Cheerleader Amber 11

It was bad enough, thought Amber, to be so big and fat, so why was it that there were all these guys that kept wanting to come around and fuck her.

Amber groaned again as she pulled her still naked body up off the bed and she groaned again. Her body was sticky with cum.

It had been a bunch of guys that had come to see her this time and they had worked her over good. Her big tits had definitely taken a generous helping of cum and her broad ass was sticky with sperm, but it was her pussy that was literally awash in the white, sticky goo.

Not for the first time, Amber moaned self-pityingly. Why’d they have to come around and fuck her. Sure, she was a whore, and sure, she’d been paid, but she was nine months pregnant. Why couldn’t they give her break?

Why? Amber knew the answer to that one. They came around because they knew they could. They came around because they knew Amber wouldn’t say no. They all knew she was a whore, but they didn’t know why. They didn’t know that Amber was under a hypnotic compulsion to sell herself cheaply for sex. They didn’t know that Amber despised herself for what she did. They didn’t know it, but Amber did.

I’ve got to get out of here, Amber told herself, before someone else comes around here, wanting to stuff his cock inside my pussy.

But where can I go, she asked herself. Everyone knows I am such a slutty whore.

Amber picked up the phone and dialed a number. “Hi, it’s me,” she said. “Can I come over?” She listened to the response and then she sighed. “Great, I’ll be right over.”

She couldn’t help pulling her cheerleading uniform on. She’d had it modified several times to make it fit her now fully pregnant body, but she knew she had to do it. She was the cheerleader whore and she wanted to make sure everyone knew it.

She went outside and she climbed behind the wheel of her car. Amber moaned as she slid behind the wheel. Even driving was difficult now.

It wasn’t a long drive and soon, Amber was ringing the doorbell of a house she knew well.

The door opened and a girl peered out. “Come on in,” she told her fellow cheerleader.

Amber stepped inside. She felt so big. She felt like a whale. “Thanks for letting me come over,” she told the girl, “but I had to get away. There were just so many guys coming around. I had to get away.”

“Sure,” Janelle replied. “It’s no problem. I was just watching TV. You want something to drink?”

“Water would be good,” Amber told her fellow cheerleader. “I’d like that.”

“You look tired,” Janelle said as she returned with the water.

“I am tired,” Amber replied. “A bunch of guys came over and they kept shoving twenties at me. I couldn’t help myself. I just kept fucking and sucking and sucking and fucking.”

“Mmm, sounds like fun.”

Amber gave the girl a withering look. There was a time when Amber had thought of the shy girl as a sexual novice. Shy she might still be, but she wasn’t as much of a novice as Amber had once thought, at least she wasn’t a novice anymore.

Amber looked at Janelle and the girl looked back at her. The girl took a sip from her drink. “So, um,” Janelle asked finally, “can I see it?”

“You want to see it now?” Amber asked and the girl nodded eagerly.

“You’re serious,” Amber said and again the girl nodded eagerly.

Amber let out an exasperated sigh. “Fine, I guess,” she said, and then she sat back on the couch and she lifted her sweater exposing her enormous belly to the eager girl. She paused for only a minute before her hands went to her skirt and then moments later she was opening her cheerleaders skirt so that the girl could have an even better look at her belly.

Janelle knelt in front of Amber and her hands cupped the other girl’s enormous belly. Her hands caressed Amber’s belly and then she gave that belly a few gentle kisses. “This is so cool,” she gushed.

Yeah right, Amber thought. Let’s see you get pregnant and then let’s see how much you like it, but she already knew that putting words to her thoughts was pointless. She sighed as Janelle kissed her tummy, and besides, it was kind of nice the way that girl’s hands made love to her belly.

Amber moaned again as the girl’s hands caressed her. Those hands really were very good.

Janelle’s hands found their way to Amber’s oversized tits and then she was fondling and squeezing them. She brought one hand back to Amber’s belly and even as the other hand worked her tits, Janelle kissed that enormous belly again.

Janelle looked up at Amber. “You know what I want,” she told her friend.

Amber sighed in exasperation. “Again?” she asked, and again, Janelle nodded eagerly.

“Oh, all right,” Amber conceded grudgingly, but already she was lifting herself up off the couch. The sweater came all the way off and then off came the bra. The skirt fell to the floor and then Janelle was pulling down the panties, and when Amber stepped out of both of them, she was completely naked.

Amber dropped back onto the couch and then at Janelle’s direction, she scooted her pussy to the edge of the couch, and then as the older girl opened her plump thighs, the fourteen-year old slid between them and dropped to her knees.

“Oh God, yes,” Amber moaned as Janelle worked her mouth between her thighs. One hand worked her tits even as the other pulled Janelle against her cunt. “Oh fuck, yes, eat me. Oh geez, it feels so good. It feels so good.”

Janelle didn’t say anything. She just kept plying her tongue against the pussy of her pregnant friend as Amber continued to moan.

Amber’s hand stroked Janelle’s hair as the girl ate her. “Oh geez,” she moaned again, “eat me, eat me, eat me. Oh geez, come on. I need you to fucking eat me.”

Amber’s body shivered as Janelle’s tongue continued to eat her. The girl moaned again. Janelle’s tongue was so quick and so clever, and yet as clever as that tongue was, Amber knew that the hypnotic compulsions that had been placed upon her would not allow her to cum until someone else came first.

Janelle pulled her mouth from between Amber’s legs and she looked up at her friend. “I’ll bet I know what you want,” she said. “I’ll bet you want to eat my pussy.”

Not for the first time, Amber wondered if Janelle knew that Amber needed her to cum first, but if she did, she wasn’t saying it right out there in the open, but the truth was that Amber did want to eat that pussy. She needed to eat that pussy so bad.

“Lean back on the couch, and I’ll give you what you want,” Janelle told the older girl, and Amber was helpless to resist. Her hands cupped her baby belly as she leaned back and waited.

She didn’t have long to wait. Janelle stepped up onto the couch and her hand grabbed Amber’s hair and then she was pushing Amber’s head back and she slid her mouth over Amber’s waiting mouth.

Janelle moaned as she felt Amber slide her tongue up inside her cunt and then her other hand stroked her little titties as Amber continued to eat her. She loved what the older girl was doing to her.

Amber moaned to herself as she let the youngster use her. There had been a time not that long ago when she would have rebelled at someone younger than her telling her what to do, but that had been before she had been hypnotized and before she had been transformed into what she was now. Now, she did a lot of things that she never would have done before, including letting herself lick another girl’s pussy.

Amber’s hand stroked her very pregnant belly. That was something else she would never have dreamed of doing before, letting herself sell her body and letting some guy get her pregnant. Damn, she couldn’t wait until it was all over. She couldn’t wait until the baby was born. She wanted her old body back, and then Amber groaned as she realized something else. She wanted her old body back so she could
go whoring again.

But what she really wanted right then, right there, was to make the girl sitting atop her face cum. She worked her tongue hard inside that li
ttle cunt, and she relished every little moan that her tongue elicited from the girl.

Janelle’s hand pulled on one of her nipples as she rode Amber’s face. She was close, so very close. She was moaning almost constantly now. She was close, real close. She needed to cum. She needed to cum so bad.

Janelle gasped and then she sobbed as her pussy succumbed to Amber’s eager tongue, and with the first splash of pussy juice in her mouth, Amber was cumming, too.

Amber and Janelle were both cumming hard and they continued to cum and all the while, Amber’s tongue pleasured Janelle’s cunt, and it wasn’t until Janelle’s cunt finally relaxed itself that the girl pulled herself up off of Amber’s mouth.

“Oh wow,” the girl gushed, “that was so good.” She looked down at Amber. “But we need to make you cum, too.”

The girl grinned as she stepped down off the couch and slid a hand between Amber’s legs. She grinned even broader. “But it looks as if someone has already cum, but never fear, I still want to make you cum again.”

Amber groaned as the girl took her by the hand, but she was powerless to object so she offered no objections as she let the young girl lead her into her bedroom.

“I want to lick your pussy,” the girl told her, “and I want you to lick mine.”

Janelle was already lying down on her bed and then she was pulling Amber on top of her. Amber moaned as she felt the girl fondle her big belly and then she moaned again as the girl fingered her between her legs. Amber moaned as she felt Janelle’s hands squeeze her butt, and then she moaned again as Janelle pressed her tongue between her legs.

And then Amber was working her mouth between the girl’s legs and for a while at least, it didn’t matter that she felt so big and fat. All that mattered was that hot, little cunt. All that mattered was making that girl happy. All that mattered was making that girl cum.

Amber moaned again as she felt her big belly press against the little girl’s tits, and then she moaned again as she felt the girl’s tongue work her clit. She moaned again. Damn, that was good. That was so fucking good.

Amber moaned as she felt the cunt of the girl underneath her spasm and then as Janelle started to cum, she was cumming, too and as Janelle continued to cum, so too did she. Amber moaned again. She really, really loved that girl.

It was the very early morning and both Janelle and Amber were lying naked in Janelle’s bed. Janelle’s hand was draped loosely across Amber’s big breasts as the girl slept in her bed and beside her, Amber stared at the ceiling. All she wanted was for this to finally be over.

Something was happening to her, Amber realized, something she had never felt before and then there was a whoosh, and Amber gasped as she realized what was happening. Amber groaned as she nudged the girl next to her. “Janelle,” she said softly. “Janelle, wake up.”

The fourteen-year old rolled over. “Huh? What? What time is it?”

Amber nudged the girl again. “Janelle, wake up. I think I’m having a baby.”

to be continued …

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