Erica's second time Part II

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The Music was playing in the background, Pearl Jam’s Parachutes.

“Thanks for the shot. So what are you doing here? Erica motioned to the bartender.

“My sister is visiting me and our parent’s and she brought her husband’s kids. They just bought a new house in New Hampshire.” “And you? What’s new? You look great.” Emily complimented.

“Ha-ha. I am doing well. I am here with some co-workers. Thanks. I work hard to keep this figure, trust me. I guess it shows, huh?” Erica laughed.

“Yes, well, I can tell you work out.” Emily said as she noticed that Erica was buying them both a drink.

Emily reached over Erica to draw a napkin. The two girls were moving in chorus. Meanwhile, Erica is telling Emily that she is modest now, but after a few more drinks I can be found showing off my six pack and showing off…

“If you have a few minutes, I’d like to buy you a drink. What do you like?”, Erica asked. She didn’t want to seem too eager or pull her away from her family.

“No, that’s fine. I think my sister is spending some quality time with her step-sons tonight. I got all night.”

Holly didn’t know what to make of that comment, but it didn’t take too much wisdom to figure out what she could have in mind… Just to make sure, Erica wasn’t reading into anything, she only entertained the idea of the two in bed as they stayed. She kept her distance while respecting Emily’s space.

The two girls catching up on things begin to loosen up and relate.

Destiny’s Child, I want to cater to you, begins to play in the background.

“Gosh, Erica you are so beautiful.” Emily says.

“Thanks, you’re sweet. Why are you being so nice to me?” Erica replies.

“Erica, you know you were beautiful in high school and you still are. Come on, I can tell you a lot of things that you want to hear just because I know what you need to hear.

Erica drank and stared into Emily’s eyes. Erica looked around to make sure no one was waiting for her or looking for her.

Emily continued… “Only now, I am surprised that you are not married. You should have dated more. You are going to make some guy very happy.” Emily said.

“Ha-ha, I wish I had a dollar every time I heard that. I guess I am just not in a hurry, but maybe I should be, right?” The two girls stared into each other’s eyes, cheered and drank.

“Enough about me, Em, how is your dating life going? Have you figured out who the one is, yet? Erica asked this question because she wondered if she was single and willing to play a little tonight.

If Emily said that she was serious with someone, then Erica was not going to take advantage of Em. Erica made a good enough impression on her and the last thing she wanted to do is ruin her love life, but she also didn’t want to hear that Em was serious with anyone. Erica stared at Emily’s lips and she began to feel the music, moving with the rhythm of the music.

Mario’s, Let me love you (remix) was playing.

“O, geez, do we have to talk about Rosie? You mean Rosie, right? Yes, we were very close and still are, but she is out of town, in another country actually…” Emily remarked.

Erica interrupted, “O, well that’s nice that you are still very close.”

Emily continued, “…with a Hollywood actress. It’s all kind of dramatic; I really don’t want to talk about it here. But the good news is the three of us still are together, except I’m looking for something more serious and stable with one person. It’s complicated.”

“Okay. So we don’t have to talk about it, right?” Erica started dancing more in her seat and her behavior made Emily laugh out loud.

“It’s 11:00pm, let’s go out downtown and dance. Are you doing anything else tonight? Erica questioned.

“I can’t say no to dance. I love to have fun and dance.”

“Let me get my purse,” Erica said, “…and I’ll tell the guys that we’ll meet them out later. I will be right back.”

Walking out towards the parking lot they walked side by side.

Erica asked, Could I tell you something before we go? I just want you to know I don’t judge you and if you want to talk about her out here I will listen; that is not why I cut you off. I.. I .. I um… had a one night stand or an amazing experience with a girl, whatever you want to call it, in college, years ago, and I don’t know why I am telling you this, but it was amazing and …

Emily was staring Erica in the eyes listening. Emily leaned against her SUV, holding Emily’s hands gently, legs apart, resting against the vehicle.

“You don’t have to explain. I’m not offended if that’s what you mean”, she said.

“I just, think that… well, I guess maybe I really did want something else from that. Maybe I wanted her… Does this sound right? I got so much going for me, and at times I just want it, you know, a woman. God I envy guys. They have so much right there next to them in bed, to mother their children, to nurture them…

“To fuck, too” said Emily.

“It’s okay to say it. I know what you’re missing.” Emily said, as she drew Erica’s arms in towards her. They hugged and sighed. Their bodies were as smooth as polished marbles. Their hair smelled fresh.
The music echoed from the pool hall back door. A couple walked by them and smiled. Emily tightened her arms around Erica.

Emily kissed her neck gently and lightly first. Then she kissed the other side unconsciously.

Erica picked up her head. Without thinking, Emily kissed her neck more and lead to her warm lips. Instinctively she was petting her ass. Emily brushed Erica’s long brunette hair away from her face. Then they gazed in each other’s eyes.

Emily did not want to give her more than she was emotionally capable to give.
Erica leaned into her though. She kissed Emily on the lips softly.

“You don’t know what this does for me to be with you here. Already the night was perfect. God, you don’t know how many times,” laughed Emily, “that I’ve wanted to back that ass up.”

Jagged Edges, Promises (remix version) played.

Erica’s head rested on Emily’s shoulder. It was an expression of choice, for the second time.

“I think you are afraid of getting hurt,” Emily said, “…and you want to love someone. You are alone, yet you have so many options. I think you are afraid that tonight will be another special night that you won’t be able to finish. Am I right? I am not going to promise you anything, but I will cater to you because I want to and this is your night.”

“Come in,” Emily said, as quiet as a river, as she unlocked her SUV, “let’s sit down”.

Emily sat down and motioned Erica to lap dance on her.

Erica’s world turned upside down once again. She had a double identity. She unbuttoned Emily’s shirt like it was an unrehearsed play. It felt like the void in her heart was being filled every time Emily whispered her name or spoke.

“You smell amazing,” Emily said, “You are as cold as ice. Let me warm you up.”

A jolt of excitement went through Erica’s body as Emily unzipped her pants.

Once their pants were off, the rhythms of the music in the background drifted slowly and sweetly away so they could hear their hearts beating and breathing.

Erica took off Emily’s blouse. She took off her own white v neck t shirt. They were in motion like a whisper. Both had no shirt or pants on. They were in their panties and bras. Sitting on Emily’s lap, Erica was sweating and soaking her panties.

Finally, Emily finger fucked Erica, so Erica let out a moan. It was one wild ride.

“O, God, that feels good,” she moaned, “I want you so bad. You don’t know how much I wanted this,” she let out another moan, “O, God, that feels good.”

>Erica’s juices were running.

All of Emily’s concentration narrowed down to a single thought, which was, she wanted to eat Erica out.

In the back seat, Erica spread opens her legs and took of
f her bra. She lay down. She was cleanly shaved; it almost looked like she had a Brazilian wax. Her tits were hard as a rock. She touched Emily’s head and brought it near her cunt.

Emily was very impressed. She slipped her tongue inside while finger fucking her. She swallowed all the juice. Erica had an orgasm and arched her back.

Emily was in heaven. All this action kept her on her knees.

Emily quietly took off her bra. She slowly lay on top of Erica. Kissing and rubbing against each other’s breasts was amazing. Without thinking, Emily kissed her. The kissing got intense. The windows were steaming up. Emily caressed her marble soft skin tenderly. She pets her stomach, shoulders, and arms. Finally, she rubs her breasts. Tits were touching, next.

Changing positions, Erica was on top. She took off Emily’s panties. They were soaked. She liked around her pussy before she drank the rest of the juice. It was sweet. She softly rubbed her thighs and opened her legs, putting one leg over her shoulder. Finger fucking her with two fingers, Emily gently masturbated. Naturally, this turned Erica on which kept her on her knees as well. There was no escape; she would not trade this in for a night with any man.

“Em, you taste so good.” Erica whispered, “I want you to come. Tell me how you like it or want you want.”

Emily moaned and arched her back and was having an orgasm.

“Cum, hun. That’s it.” Erica’s face was pink and she blushed.

Erica lay beside her, hugging her, and she said, “You’re beautiful.”

With the seat back, they feel one another on impulse.

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