not move. He stood there as I assaulted his large dick and when I had made him hit his peak I was drenched by it. It spurted onto my face and chest and dick and balls.

I stood up and let the warm juices flow down my body as he turned towards me and began to lick me and his own scent from my body. I collapsed on the dirt floor and let him devour it off me. When he reached my face allowed him to lick me clean. Then I don’t know how or why his mouth went to my dick. He nibbled on it once but didn’t bite it as he used his tongue to make me cum when I shot my load off he kept right on licking and licking. I was shuttering as he did and then I looked at his dick and it was swaying in the breeze again.

So I moved in towards it. He bellowed for a second as if to ask me to return his favor and as I eased up to it I did just that. I licked the outside of the shaft from skin to tip and back again. Then I engulfed it in my mouth and sucked until he let loose with his second load. Once more I was bathed by his sperm and this time he pissed right behind the cum. I tried to move away but a lot of the spray drenched my face and mouth. As I became accustomed to the taste I allowed more to enter. Then I moved it down to piss onto my dick.

When I moved in front of him he again returned my favor and this time he nibbled a little bit harder on my dick and then he licked it to a new explosion. I knew it was getting late and that I had to go in but I didn’t want to. As I shut the door he bellowed loudly to let me know he would miss me.

I had to sneak into the house and then go straight to the tub. I bathed so quickly that my aunt asked me why. I just told her I was dirty and she looked at me with disbelief. That night I dreamed about what had happened and sometime in the middle of night I awoke and went out to barn t do it in the dark with him.

In the pitch black of night I went in and after we repeated our suck session twice more I went back to my room. The next morning when I awoke my uncle was standing over me naked. He said he knew what I was up to and that he caught me doing it. He moved to me and yanked my shorts from me and then he fucked my ass. As he was ramming me he told me that my aunt was gone to town to shop and that if I were good he would do me in the barn while I sucked the bull.

He did just that. He took me out to the naked and walked me right into the stall then once I assumed position under him he mounted my ass and worked it over while I sucked my pet. The next few years were odd. I stayed home alone with my uncle a lot. He stayed horny for me more. Sometimes he would take me to the basement at night just to fuck me. I think my aunt knew but didn’t lie sex so she never wanted to make a fuss over it.

When I want sex now I just let my uncle know I am ready and he will find a place or we will got to the barn and he will do me. He loves to catch me off guard and rape me, if you can call it that.

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