When you meet your true love

It was strange how I can remember the first time I saw a naked male body; I was in middle school and took my first public shower. I remember wishing back then that I were a girl. It wasn’t until I graduated college and off to celebrate that I had a chance to be me. I was twenty-one and just your average boy-next-door type with one big secret, I am gay. I have always liked the idea of being with a man, and since I never dated girls in school some guys even got the idea before I did.
Seven of us went to the mountains for the weekend after graduation, we stayed in a resort hotel. It was real nice and the fact that we shared two rooms wasn’t bad either. The others guys were all straight and clean cut nice boys. They had mainly come up to find chicks, they said, but what they found was me.
We stayed out until two the first night and when everything closed we went back to our room. A couple of the guys found girls but they didn’t want to put out they just wanted to tease them.
The two were sitting in the room complaining about it when I decided I would go to the bathroom. I got up and as I walked past them, one them, Garrett, asked me, “Hey Tiny. Do you put out?”
I turned and gave him a shit-eating smile and walked on into the bathroom.
After I finished clearing the way for them, I walked out in just my underwear. You see I thought what the heck, we are all guys what will they do to me.
Harry, the other boy and Garrett were talking with the others and as I neared them, Bob another boy, jumped up behind me and yanked my shorts down. Then he laughed, as did the others, you see the reason they call me Tiny is that I am.
I bent to pull up my shorts as Garrett slapped my bare ass hard. I stopped and hatefully turned to look him in the eye, as Junior pinched my ass. Then Bob just shoved me onto the bed and yanked off my underwear. Garrett leaped onto the bed and held my right shoulder down as he asked me, “Want to have sex?”
I was not really horny from the shock until Travis, another boy sat beside me on left side, and slowly and gently caressed my nipple as he told them, “All girls love their boobs played with.”
They all started to laugh for a second or two but as he did it a little more, my eyes rolled into the back of my head as my dick stood up all four inches and my mouth opened and a long sexual groan escaped.
Garrett picked up on it and rubbed the other breast and again I reacted the same way.
Harry started to rub my inner thigh and brush against my balls as he slowly guided my legs upward. I never took notice that he was about to break my cherry. I was just laying back and enjoying it.
Leonard and Drew began to whisper that I might tell someone, so I quickly yelped out, “Don’t stop I won’t ever say a word.”
Well that was all Harry needed and he slid his dick into my asshole with very little effort. He pumped it as hard as he could and after a minute or two Garrett offered me his dick to suck. I swallowed it into my mouth and began to slowly ride it with my lips. I moved a little faster as Travis pulled his dick out and placed it in my hand.
I loved the feeling of Garrett’s dick in my mouth and as I sucked his pecker good, he began to like it too. Travis was already cumming in my hand as Harry lost his load in my asshole. Garrett was still firm and hard and his face showed me that he loved it.
Bon was next to enter my ass as Drew jumped into place for me to jerk off. I felt the cum swell in Garrett and as it seeped out into my mouth I loved it. I allowed him to drain it into my waiting tummy and when he finished, he told the other guys that was the best blow job he ever had. I allowed everyone of them to fuck me in my mouth and my ass that night, but the next day I had no idea that I would fall in love with one of them, and in so become their private sex toy.
Travis had always been sweet and kind and a bit gay himself. The next morning he showed just how he felt. He woke me up early and had me throw on a pair of old short pants and he whisked me off up into the wilderness before the others awoke. I wondered why he did it until he got me alone.
We hiked almost a mile out beyond anyone else. The warm air and the early morning peace and quiet made us both feel better. As I stood wearing only my short pants and shoes, looking over the beauty of nature, he leaned over and kissed me on the cheek. I smiled at his tender gesture, and as he drew nearer, he started kissing me on the mouth and as he did, his fingers roamed over my sensitive breast. He caressed me until I was panting to have him make love to me. His hand slowly unbuttoned my shorts and as they fell to the ground his hands gently took my firm bottom and began to squeeze it playfully.
Our lips were locked and I was in hot passion as he slid his arm around my shoulders and slowly laid me to the ground. Naked lying on the soft green grass, he knelt beside me and offered me his lovely member. I eagerily took it into my mouth and kissed and kicked it with all the love I had. I nibbled and licked the head until it started to ooze its cream. As I did he told me, “You and I are made for each other. I don’t want you to let anyone but me do this with you. I want you for myself.”
I was excited and happy at the same time. I wanted him just as much and as he began to let his liquid fill my mouth, he petted my breasts making the enjoyment even greater for me. I lathered my courage after he lathered my mouth, and I asked him, “Do you really want me for your very own?”
He smiled as he nodded yes, and I responded by telling him, “Take me, I am yours lover.”
He kissed me even with his cum on my mouth, and it was long and passionate and deep and wetter than you can imagine. After we embraced he moved to give my tool some attention, as his lips kissed and nibbled on my small erect toy. He slid his hands behind my ass and began to knead it as he took my toy into his mouth. I was gasping for joy and excitement as he started to rock his lips up and down my little prick. He moved me into a new height of love as he let my small eruption fill his mouth. Suddenly, he pushed my legs back and up and as he entered me. I took all of his manhood and wanted to hold it in me as he pumped and thumped my tight ass. He rode me for a very long time in a way that was meant not to finish early and when he could no longer control it, I felt the passion in him in me.
We stayed there until the sun was high over head before we walked back to the town. We grabbed a bit of food and a drink and after we had seen the others to let them know what we decided, we departed. On our way back we saw a clothing store with sexy items in the window so I went in and picked out a silk pair of panties and frilly set as well and then when we paid for them I went in the change room and put the red silk panties on for him. The saleslady was smiling at us as we left, she told him that it was okay if we were gay and she could see we were in love.
We had dinner at a nice place and an hour before sundown we bought a couple of blankets and headed back to our place in the woods. We stayed there all night alone. No fire, except of the fire in us. He held me in his arms and petted me until I was spoiled by it I did not want to let him go.
We made love three more times that night and as the dawn approached we made the best yet.
When we returned home that after noon, Travis asked me to move in with him. I did. Our parents did not understand why we are the way are am but they accepted it. The joy of his hands touching me and the love we share makes it all worth it.
From time to time now Travis makes me dress like a man, but most if the time I dress as a woman, his shemale. Yes I will have cosmetic surgery to change me into a woman for him, but he will not let my toy be taken he likes it better than I could ever have hoped for.

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