Jennifer's World: The College Years ch 6

Alexandra sighed. Her studies were not going as well as she had hoped. The courses in law and business theory were especially hard. One quarter had already passed, and her grades hovered between a “B” and “C”. She knew she needed help, but most of the class shied away from her. She knew she was not well liked for the way she had treated some of the other classmates, specifically Yolanda and that big-titted bitch Jennifer. They thought of her as a pariah for that, since Jennifer was well regarded by nearly everyone.

Ever since the three-day holiday last week, both of those girls started wearing scarfs around their neck. It seemed like just another part of their wardrobe, until Alexandra saw the glint of Yolanda’s collar one day in the bathroom. She wondered what that signified.

Alexandra closed her books and sat back in her beanbag chair. She sighed. Her roommate was out, probably fucking that football player guy she was seeing. She quickly switched to another thought, as the vision brought up mixed feelings of revulsion and curiosity.

She needed to be touched. It had been almost 5 weeks since that cute brunette in economics had made her cum with her tongue behind the economics building. It was a secret tryst place of the other lesbians on the campus, and Alexandra had unsuccessfully cruised some of them, hoping for some action. They all turned her off, however, since all they saw in her was a bitch for their own pleasure. She liked women, but she was not into the games that most dykes play with each other. She liked sex for the sex, not for the games.

She knew she needed to get at her homework again. It wasn’t due until Friday, but it was now Tuesday night, and she hadn’t even started on the report for it. She really pined for someone to study with. It made the work go so much better. She had seen those that grouped together, and their grades were generally much higher than hers. She wiped a tear away as she grabbed her textbook again.

The door to her room suddenly flew open. Dolly, Peaches, and Samantha, three of her “friends”, and teammates on the Cheerleading squad, came strolling in.

“What’cha doin’ there, Alex?” Dolly said.

“I’m studying, you ninny” Alexandra said, a little curtly.

“Studying?” Samantha sneered. “You knew we needed you at the prep rally today, and you blew us off!”

“What’s going on?” Peaches said. “You’re not acting yourself lately. We all see it. And you stopped picking on the slope and that Holston bitch.”

Alexandra knew what she was referring to. Ever since she glimpsed the collar on Yolanda’s throat, and the joyous way she sort of bounced through her day, it had made her pensive, and her thoughts wandered into that forbidden topic: the feel of a man.

“I have to get good marks on this final, Peaches,” Alexandra said. “If I don’t, I won’t be on the squad anymore. I figured I would get good marks by STUDYING a little so that I can remain on the squad. There is more to life than pep rallies and fucking, ladies!”

The three girls sniffed, and left. Alexandra sighed again. She had been growing apart from them for the past two months. They had been a tight group, all coming from Central High school in Chicago, and they had stuck together like glue. They knew they would rule the school with their looks, and they could do anything they wanted. Recently, she had been finding their antics a little irritating. Her studies in psych 101 had taught her how to study people for intent, and her studies of her friends found that they didn’t really like her, and only preferred to be with her out of notoriety. As that notoriety died down, they started drifting from each other. Now, their group is tight, and she was on the outside, nominally a part of the group.

Alexandra put the book down. Those three girls had effectively ruined any interest in getting to her homework tonight. She decided to go down to the Coffee Stop for a cappucino, and possibly go to the Lamp Post, and cruise for a lover for the night..

Alexandra got up and grabbed her sweater. It was getting cool outside, as the Fall headed toward Winter. She checked herself, then left.

A walk through the quad in the early evening was one of her favorite things to do. She loved the trees and flowers. She did not stay too long, for those same flowers brought back a terrible memory, now six years old, but it felt like only yesterday. She quickly left the quad and started down the path towards the gate.

She reached The Coffee Stop in minutes. The converted house was grand, and she could smell the fresh ground coffee. It smelled inviting, and she hurried to step inside to get her drink.

The moment she entered, the place hushed a little. The small tables were nearly filled, and most of the customers were students at the college. Most knew her. Alexandra ignored them, ordered her cappucino, then went in search of a place to sit.

The mood of the people she approached was cold. Two months here, and Alexandra had gotten a reputation of a venial bitch, not even worthy of consideration. She had not cared at first; she had her friends, and they prowled the grounds for popularity. Her encounter with Yolanda and Jennifer in the bathroom on the first day had set the tone for her whole group. Now she was wiser, and regretted it.

“Oh, why did I have to listen to them?” Alexandra thought to herself, referring to the two women that had “informed” her of Jennifer and Yolanda, and of the pressure of her peer group to see for themselves and place them below the group in the freshman pecking order. She regretted succumbing to that peer pressure, and her pride and strength was not enough to break from the vicious circle of ridicule she laid on Yolanda, Jennifer, and a score of other women who didn’t measure up to her. She desperately wanted to belong to SOMETHING larger than the “Beautiful People”, but didn’t know how. Alexandra started to quietly cry.

“Alexandra! Over here!” came a voice from the back.

Alexandra looked and spied the source of the voice. It was Sam Carver, a hall monitor in her dorm. Sitting with him was Tommy Queen, Jerry Chan, Yolanda Chu and Jennifer Holston! Alexandra hesitated.

“It’s all right,” Tommy called. “Come on! Take a load off!”

Alexandra shrugged and went to the table. She figured if the women were going to snipe her, well she was ready for them!

Sam pulled a chair out for her as she approached. She looked him over. He was a little shorter than her, but very well built. His brown hair was wavy, and his deep blue eyes were penetrating. His smile lit up his face as she sat down.

“Not bad, for a man,” Alexandra thought to herself. All of a sudden, she became self-conscious about the scar at her jawline. She brought some of her blond hair forward in an attempt to cover it.

She caught herself. “Now why am I doing that? Idiot!” She thought severely to herself.

“What’s up, Alex?” Tommy asked. “Find a study buddy yet?”

Alexandra’s angered surfaced. “What’s that supposed to mean?” she shot at him.

Her tone of voice had always backed off others when they asked questions she didn’t want to answer. This time, however, it failed miserably. Tommy cocked his head to one side. To Alexandra, his eyes looked like they held-sympathy? Or was it pity?

“I am asking, because I am currently looking for a partner for this Business Theory report coming up,” Tommy said gently, “and my study buddy sort of ‘fell in love’ with that redhead in class, and decided to buddy with her. That leaves me without a partner. I can do it alone, as I’m sure you can, but I would rather have someone to bounce ideas off of, and get the high marks out of Professor O’Connor. He’s a tough one. You know that. So, how about it?”

It sounded like a bona fide offer! Alexandra’s angered drained, and she was considering. Tommy was top student in the Business Conc
epts course, and he had his pick of any to study with. She knew he had an eidetic memory, and was secretly in awe of it. She n
eeded that kind of support to make it, but the fact that he was tight with Yolanda made her hesitate. She had no interest in the man THAT way, but she did not want to be in a hostile environment.

“Well, where are we studying at?” Alexandra asked.

“My room, if you don’t mind,” Tommy said. “I have all the business models for this report there. Professor O’Connor said we could write it on any of them, all of them, by ourself, or submit a collaborative report with a study buddy. I would rather submit a collaborative. It gives the point/counterpoint that much more punch, and it gives the view from more angles.”

“Who else will be there?”

“Just us. Jerry is gone to his study group each night.”

“What about Yolanda?” Alexandra asked, nodding towards her.

“What about her?” Tommy asked.

“Well, she is your girlfriend…”

“…Who has law studies she goes to. We will have the time to do what we need to, with no interruption.”

Alexandra considered. This was a real offer. She looked into Tommy’s face, and saw he was sincere. She looked at Yolanda, and saw that she was nodding slightly. Jennifer was just looking, staying out of the conversation, but Alexandra sensed that she thought this buddy hookup was logical. Jerry and Sam were talking with each other, not even paying attention. There seemed to be no animosity toward her at all.

“All right,” she finally said. “It’s 7:30 now. When do you want to start?”

“How about 8:30?” Tommy asked. “That will give us a couple hours tonight to start, then 4:30 the rest of the week until we get it done.”

“Good,” Alexandra said. She felt better now that she had someone to study with. She also felt a little special, for some reason, that the smartest person in class wanted to study with her, even if it was a man.

Tommy nodded his head at her. He then motioned for Yolanda to come closer. He whispered something in her ear. She nodded, whispering back, Alexandra thought she heard the word “Master”. Yolanda then got up, kissed Tommy, and left.

“Where is she going?” Alexandra asked, suddenly suspicious.

“She is going back to the dorm and prepare our materials,” Tommy said simply. His eyes then held a look that she was not to inquire further. Alexandra squelched her other question.

“So, how have you been?” Jennifer asked, finally speaking.

“Doin’ OK, I guess,” Alexandra said guardedly.

“I take it your friends aren’t happy you’re studying on a rally day.”

“Where did you hear that?”

“Oh. I overheard them as we were coming here from the dorm. They were muttering something about you. I didn’t catch it all, but they were not happy about something.”

“That’s none of your business!” Alexandra snapped.

Jennifer seemed unconcerned “Suit yourself,” She said gently.

Alexandra didn’t know what to think. This Jennifer woman did not seem fazed by any of her insults and pecks. She had always found a way to show herself superior to her, but she had not rubbed it in. This infuriated Alexandra. She hated her.

Jerry turned his attention to Alexandra. “Why are you so angry?” he asked. “I have no onus with you, but I sense that you have a chip with Jennifer. What is it had she done to you? She has always been nice to you, and you demean her at every turn. I do not think this is like you, Alex.”

Alexandra turned to him, a look of anger and jealousy on her face. She could not speak. His words cut her to the quick, and she had no comeback. He spoke the truth.

“Jerry takes time to get used to,” Sam said to Alexandra gently. “He is very protective of Jennifer.”

“So she has her boyfriend lash out at me?” Alexandra shot back.

“Jerry is not my boyfriend,” Jennifer said. “He is a close friend.”

“This is true,” Jerry said, his jaw set. “Jennifer does not need me to defend her. She is very well capable of defending herself. I do so out of caring and love for her. It is not for her I asked you that question, but for me. I want to know how you stand with her, because if you are planning anything against her, you will find that I will be in your way.”

Alexandra took this in as what it was: a sincere warning. Ever since she knew Jerry, she had never heard a cross word from him. He worded his intentions carefully so that you had no doubt.

Alexandra backed down a little. She didn’t need to ruin the tenuous relationship she just made with Tommy. She decided to answer him. Men!

“She has not done a thing to me, per se,” Alexandra said carefully, “but why does she have to belittle me in front of my friends?”

“And how does she do that?” Jerry asked.

Alexandra floundered. “I-I can’t explain it!” she spat. “All I know is that everytime we see each other, we go after each other.”

Jerry sat back. Sam had put an arm around Alexandra’s shoulders. She shrugged it off, but Sam put it right back. It just rested there. She let it be.

“We have been here for 15 minutes,” Jennifer said, “and we haven’t gone after each other, as you say. What does that tell you?”

Alexandra looked at her. “It tells me I’m outnumbered, and if I did anything, they would get me!” she yelled. A number of customers turned around to look at the table.

Jennifer just looked at her. She then looked at Tommy, Jerry, and Sam. They nodded.

“I’ll see you at my room in 45,” Tommy said. “Try not to be late.”

“I’ll see you back there, Jennifer,” Jerry said.

“Take care, ladies,” Sam said.

Alexandra watched in amazement as the men left. She started to feel a little afraid as well. Jennifer had entirely too much confidence!

Jennifer had also watched the men leave. She also looked at the customers staring at them. They quickly turned back to their own conversations. She then levelled her gaze at Alexandra.

“Now we are alone,” Jennifer said. “I think it is time we put our cards on the table and end this little dance we have had for the past 2 months. What is it about me that you hate so much?”

Alexandra felt a little boxed in. She hated direct questions. “You always hold yourself above everybody else,” she said a little shaky. “I see you around. I see all those people that follow you, ask something of you. I know you’re fucking Jerry and Tommy, and god knows how many other men! I’ll bet you slept with the professors, too! You make it so that no one can hate you, and you keep them on a string so they will pine after you. You look down on me ’cause I’m not pretty, or that I run with the beautiful people, or whatever reason you come up with! I hate you!”

Alexandra became more vehement with each sentence. Jennifer took it in calmly.

“Anything else?” Jennifer asked.

Alexandra exploded. She launched herself over the table at Jennifer, intent on scratching her eyes out. Her focus was on her calm, beautiful face. Alexandra saw red.

Then Alexandra saw the floor. Jennifer had moved to the side, grabbed her leading hand, and helped propel her into the corner behind her. Alexandra crashed.

Customers were getting out of the way, giving the two combatants room. Alexandra picked herself up, thoroughly angered that she missed. She scanned the room, looking for her target. Ah, there she is right in front of me, she thought. She got up and launched herself at Jennifer again, fists flying.

Jennifer easily countered each punch. The lessons that Jerry and Jason taught her were paying off! Alexandra kept throwing more and more wild punches, and Jennifer kept blocking them.

After about a minute of this dance, Alexandra backed off, tired both physically and mentally. The focus of her hate was still standing in front of her, and she felt she couldn’t erase it. She felt she had to destroy it. Arms heavy, she attacked again.

Jennifer countered a wild punch, and then slapped
her on the cheek. The slap was hard enough to snap Alexandra’s head around, and she lost balance and fell. That slap drained the rest of the aggression out of her.

“Show’s over folks!” Jennifer yelled. Al
exandra didn’t care who saw her. She started crying.

Alexandra suddenly felt a pair of feminine hands on her shoulders, squeezing gently. She knew it was Jennifer, but she no longer cared. She was miserable, sad horny, and too ashamed with herself to care.

“Is this finished?” Jennifer asked.

Alexandra, nodded, still sobbing.

“Come,” Jennifer said. “Let’s get some fresh air.”

Alexandra allowed herself to be helped up and led outside. The people who had gathered to watch the fight parted to make way. The two women left and started walking back to the college.

“I’m gonna have to teach you how to fight!” Jennifer said jovially, once out of earshot of the coffee shop. “That was pitiful! Besides, I think you are going to need it soon!”

“Why?” Alexandra asked.

“I’m not a dummy, Alex, contrary to what you’ve heard. I see what’s happening. You and your friends are on the outs with each other, and you are finding yourself alone. You hate that. I can tell. Pretty soon, your ‘friends’ are gonna turn on you, and it’ll be ugly. They’ll think you betrayed them.”

“How?” Alexandra asked plaintively.

“You’re growing up,” Jennifer said. “You are taking to your studies more seriously, seeing for the first time the importance of your education. This seems alien to your friends, and they will think your priorities are all mixed up. They can’t stand that maturity is coming upon you as soon as it is, and they want you back. It was through you that they felt important, and with you gone, they’re now realizing that they aren’t as popular as they thought. They’ll need to do it on their own, and they’re scared. They’ll want to lash out, as you did with me, and they will lash out at the supposed source of their discomfort: you.”

“How do you know this?”

“I watch. It’s not hard to spot. When you’re with them, they give me hell. When you’re not with them, they avoid me like the plague. You see, ever since our first encounter, they saw me as the one person that could stand up to you, and they didn’t have the guts to snipe me without you. They respect me, even if it is for the wrong reasons. It’s not like that at all.

“I have wanted to talk to you alone for the past two months,” Jennifer continued,”to clear the air between us. I was warned to watch out for you, and I did take it seriously at first. Over time I found that I didn’t need to be so. You seemed to be getting more sad, and lonely. Tell me, when was the last time you had sex?”

Alexandra stopped dead in her tracks. “That’s none of your business!” she snapped.

“That long, huh?” Jennifer said, pressing her buttons. “What’s the matter? There are enough lesbians on the campus. There has to be at least one you like!”

Alexandra sputtered. “I-I-never-“

“Don’t insult my intelligence, Alexandra!” Jennifer said severely. “I’ve known for a while which way you swing. You are a lesbian. Tell me, do your friends know?”

Alexandra, still shocked, shook her head.

“That’s part of your problem,” Jennifer continued. “You have needs, but you are ashamed of what you are. You cannot let yourself admit that you are a lesbian.”

“I can’t!” Alexandra said, suddenly breaking down, crying. “If I let it be known that I’m gay, I’ll be kicked off the squad, people will look down on me, revile me-“

Jennifer suddenly knew the seat of her sadness. She wanted to be loved. She couldn’t reveal that part of her personality, so she used anything to give her that feeling of belonging, or of being loved.

Jennifer had an idea. “Alexandra, how much do you know about me?”

Alexandra looked up, wiping off tears, surprised at the question. “I know you’re a law student, you came from Cetnerville, you like Tommy and Jerry, Yolanda is your roommate, you get good grades, stuff like that.”

Jennifer smiled. “I see you don’t know me as well as I thought. Come on.”

Alexandra looked at her. “Where are we going?”

“Back to the dorm. I’ve got something to show you.”

“Wait! I need to be at Tommy’s in 10 minutes! I’ll be late!”

“He knows.” Jennifer smiled.

Alexandra followed Jennifer, now completely confused.

They walked the rest of the way in silence, Jennifer leading. Alexandra watched her from behind, slowly coming to admire her shape. Her ass was well formed, and it swayed from side to side as she walked. Her legs looked well formed in her jeans. She had already seen the size of her tits, and even though she had a hatred of her earlier, she could not help but apreciate their size. Her long blonde hair was to the small of her back, and she normally wore it loose or in a ponytail. Her feelings about Jennifer were slowly changing based on how she had treated her, and she was now fantasizing about her. In spite of all that had happened, she found herself getting hot for her.

They went directly to Jennifer’s room once they got to the dorm. When they entered, they saw Yolanda, sitting at her desk. She turned around when she heard the door open.

“Good to see ya, Jennie baby!” she said jovially.

Alexandra looked at her. On her neck she saw that collar she once glimpsed but was not sure. It was made of a shiny silver metal, with 2 diamonds surrounded by three rubies in the front. It was close fitting, and Alexandra could not see any catch in the back, it was beautiful, in its way.

“Hi, Yolanda,” Jennifer said. “Look, I need the room for a while, ok? Alexandra and I need to talk.”

“Sure thing, Jennie baby,” Yolanda said. “Master told me to come up and leave you two alone when you got here.”

“Thank him for me,” she said.

Jennifer led a dumbfounded Alexandra into the room. Yolanda closed her book and got up. She then slipped off her shirt and bra. With a wave to Jennifer, she skipped out of the room, closing the door behind her. Alexandra’s jaw dropped.

“Tommy probably told her to come down that way,” Jennifer said by way of explanation.

Alexandra sat down in the chair vacated by Yolanda. “So, what have you to show me?” she asked.

Jennifer looked at her saucily. “This,” she said. She started unbuttoning her shirt.

Alexandra’s eyes widened. She was watching Jennifer slowly strip. She didn’t know what to think, but her eyes could not tear themselves away at the slowly exposed skin above the lacy bra she now saw.

Jennifer deliberately kept her movements slow, gently swaying from side to side until she saw Alexandra’s head moving with the sway. She pulled the shirt out of her jeans and let it hang. She then slowly walked over to Alexandra.

“I asked you before what you knew about me. You answered what anyone who has seen me would know. I am now showing you who I really am. I am not ashamed by it. I revel in it. I am bisexual, enjoying women as well as men. I find you attractive, Alexandra. How do you find me?”

Alexandra looked at Jennifer. The skin of her stomach above the waist of her jeans was tight. Looking up, she saw her tits straining against the fabric of her lace bra. She saw the catch between the two cups, suspended above the skin. She stood up and removed her sweater, reavealing the thin shirt she wore.

“I find you beautiful, Jennifer,” she said throatily.

Jennifer smiled. “I hoped you would. Take off my shirt and bra.”

Alexandra, her hands trembling reached up NO! she couldn’t be doing this. A deeper part of her mind surfaced Yes you can. SHE IS MY ENEMY, she thought. She is your friend now, came the deep thought. She wants you. Who else has wanted you? Not your dad; he raped you. Not your mom; she helped…

With tears in her eyes, Alexandra reached up and removed Jennifer’s shirt. Since she towered over Jennifer, she had to bend a little to get the arms off. This brought her head down to Jennifer’s.

Jennifer lightly kissed her lips. It was elec
tric. A wave of desire flooded Alexandra as her lips lingered near Jennifer’s, lightly touching. She removed the shirt and threw it to the side. She then stood up.

“How tall are you?” Jenni
fer asked.

“6 foot,” she said.

Alexandra reached forward and unclasped her bra. She slowly peeled the material away from the wonderful globes they covered. She saw that her nipples were protruding out, and her areolas were large. They looked wonderful to her. She then let the bra fall to the side.

“My turn,” Jennifer said.

Jennifer reached up and unbuttoned her shirt. She peeled it off her shoulders. Jennifer looked at her chest, and found herself getting wet. She wore no bra, and her tits were perfectly formed, and large. There was a small scar running from her left jaw, down her neck, and across her left breast. It was tantalizing in its way.

Alexandra was just standing there, so Jennifer decided to help her. She took her hands and placed them on her tits.

Alexandra’s mind was in a whirl. It had been so long since she felt the touch of a woman, and now she was being led into a lovemaking session with the last person she ever thought would want it. She decided to put her mind on hold, and let her feelings guide her. She started to massage Jennifer’s breasts, tweaking the nipples.

“Ah, that’s it,” Jennifer moaned.

Jennifer reached up and started to massage Alexandra’s tits. She loved their firmness. She massaged them to the tempo that Alexandra was massaging hers.

They stood like this for a while, revelling in the feeling. Then Alexandra stopped, and stepped into Jennifer. She bent down and kissed her, hugging her. Jennifer responded, thrusting her tongue into her mouth, and hugging her. Their breasts touched, and the sensation was electric. They started rubbing against each other.

Jennifer broke the kiss. Alexandra stood up. Jennifer then knelt down and undid her jeans. She slowly pulled them over her hips, kissing her hips as she did so.

“Ooh, um,” Alexandra moaned.

Jennifer let her pants drop to the floor. Alexandra stepped out of them. Jennifer hooked her fingers into the band of her panties and pulled them down. She smelled Alexandra’s scent. Jennifer felt her lust grow stronger.

Once Alexandra kicked her panties off, Jennifer buried her face into her pussy. Alexandra gasped from the contact. Jennifer’s tongue traced lazy circles around her clit, making her buck. Jennifer kept up her assault on Alexandra’s pussy, licking her clit and slit.

Alexandra’s head was back, her eyes closed, licking her lips. Jennifer’s mouth was doing wonders to her. The sensations were bringing her closer to an orgasm.

“Oh, oh, Jennifer,” Alexandra gasped. “It feels so fucking good! I-I gotta lay down! My legs are gonna fold!”

Jennifer got up and led her to her bed. Alexandra sat on the bed. Jennifer walked up to her. Looking into her eyes, Alexandra undid Jennifer’s pants and let them fall. Jennifer did not wear any panties. Alexandra smelled Jennifer’s pussy, and her mouth watered. She wanted to suck that pussy til she screamed!

“Lay down,” Jennifer said.

Alexandra lay down. Jennifer got on top of her and kissed her. She ground her pubic mound against hers, and brushed her tits against hers. The feeling was erotic to both women, and their kiss became more pronounced.

Jennifer started to kiss Alexandra along her scar, starting at the jaw, Alexandra closed her eyes and moaned at the feeling. Jennifer traced the scar with her lips all the way down to her breast. She then licked and nipped her nipple, making Alexandra buck. All Alexandra could do was moan.

Jennifer started to kiss down her belly, flicking her tongue along the way. Her pussy was getting wetter, and she wanted Alexandra to eat her out. As she reached her pubic mound, Jennifer flipped over and straddled her head with her legs.

“Lick me,” she said to Alexandra.

Alexandra brought her mouth to Jennifer’s wet and bloated pussy. She could see her enlarged clit. She brought her lips to her clit and sucked it in hard. Jennifer bucked.

“Ooh, that’s it, Alex,” Jennifer moaned. “Suck my pussy, drink my juice! Make me cum with your sweet mouth!”

Alexandra continued sucking Jennifer’s pussy with a vengeance. It had been too long since she was able to do this. It tasted great to her. All of a sudden, Jennifer dived into her pussy again, sucking just as hard. Both women were bucking from the sensation.

Jennifer darted her tongue into Alexandra’s pussy hole, around the lips, along the slit, and around her clit; she drank her juice as it flowed. Her hands kneaded her inner thighs in time with her tongue, driving Alexandra wild.

Alexandra could not believe Jennifer’s skill at eating pussy. Boy, was she wrong about her! Her pussy was being thoroughly sucked, and her orgasm was close. She attacked Jennifer’s pussy with renewed vigor, any hatred she felt toward her slowly ebbing away.

Jennifer felt Alexandra’s tongue expertly licking her pussy, finding all the sensitive spots with chilling accuracy. She knew how to tongue fuck her, and she was slowly nibbling her pussy lips with a pressure so erotically light that Jennifer tought she would pass out from the pleasure of it!

The two women ate each other out now with a ferocity bordering on violence, each driving the other to greater effort. Suddenly, the dam broke.


Alexandra felt Jennifer’s pussy tighten. She trhrusted her tongue into her as Jennifer thrusted her pussy harder into her mouth, and then screamed. Pussy juice flowed into Alexandra’s mouth, and she lapped it up as fast as it came out.

Jennifer, in the throes of her orgasm, shoved her mouth hard into Alexandra’s pussy and sucked hard, biting her clit. This threw Alexandra over the line.


Both women held on to each other as their orgasms rocked their bodies. Alexandra was crying out with each wave. Jennifer kept sucking her pussy, drinking her juice as fast as it was coming out.

It took five minutes for the tremors to subside. Jennifer then scrambled around and passionately kissed Alexandra. She could taste her own pussy juice on her lips.

Jennifer rolled off Alexandra and lay next to her. Alexandra rolled to her side and snuggled into her.

“You were fantastic,” Alexandra said to her.

“You were great, too,” Jennifer said.

“Why did you do this?”

“I told you. I find you attractive. I still do.”

“I’m sorry I was so mean to you.”

“Forget it. Really.”

Alexandra smiled, and snuggled into Jennifer’s tits, not caring what happened next.

Jennifer hugged Alexandra, glad that she was able to have her this way. She really did not like confrontations, and she really wanted to know why this woman didn’t like her. She hoped that they could do this again sometime.

Suddenly, there was a commotion in the hallway outside their doorway that startled them. They listened, and heard muffled yelling, a couple of yells, then four distinct thumps. Then the door to Jennifer’s room flew open, causing them to cry out in surprise. As soon as Jennifer saw who it was, she relaxed.

“Jeriku!” Jennifer said, relieved.

Alexandra shrieked, and tried to cover her nakedness with her hands. She blushed from head to toe, because the aroma of their sex was still heavy in the air.

“Do not fear, Alexandra,” Jerry said. “I am not here for you. I told you that Jennifer could very well take care of herself. I just want to check that you two were OK. You see, there was a little scuffle out in the hall-“

“We heard,” Jennifer said.

“Yes. Well, I saw Alex’s friend sneaking around the halls, so I got Tommy and Yolanda and Sam, and we went to see what they were up to. Ther
e was a man with them. He had a bat, and they were outside your door. It looked like they were about to knock it in and beat you two. We happened upon them before they could do that and …incapac
itated them.”

“What?” Jennifer and Alexandra said together.

They heard a scraping sound at the door, and they saw Yolanda dragging an unconcious girl into the room. It was Samantha, one of Alexandra’s friends. Then they saw Sam drag in another person. It was a man, and he too was unconscious.

“Tommy is outside, keeping the crowd from coming in here,” Jerry said. “He will get the other two in here once the crowd breaks up.”

Jennifer and Alexandra could now hear Tommy barking orders to the floor inhabitants to go back to their dorms, for the police would be showing up shortly.

In no time, the sound in the hall died down, and they saw Tommy dragging the other two women-Dolly and Peaches, into the room. He shut the door behind him after that.

“Are you ok?” Tommy asked Jennifer and Alexandra.

“We’re fine,” Jennifer said, sitting up.

Alexandra was still nonplussed. She still laid down, keeping her back to everyone in the room.

“It’s OK now, Alex” Jennifer said to her. “Come on and sit next to me.”

“I-I’m still naked, and,” she whispered, “we reek of sex!”

“Common in this room,” Jennifer said.

Alexandra looked into her eyes. For some reason, she started to trust her judgement. She rolled over and sat up next to her. She saw the men sitting the unconscious girls up, and leaving the man where he lay. Yolanda had come over and was kneeling next to the bed. She was still naked from the waist up. Alexandra started to get up to go get her clothes.

Jennifer grabbed her arm and shook her head. “No. it’s all right. You’re safe here,” she said.

Alexandra sat back down.

Tommy, Jerry and Sam found a place to sit and turned to the girls.

“Did you get your differences ironed out?” Jerry asked.

“I think so,” Jennifer said.

“Yes, I think so, too,” Alexandra said, checking her feelings. Her hatred had left, and she felt weird.

“Now what?’ Jennifer asked.

Sam picked up the girls’ clothes and handed them over. “I suggest you dress, and quickly,” he said to them. “The police will be here soon.”

“Get dressed, slave,” Tommy told Yolanda.

“Yes, Master,” she said. She got up and padded lightly to where her shirt and bra lay on her bed.

Alexandra looked at Jennifer. “I’ll tell you later,” she said to her.

The two women dressed quickly. In minutes there was a knock on the door, and the police came in. The men told the police of the scene outside of the room, and told them about the bat that the man carried.

After questioning them all, and checking on the three women, the police cuffed the man, woke him, advised him of his rights, and took him out. By then, Peaches, Dolly, and Samantha had regained consciousness.

Alexandra confronted her former friends. “What the fuck were you doing out there?” She demanded.

“You abandoned us! Samantha said. “You said we would be together for a long time. We were popular! Then you started getting all weird with your studies, you blew us off at the rallies and stuff, and you drew away from us. We were floundering out there, and people started to pick on us because you weren’t there! Then we see you walking with that bitch over there, so we followed you to see what you were up to. We were outside when we heard you yell you were cumming. We knew then you were a dyke! How could we be friends with a dyke? So we got my boyfriend, and told him what was going on here, and he decided to help up. We were going to rush in and cover you with a blanket, and beat you until you begged us to stop. Then these people showed up and knocked us out.”

Alexandra’s eyes were hard. This was something she could never do, and she was dismayed that her former friends were capable of it. She decided that it was time for the truth.

“It is true I am a lesbian,” she told them evenly. “I have been that way for many years. I should have told you, but I was afraid of your reaction. Now I see I was justified. We wronged these girls here, and I came here to apologize. Jennifer and Yolanda are not slopes, or bitches, or dykes, or nothing. They are caring, loving people.”

“You really got into their shit, didn’t you?” Peaches said.

“I learned my lesson tonight, you cunts!” Alexandra shot back. “You can’t treat people like shit and not expect them to retaliate!”

Sam, surprised, came up behind Alexandra and put his arms around her waist. Alexandra gasped, but then leaned back into him. Her curiosity was now driving her crazy, for some reason.

“You are wrong on one thing,” Sam said to Alexandra. “You are not a lesbian.”

The three girls on the floor gaped. Tommy and Jerry then stood in front of Alexandra and Sam.

“We fixed it with the police to spare you three,” Jerry said evenly. “You had not done anything really. You had intent, but that was it. Now, You have been duly warned: Do NOT try to pull any shit with these women. ANY OF THEM! If I hear you tried, You will have to answer to me first. Is that clear?”

“We will not tolerate your antics anymore,” Tommy said. “I will hold my tongue for now. If I hear of any of you three picking on anyone, and I do not care who, I will make sure that the entire campus know who you really are, then I will make sure you are expelled. Do I make myself clear?”

The three girls looked at the two men and quailed. They nodded their heads vigorously.

“Get out,” Jennifer said. “I see you again, I’ll rip you up myself!”

Dolly, Peaches, and Samantha bolted out the door.

I don’t think we will see them for a while,” Tommy said. “What do you think, Alex?”

Tommy turned, and saw why she didn’t answer. She was leaning into Sam, her head back, and moaning, while Sam was kissing her neck. Her left hand was massaging the back of his head.

“I think that’s our cue to get out ourselves, my friend,” Jerry said.

Jennifer touched Jerry’s arm. “Wait, Jerry,” she said.

Jerry looked into her eyes, and read her need. He nodded.

“I think you and your slave will have time alone, it seems,” Jerry said to Tommy while still looking at Jennifer.

Tommy looked and nodded. “Come, Yolanda,” he said. “Let us go and enjoy ourselves. They want to be alone.”

“Yes, Master,” Yolanda said. She followed Tommy out.

“Thank you,” Jennifer said.

“Anytime,” Jerry said.

“I really need a man right now.”

“I know. I understand.”

“I think Alex and I will go to my room,” Sam said, hearing Jennifer.

Alexandra’s head shot up, and her eyes flew wide in a panic “No!” she said, shaking.

Sam immediately let go. “What’s wrong?”

Alexandra became suddenly shy. “I-I have never been with a man before, except…” she said, trembling. “Couldn’t we just stay here? I’m scared.

Jennifer understood. Alexandra needed the support of another woman who understood.

“You can use Yolanda’s bed,” Jennifer said. “She won’t be back tonight.”

Alexandra smiled, looking visibly relieved.

“You’re all right with this?” Sam asked Jerry and Jennifer.

“Yes we are,” Jerry said. “If Jennifer offered, that means she trusts you. I think Alexandra found a new friend in her. I trust her judgement.”

Sam smiled. He had always wanted to see Jennifer nude, but now he had a really hot woman, and he was going to make sure that her first time with a man was good. He wondered about what she tried to say, but decided that she will tell him whe she was ready. He looked at Alexandra, who smiled timidly. He took her hand and led her to Yolanda’s bed.

“You did it again,” Jerry said to her. “You gotta stop this matchmaking, woman. You don’t know the kind of fire you’re playing with.”

“I did nothing of the sort!” Jennifer said. “She needed a friend, and I wanted to end the f
eud. We did so, and found a friendship, and great sex, in the process. I saw Sam earlier, and knew she wanted to know how a man was. That blossomed on its own.”

“You definitely had a hand in it!” Jerry said. He smiled.

Jennifer caught on.
He was trying to rile her. She smiled and hit his arm playfully.

“You sure know how to push my buttons!” She chided him.

Jerry laughed.

“Now I need you to push some other buttons, Jeriku Chan, and maybe we’ll do one of your fantasies with me.”

Jennifer pulled Jerry’s surprised-looking face into hers and kissed him ardently…

Jennifer’s way with people won over one of her enemies, but deepened the hatred of three others. It also looks like Alexandra will find out what it’s like with a man, and Jennifer might fulfill one of Jerry’s fantasies. Which one? And how will Alex and Sam get along? Find out in the next erotic chapter of “Jennifer’s World: The College Years”!

If you liked this story, email me. I appreciate your comments.

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