Her lil girl

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i knock on the door and wait for Her to open the door. As i hear the door knob turn, i get to my knees. The door is open enough to allow me to crawl in. Sitting up on the knees I remove my coat to show Her that i am wearing nothing underneath. Only a skirt to hide the cunt She owns as i come to Her house.

i bend over to push the ass high in the air and the skirt rides up over the ass to show Her the lips as they are swollen. Her flogger comes down striking the ass. “Such a good girl. you have finally come home to Mommy.” i only nod and smile. “Yes, Mommy. i’m home for You.” The door slams shut behind me and i jump slightly. The skirt is torn from my body and She leaves me shivering naked in front of Her. “Such a cute ass, My sweet.” She says as she trails Her nails along my back.

She comes to stand in front of me and pushes Her pussy into my face. It smells so sweet and i lick her clean shaven lips. Her hand comes down on my cheek and i back away slightly. “i’m sorry, Mistress.” Her voice more commanding than before…. “you KNOW the rules. What are they?” i can only look up and whimper. “i MUST ask permission to do anything, Mistress.” Her finger trails my chin. “Very good My girl.”

“Lay on your back, bitch.” i lay back and slide the knees to the tits and expose the cunt to Her. She strokes the clit with Her fingers and slides one in slightly. i whimper for Her. “I love to hear your whimpers little girl.” i whimper louder for Her. “i know, Mistress.” She allows me to lay on the bed, where it’s warmer. Grazing Her nails along the clit, She smiles. “Such a good lil girl.” my body remains still as She has not told me to move. A finger slips into the cunt. “You are so wet.” As the finger comes out of the cunt and slips to my mouth. i open the mouth but don’t move. Her finger slides into the open mouth. i lick Her finger. i feel a slap on the tits. “I didn’t tell you that you could lick it, did I?” i shake my head. “No Mistress.” Her lips curl up in disappointment. “No, I didn’t. And you will do as I say.”

Her other hand began rubbing the clit while Her finger was still in the mouth. Only laying there while She teased me, i whimper slightly. “Suck it now, whore!” my lips begin closing around Her finger and i begin to suck on it. Pulling it into the mouth and moans escape my lips. Her other fingers slide deeper into my sex and i can feel the juices oozing all over Her hand. “That’s My slut. Keep sucking it. you are doing a good job.”

Just then, She pulls back from my body and stops touching it. my whimpers turn into begging. “Oh please Mistress, why would You stop touching me? i don’t understand what i did.” A bigger grin comes across her face. “you didn’t do anything. I love teasing you. Now close your eyes, lil girl.”

i close my eyes as instructed and i feel a fake cock rub against the clit. i begin moving and a slap comes down on my thigh. “I didn’t tell you that you could move, whore.” That’s my que to stop moving. And i do so immediately. Nails scrape along my nipples. “Good girl…such a good girl.” a little bit of Her strap on slides into the cunt and it tightens around it. “I can feel you trying to pull it inside you.” She says. “You are a horny lil bitch aren’t you?” Only being able to nod, for if i were to speak, i would scream out. “you are so close aren’t you?” A whimper escapes my lips in agreement. Slamming it inside, She yells out…. “CUM, lil girl. Cum for Mommy.”

Hips bucking upward onto Her fake cock, the lips around it have tightened so badly and i begin to cum so hard. Juices flowing all around Her. “Yesssssssssssss, oh pleaaassssse yessssssssssssssss.” She pounds relentlessly on the cunt as it is so wet and dripping for Her. “i’m Your bitch. Your whore. Your lil girl.” Her finger begins rubbing the clit. “Yes, you are Mine.”

Just then She yanks it out and then She sits on my face. “Lick My pussy, bitch!” my tongue slides out and darts around Her lips. Her groans can be heard and i slip the tongue inside Her sweet hole. It slides in and out quickly and i hear moans getting louder. “Ohhh yesss, that’s My girl.” Then without warning, i shove it in so deep. A reward of a little cum slides to my lips. Wrapping my lips around the clit, i suck on it and nibble it. As soon as i nibble on Mistress’ clit, She bucks and cums into my mouth. Sucking on it and swallowing Her sweet nectar, I moan out.

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