Dawn the Goddess

Dawn was a junior at St. Mary’s Private School for Girls. At 17, she had most things going for her: stunning looks, lots of smarts, a wealthy family and a bright red Porsche. Not surprisingly, she was the natural leader of a clique of girls who treated her as a goddess, which was a good thing, because Dawn didn’t care much about boys but loved girls.

Early on at St. Mary’s, Dawn had quickly discovered that the school’s ballet program was unequaled for easy, yet delightful, conquests. First, the program seemed to draw the school’s prettier girls. Second, close physical contact was natural and expected. A few dance steps were enough for Dawn the Goddess to make her lustful intentions known, and to get a quick reading on how they were received.

Last, but by no means least, there was this cozy loft, tucked away in the attic, two levels above stage. Part of it was used to store old costumes and props and the faculty seemed to have forgotten its existence. Sent there once to retrieve a prop, Dawn had managed to get a duplicate made before she had to return its key to the school handyman. With that duplicate, nothing was easier, after ballet practice, than to discreetly spirit a willing victim to the secluded loft and engage in a different kind of ballet. Hardly a week went by that Dawn didn’t have a use for that key and it was one of her most prized possessions.

Presently, Dawn couldn’t wait for practice to be over. At the last break, she’d finally convinced Christina, a shy, but very pretty, sophomore to accompany her to the loft. Finally, she was climbing the magic stairs with Christina following her obediently. The door locked behind them, Dawn took Christina’s hand and they both settled down on a comforter covered mattress, facing each other. Dawn knew when words could ruin a good thing. For a few seconds, she just stared silently at Christina’s large blue eyes, which reminded her of a frightened doe.

Dawn then took the first step of the long hoped-for voyage and reached out to gently caress the young girl’s soft blond hair. A minute later, Dawn’s usually adroit fingers were struggling with the straps of Christina’s leotard. Dawn’s hands could feel the pillow plump breasts and that heat was sparking her desire. She then eased the young girl on her back and leaned her own slender body over until their mouths melted in a moist soft kiss. Dawn’s hands continued to release Christina’s flesh from her clothing. As she unsnapped the girl’s bra, she felt a quivering inside. With dexterity, she immediately undressed herself. Their provocative nudity was enhanced by Christina’s timid, enormous eyes.

Beginning her adventure with a series of deep, burning kisses, the tip of Dawn’s tongue then trailed toward Christina’s taut nipples. Her fingers, pressing, exploring, dipped against the young girl’s folds. Dawn tenderly caressed the pubic hair that was flowering with her touch. Her fingers tapped, producing an oozing flow of woman-glow. She smiled and continued to suck Christina’s billowing breasts. Then with delicate circles of her tongue, Dawn lowered her body and eased between Christina’s thighs.

Her mouth cupped Christina’s honeycomb center. Her tongue oscillated, whirling a cyclonic frenzy between the virgin’s pussy lips. Christina’s body lifted with passion, and muzzled her own scream of release. Dawn lifted her lithe body onto Christina’s trembling figure. She moved her frisky hips with titillation and Christina automatically wrapped her legs around the older girl’s waist and hips. She felt the intoxicating crush of her own body against Christina’s heaving pussy. Two sets of breasts were grinding into each other and Dawn’s own orgasm drew closer as she felt the responsiveness of the body underneath her. Christina’s reaching up to kiss her full on the mouth was enough to trigger Dawn’s violent implosion.

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