Whip Me, beat, Fuck Me and then I will come back

I am sunny, twenty-one and gay. I am five foot six and weigh only one hundred and forty pounds. My long curly blonde hair leads men to believe I am what I am. They love to fuck me and now I love to be fucked. It wasn’t always so good.

I went out trick or treating when I was fourteen by myself. I came to house that was dark but decided I would knock anyway. I was dressed like a Barbie doll by my older sister. She put lots of red makeup on my face and painted my nails and even shaved my legs and oiled the so I would look the part. When I knocked three times and no one answered I gave up and turned to walk away.

Slowly the door creaked open and a man came out. He was thin and old and wore only a pair of short pants and slippers. He spied me and said, “Oh yes, this trick or treat night.” As he fumbled to open the door wide, he politely said, “Why don’t you come in while I find you some candy.”

So in I walked, skipping as I did. Just acting foolish and frolicking for him to laugh. When I entered the doorway he called me over to a dim area of the room. He said put your hand in the jar and get what you want. I stuck my hand into an old cookie jar he was holding in front of himself, and suddenly I felt something warm and long, and it was hard but soft. I rubbed a little more and I heard him moan. I started to ask what it was as he told me.

“You just hold what you got while I get hold of what I want,” the old man said evilly.

Then without warning he grabbed my hair with his free hand and letting go of the jar while I clasped the contents firmly his other hand ripped my costume open. I let go and the jar feel and I could barely see in the ever-darkening room, his pecker was sticking out hard and straight.

He forced me into the next room as he continued to tear away my clothes. I started to scream but he slapped me hard across the face and it knocked me to the floor. Then he told me that he was going to rape me, and I became afraid. I struggled to get up but he just pushed me down and with very little effort he freed me from my underwear. I was bare-ass naked on the floor as he forced his prick into my virgin tight hole. His hot breath and a free hand were smothering me. I could not scream or talk only grunt with fear as he drilled me out.

I lay there while he fucked me senseless. He rode my ass for almost twenty minutes and when his cum filled my ass I cried. He heard me whimper and began to beat me with a belt from his pants. He bashed me across the ass about ten times and few across my dick as well. When he stopped he drugged me with something he had in a syringe. I could feel myself passing out and I heard him laugh coldly at me for crying.

I woke up in the ditch across from my school. My dress was ruined and I was almost naked but alive. I struggled to get up and that’s when I found the note in put in my ass crack. It was dark so I kept it firm in my hands until I could sneak home. I was ashamed and did not want anyone to see me but least of all I didn’t want anyone else to do this too me. When I got to my house no one was there, so I went in through the backdoor. I opened up the letter and it said, “Your ass is mine now when I want you, I will have you!”

The words terrified me completely and as I tried to sleep that night something made me keep it all to myself. Something made me not ant to tell anyone, for a week I dreamed about it every night. The first few nights I couldn’t sleep for being scared the next few I couldn’t sleep for being horny. As weird as it sounds the third day I wanted o go back. By the end of the week I found myself standing at the door wearing only my short pants. I saw my hand knock on the door and then he took me.

The door opened and I went in, two seconds after it closed I was being mauled and beaten to the ground by him. His firm grip held me there while his stiff dick slid its way up my asshole. I panted in fear and excitement as he fucked me harder and harder and still harder. I started to cry for mercy but he just slapped my face and fucked me even more. He came in me twice before he pulled out. It had been eight when I got there now as the clock struck twelve he finished fucking me. I laid back and closed my eyes and feel sound asleep.
When I woke up I was once more in the ditch across from my school. I made my way home and slipped in through the backdoor once more. As I crept up to my room I heard the clock strike three, and I slowly moved into the safety of my space, I closed the door and turned on the light. When I looked in the mirror at myself I saw a message written on my chest backwards that would appear correctly in a mirror.

“Come to me tomorrow at Midnight.” I read it and then quickly went to shower it off. The next day I could hardly wait until bedtime. When I heard everyone else turn in at eleven, I sneaked out my window and on my way I went.

When I got to his door this time, I took my own pants off and dropped them on the porch. Then I knocked, and the door opened. His arm grabbed me and drug me into the house. I was flung over a footstool and fucked wildly and harshly. My long hair was yanked and my breast were twisted and my ass was spanked with belts and boards and even a hairbrush as he rode me.

Along the way he clawed my ass with his nails and spit on my face when I looked back at him, then he made me do something new. After he fucked me the first time. He had me to jerk myself off while I sucked his dick for the first time. When I came it was on a plate. He then rolled is dick on my cum and put it back into my mouth. I sucked it off and continued until he shot his load into me. When he did I felt his temper as he beat me with a whip across my ass. Then he took me outside naked and pushed me into the street with no clothes. He held my pants in his hands and said, “If you want them come back tomorrow night and claim them.”

I went back the next night at midnight and this time it was even more frightening than the first time. He blindfolded me then led me out into his back yard and staked me to the ground with ropes. My face was buried in the grass and my legs were opened wide and locked in place by the bonds, when I heard a horrible sound next to me ear. It was the sound of a drill and I knew what he was going to do but I did not know how to stop it. He held it up until it touched my asshole then he slowly insert the metal bit in my ass. He never turned it on but he made me think he would. Then he stuck something big and solid like a rake handle up in me. A few minutes more and I felt the wet hard spray of water pound my ass and balls. Then he sprayed my ass and kept on spraying until the water puddle began to engulf my entire body. I had to lift my face up to stay above the water. When he stopped he loosed my ropes and turned me onto my back and made sure that I was soaked in mud. Then he took me by my hair and pulled me into a dog house where removed my blindfold. He locked me in the small house and went in his house. I don’t know why he did it but he left me there until morning. I was soaked and filthy and still horny huddled up in the small shelter.

He came for me about dawn and took me out and threw back into the street. He told me that I better run home before I got caught and make sure to be back at the same time the next night. Do you know what, I went back again the next night. He made me get on my knees and suck his dick first then he pounded my ass while he spanked me with a paddle. For almost three years I went to him five or six times a week for him to torture and abuse.

Then he moved without notice or warning and left no forwarding address. No reason why, no way to reach him. I was so lonely for the next year that I almost lost my mind. I come to need what he had to give me and no matter what you think I miss it now. I found others to make love to me but no one else could do to me what h
e did.

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    Crazy.. Ass.. Mo fo.. Who am I to judge though? Keep it up..I..guess?

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