Best Friend Fun

Kelly, Angie and Kaci are best friends, all 19. Kelly has blonde hair, blue eyes, 32 CC boobs and a tiny tight ass. Angie has black hair, brown eyes, 36 F breasts and a big ass. Kaci has black hair, blue eyes, 38 DD tits and a round, firm ass.
It was 3 AM and they were at there favourite club with other friends, Karen and Mindy. They were all very drunk and were daring really stupid stuff.
“Kaci, I dare you to…kiss Kelly!”Mindy said suddenly.
Kaci’s heart leaped. She wasn’t a lesbian but lately she’d been feeling closer than usual to her friends. She grabbed Kelly round the waist and kissed her hard and passionatly. As their tounges met she traced her hand over Kelly tiny ass. After 2 minutes they stopped, hot and secretly wet.
Karen dared Kelly to pass on the kiss to Angie and Angie to Kaci. Kelly was horny after the kiss and she and Angie’s lips met before Karen even finished the dare. Kelly let her hands wander to Angie’s amazing tits and pull lightly at her nipples. Angie was trying desperatly not to rip Kelly’s clothes off and instead took it out on Kaci. She grabbed her in a hard, violent kiss and pushed their bodies together, pussies grinding and breast pushed. Angie’s hand felt up Kaci’s pussy through her tight hotpants. She could feel a wetness but thought she was imagining it.
They left soon after and went to the apartment that they shared. Getting into bed, Kelly felt annoyed that they shared a room. It meant there was more chance of being caught fucking herself while they slept. Usually this caused her annoyance but tonight it made her feel even more horny.
After waiting a while for Angie and Kaci to fall asleep, she climbed on top of the covers and flipped up her night gown. Grabbing a 9″ dildo from a box under her bed she shoved it in her tight cunt, moaning very quietly. She pumped it in and out of her body, imagining Kaci’s hand on the dildo pushing it further in. She twisted her nipple roughly, wishing it was Angie that was doing it to her. She was still moaning softly when a light flipped on.
It was Kaci. She had heard Kelly moaning and was getting turned on. Angie was also getting out of bed.
Kelly didn’t even stop and the others didn’t want her to. Kelly started to moan louder, now she had nothing to worry about.
“Oh…Oh, yes, Kaci, Kaci! Fuck me, Kaci, fuck me! Oh, yes…Angie…don’t stop…oh shit, fuck me! Angie…Kaci…oh, yes, fuck me, whore!”
Finally losing it, Kaci got on to Kelly’s bed and grabbed the dildo pushing it as far in as it would go while kissing Kelly’s flat stomach. Angie joined them, sucking at Kelly’s nipple and stroking Kaci’s hair. Kelly was screaming in delight now and pleasured smile on her face.
Kelly came and Kaci removed the dildo so Angie could lick up her juices. Kelly was still screaming and sweating. She finally stopped and pulled Kaci onto the floor and made her go on all fours, her round ass in the air. Putting on a 11″ strap-on, she stood behind Kaci and gently inserted it in her ass. Angie crawled over, dripping, and sat underneath Kelly, eating her out.
Kaci screamed as the strap-on entered her tight asshole. “SHIT! KELLY! OH, KELLY, YES, THAT’S HOT! FUCK ME, KELLY, FUCK ME! OH MY GOD!”
Turned on by Kaci’s screaming, Angie tounged Kelly’s sweet pussy harder and inserted 3 fingers in her own pussy. Kelly and Angie were now moaning. Kelly rode Angie’s mouth groaning as she was tounged and was fucking her hot friend. Kaci’s shouts suddenly changed.
Angie collapsed on the floor and started fisting her own cunt and moaning. Kelly removed her strap-on from Kaci’s streched hole and slipped between her legs to drink her cum. It splattered all over her face making her look like a porn star slut. Kelly was cumming by this point as was Angie, still on the floor fingering herself.
Kaci pulled herself over to Kelly and kissed her passionatly. They talked between kisses.
“Mmmm…oh, Kelly…oh, I love you, Kelly!…Kelly, you are so hot…you made me come, sexy slut…”
Angie was lying on the floor breathing heavily. Kaci looked over.
“Hey, baby…I think it’s your turn now…”She said with a sexy smile.
They lay Angie in the middle of the room and Kaci spread her legs wide. Kelly lay on Angie’s chest, kissing her and twisting her hard nipples. Kaci slowly licked Angie’s pussy lips before slipping inside her slit and sucking on her clit. Angie moaned softly and Kelly slipped off her chest and went down to kiss her thighs. She then pushed 2 fingers inside Kaci’s pussy making her moan in surprise. The moan into Angie’s pussy made her scream. Kelly’s fingers pushed in harder. Kaci moaned more and tounged harder into Angie’s hole. Angie was screaming and bucking her hips.
“Oh yes…mmmm…OH! Shit, Kaci, OH SHIT, BABE! OH KACI PLEASE, YES, OH BABY! Kaci…Kaci, you little slut…OH KACI! OH YES, YES, YES! KACI, DO IT TO ME BABY, FUCK ME HARD, SLUT!”
Angie cummed and both Kaci and Kelly licked it up making her smile. That night they put their beds together and were just dropping off when they heard Kaci moaning…

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  1. buckcunnghm

    hope there will be more of these 3 girls

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  2. [CTU]

    good.well, not bad actually 🙂 could have been bettaH

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