Cat gets the cream " part 2 "

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Myself, and Lisa, were in total awe of each other, I took Lisa by the hand and lead her to my bedroom.

We sat on the bed and instantly started to kiss, the emotions that this woman was sending through my body and mind were just the best ever.

Our lips parted and we sat looking at each other for a moment, both of us trying to gather our thoughts.

God, Steph you are truly beautiful, i cannot believe my good luck.

I looked at lisa and could not believe what i was hearing, someone as voluptious and sexy as her, was in awe of me.

I looked Lisa straight in the eyes as i cupped her face in my hands, I am going to give you the fuck of your life, you fucking sexy bitch.

Lisa said, oh yes, thats it fuck me like you know i want it.

I pushed Lisa down onto the bed and dived on top of her, i undid the zip than ran down the front of the tight fitting top that she was wearing, Her firm tits that had teased me all night were now free to me.
I cupped her tit in my hand and started to run my tongue around her dark nipple, the taste of her skin was exquisite, the sweet smell of her perfume engulfed me.

I cupped her other tit and pinched her nipple lightly as i started to suck and nibble on her other nipple.

Lisa let out a low sigh, she arched her back into me so i could take more of her into my mouth. She ran her fingers through my hair as her breathing started to deepen becoming heavier.

My own nipples were starting to ache as they were now harder than i can ever remember them being, my pussy was tingling and releasing its moisture into my little knickers arousing me more.

I pulled Lisa’s top off, and removed her skirt, and little black thong that had a little butterfly on the back of it.

Her naked body was now lying on the bed, She had a well tanned body, her tits were about the same size as my own.
They were firm, and had little beads of sweat, starting to rise on top of them.
Her pussy was neatly shaven with only a thin line of pubic hair running down the centre of it.

I took off my little black dress and thong and removed my boots.
Lisa was still wearing her boots, i lifted her leg and licked the length of her boot before removing it, i repeated the process with the other boot.

I have never met someone who not only ouses sex, but also makes me feel sexier than i have ever felt before, said Lisa.

Lisa rolled me onto my back and started to kiss me hard, i could feel the passion in her ousing all over me, She kissed my neck and ran her tongue down my chest, she sucked my aching nipples and nibbled at them, sending a painful pleasure racing throughout me,
I squealed a pleasurable squeal as Lisa continued the assault on my tits.
She slipped her thigh between my legs and stared to girate it against my hot moist cunt.

My body shook with the sheer ecstacy of it, it soon became clear that this was not the first time either of us had done this before.

Oh god Lisa my pussy is on fire, i can’t take it anymore i need you to eat my cunt, i want to feel your tongue and your fingers inside of me, I need you to fuck me and fuck me right now.

Lisa sat up and said to me, be patient honey, i will get to the good bits real soon.

Don’t tease me i don’t think my body can take it.

Lisa started to kiss my stomouch and the tops of my legs all the while she ran her fingers up and down the inside of my thighs and aroundmy pelvic bone but never quite touching my pussy, i arched and shuffled myself down the bed to try to force her into action, but still she teased me.

I was thrashing on the bed like a spoiled little girl, beging her to eat my pussy.

Lisa smiled at me, opened my thighs and dove into my cunt as if she had been starving and hadn’t eaten in days.

I screamed as soon as her tongue flicked my cunt, sending shock waves from my head to my toes. No sooner had she started to eat my cunt than my body exploded into one of the best orgasms i have ever had. III’MMM CCCUMMMMIINNGG, FFUUCCCKK MMEE, YYYEESS, YYYEESS, YYYEESS, UURRGGH.

I lay there breathless and helpless, Lisa looked up at me with the biggest grin i had ever seen, i bet that feels better, i looked at her almost speechless, uh huh came my reply.

H ave you got a vibrator or anything, lisa asked me.

Yes, i replied, in the top draw of the dresser.

Lisa opened the draw and turned and looked at me, Someones been a naughty girl as she pulled out my collection of sex toys.

I had a 8″ gel filled vibrator that was almost like the real thing, i had a smaller thinner one that i had used for anal pleasures, i had a strap on that had never been used before, i also had some different flavoured lubes to go with them.

Lisa removed the 2 vibrators, and a tube of strawberry flavoured lube.

Naughty, naughty, someone needs to be punished, she smiled.

I was lying on the bed still recovering from my orgasm when lisa came back and sat next to me.

Ready for some more she said as she leant down and kissed me, i kissed her back more forceably this time, longing for her.

Lisa started to rub my clit with her fingers, my body came alive again twitching with every touch, my legs were shaking uncontrollably.

Lisa squirted some of the lube onto her hand and started to rub it the length of my pussy and all the way up to my tight little, as she reached my ass she ran her finger around the hole.

I pushed my ass onto her finger and the i of it slipped inside of me.

Yes, yes, that feels good, i said as i sucked in a bi breath of air.

Lisa turned on the big vibrator and started to tease my clit and my pussy with it, all the while fingering my ass, again my body started to shake and spasm but this time i was ready for her and started to control my emotions.

Lisa slipped the vibrator into my dripping wet cunt, my muscles contracted around the length of it and then relaxed, lisa started to fuck my pussy and my ass at the same time, if you can not imagine what it felt like then you should try, it there is nothing like it.

My hips raised and bucked against her, i grabbed handfuls of my pillows and bedsheets as i grit my teeth and started to thrash around on the bed.

You like being fucked by me don’t you, you like having my finger up your tight little ass, don’t you.

Yes, fuck me like the naughty little bitch that i am, i replied.

Lisa, removed her figer from my ass and stuck it in her mouth, mmm, that tastes good.
She took the smaller, slimmer vibrator and slowly inserted it were her finger had been, my as tightened around it and grasped hold of it sucking it into me, lisa started fucking both of my holes, faster and faster all the while talking dirty to me.

My head was swimming with the sheer pleasure , and naughtyness of it all.

I ground my hips against her, feeling myself building up to another orgasm.

Don’t you dare stop fucking me you fucking slut, don’t you dare, i want you to pleasure me beyond all my imaginations desires.
Orgasm after orgasm exploded inside of me, my pussy releasing a torrent of juices gushing out of me, stars and lights flashed in front of my eyes and my breathing was erratic.

I collapsed in a heap on the bed, gasping for air.Lisa sat there looking at me, she was sweating and smiling.

That was the best orgasm i have ever seen anyone have let alone the best orgasm i had ever given anyone, you are fucking amazing she said to me.

Thank you, but now i think it is my turn to teach you a lesson or two.

I will save that part for another day.

Hope you enjoyed it as much as i did, i had 3 orgasms whilst writing this, perhaps thats why it took me so long.

Goodbye for now,

Luv />
Priesty xxx.

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    lets see part 3… this is great

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    OMG! This story is awesome! Please let there be a part 3!!!

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