It is 10:20 a.m. on a Saturday morning. You have just arrived home and you stink of beer. What you didn’t expect was to find me standing at the door, waiting for you. You have a look of defiance mixed with some fear because you know you are in for it now. Evelyn. I tell you this now, girl. You have pulled your last trick. How many times have you been told what will happen the next time you were bad. You were out with those boys, weren’t you? Stand up straight, girl, when I am talking to you. And, I can smell the pot in your hair. You smell like a brewery, too.

I have had it with you. I warned you the last time you pulled this. Do you remember what I told you? You don’t. Well. Perhaps you should have paid more attention because this is about to become your longest day. I want you to go upstairs and take a shower. You smell. When you are done, you are to put a nightgown on and underpants. The white ones. That’s right. The punishment panties. You are going to learn your lesson today. Don’t you dare tell me you are too old to spank. I will decide when you are too old to spank.

If you behave like this, you will be punished. You have earned a long hard spanking. Now. Go. Change those clothes and take a shower. I want you lying on your bed with your nightgown pulled up and your underpants pulled down. I will attend to you in fifteen minutes. It shouldn’t take you long to take a shower.

Fifteen minutes have passed and you are done your shower. You look a bit uncertain about all this, because you haven’t been spanked in a long time and you aren’t sure what to expect. Probably, this is the reason you are still standing by your bed instead of doing what you were instructed. When I come into your bedroom, I find you standing, instead of lying and that makes me angrier because once again you haven’t listened.

Evelyn. Can you not follow the simplest instructions? I told you to lift up your nightgown, which, at least you had the good sense to do that part…. and, I told you to have your underpants down. Your bottom is mine today, young lady. You will be spanked very hard on your bare bottom until you learn a lesson. If I have to spank you every day for a month, I will.

I am going to sit on your bed. I want you over my knee……NOW!!! Get those underpants down, Evelyn and lay across my lap so I can give you the spanking you deserve. As I give you this spanking on your naked behind, Evelyn , I want you to count each stroke.

I do not believe that 32 comes after 24, missy. We will just have to start over from one. You had best cooperate or there will be worse for you, as if there isn’t enough planned for you now. Did that hurt? Good. Spankings are supposed to hurt, girl. How dare you disobey me. And, drugs and boys at your age. You are a very bad girl. Take off that nightgown and remove those underpants. I think you should be punished naked. As a matter of fact, I want you to bend over and touch your toes, so I can spank you more with my hand. I don’t think I can spank you enough today for what you have done. Bend over, you bad girl and take another 50.

Your bottom is going to suffer today, Evelyn. What you did was wrong. You need to learn to listen and act right and not run around with bad boys and do drugs and drink. You need to learn to lead a cleaner life, my girl. As a matter of fact, that is exactly what we are going to do. Go and get the enema equipment, Evelyn, and pull a chair over to the corner. Your punishment will include an enema and you will hold it while you are spanked with a paddle. Don’t you look at me that way. And, do not even think about disobeying.

I want you to bend over the chair, Evelyn. I need to insert my finger inside your bottom. I have vaseline on my finger so I can open the hole where the enema nozzle will go. Bend over the chair, dear, so I can spread your bottom cheeks and put my finger inside. I need to move my finger around the inside of your bottom so it stretches to fit the nozzle. Good lubrication is important when giving an enema. Hold still, now or I will paddle your ass.

I told you to hold still. Now, see what will happen to you. I am going to take the paddle and apply it to your bottom 30 times, just because you refuse to obey.

I hope you are realising that I mean business here. I will not tolerate this behaviour from you. You have been spanked over my knee with your little titties hanging down. Aren’t you ashamed of yourself? Spanked like a little girl, except you aren’t a little girl anymore. Ass up over the chair getting an enema because you just won’t listen. I swear your bottom is going to be bright red today.

I am sliding the nozzle of the enema inside your bottom, while you are bent over the chair. The chair is in the corner, which is where you will receive your enema. And, you will hold this enema, while being spanked more with the paddle.

Is this uncomfortable? Good. Perhaps, a good cleansing of your insides will help you learn to be cleaner on your living habits. And a good red behind will serve to remind you that you deserved this punishment.

Hold the water. I am going to spank you more now with the paddle 50 times very hard. This has to hurt very much, Evelyn, or this punishment just won’t mean anything. I want you to be a good girl and not disappoint me anymore. I can see you will need frequent spankings and enemas to make sure you behave.

All right. You have held this long enough. Go to the bathroom and expel the contents.
Clean yourself up and then return to the corner. You aren’t done yet.

I want you to stand in the corner now, Evelyn. That’s right. Naked, with your red bottom sticking out. I want to look at your shame and spank you more with the paddle. Kneel on this pillow and stick your bottom out so I can spank you another 40 times with the paddle.

You will stay in this position for the next twenty minutes, Evelyn , holding the paddle with both hands. Whilst you are in this position, I will spank you every five minutes until your time is completed.

You have been a very bad girl and bad girls are spanked on their very naughty bottoms until they cry and learn their lesson.

I hope you have learned yours this day.

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