Lady and The Tramp " part 2 "

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Sarah lay there next to Melissa gently running her fingers up and down her thigh.Listening to her breathing beginning to slow after the fantastic orgasms she had just had.

Melissa lay there with a big Cheshire cat grin on her face.

Fucking hell Sarah, that was just fantastic,Melissa said.

If you think that was good just wait till you see what the rest of the night will hold for us both.

Sarah,smiled at Melissa, took her hand and said come with me young lady i think it is time we explored our new found interest in each other deeper,much deeper.

Sarah led Melissa up the stairs and into Sarah’s bedroom.

They stopped by the bed and kissed.

Oh melissa,sarah said i want you so much i can’t keep my hands off of your young body.
Take me now,fuck me like you have never fucked anyone before.

Melissa told sarah to get on the bed.

Sarah lay on the bed her legs slightly apart,her moist lips and rock hard nipples giving away all of her true feelings for the woman who was now lying on top of her kissing her tits and running her hands up and down the tops of her thighs.

Sarah lay there with her eyes staring intently at this young woman knowing that the best was still to come.

Melissa sucked and licked at sarahs lovely tits feeling sarahs back arch slightly so i could get more of her into my gaping mouth.
Slowly she moved her hands down over sarahs abdobmen until she reached her warm pussy.

Sarah almost jumped off the bed when melissa made contact with her erect cliterous.
Yes thats it touch me there,right there.

Sarah teased her for a while running her fingers down sarahs soaking wet cunt and gently circling around sarahs ass,all the while watching sarah grind and wriggle underneath her.

This sent melissas pulse racing knowing that she was the one giving sarah so much pleasure.

Melissa stopped playing games with sarah and slowly slipped a finger into sarahs hot wet pussy,

Sarah let out a huge breath and raised her hips to greet sarahs long thin finger.

Finger me, yes finger me real good,Sarah shreiked.

Melissa slipped another finger into sarah and started to fuck her faster.

Melissa then put her tongue onto sarah clit.

Sarah bucked violently,melissa had to hold onto sarahs hips to stop her self from being thrown from the bed.

Melissa licked,chewed and sucked sarah making her scream out her name and utter quite a few swear words.

Yes fuck me sarah said,ooohh ssuuucckk my cunt, you fucking beauty, i want to cum all over your face,i want you to drink up all of my cum whilst i cry out your name so all the gods will know how you have satisfied me beyond belief.

Melissa re-newed her assault on sarahs pussy hearing the words she had just uttered at her.

Removing her fingers from sarahs pussy she opened sarahs legs up wider and started running her tongue and her nose up and down sarahs pussy and ass,
stopping at sarahs ass melissa stuck her tongue into it sending sarah wild.
Melissa start to tongue fuck sarahs ass whilst rubbing her nose into her pussy.

God, yes, your going to make me cum real soon sarah uttered to melissa.

Melissa took her tongue out of sarahs ass and plunged it deep into her burning hot pussy,then she took her finger and slowly and gently plunged it in to sarahs tight ass.

Sarah bucked, tightening her ass onto melissas finger,relaxing her body melissas whole finger was now in her ass.

Melissa started to finger sarahs ass faster all the while plunging her tongue as deep into sarahs pussy as she could get it.

Sarah wriggled and bucked to the rhythmn of melissas finger and tongue,she knew she was ready to have the best orgasm of her life.

Sarah screamed out melissas name, MELISSA i’m cccuuummmmiiinnngggggg!!!!

Bucking her hips into melissas face,sarah came all over it exploding in a flood of warm juices almost pissing out of her.

Melissa groaned at the warm release she was tasting in her mouth,lapping up every bit that she could,watching sarah have orgasm after orgasm.

They both collapsed into a sweaty heap next to each other.

After about a minute or so sarah got up and walked over to her dresser,she opened her top draw and pulled out a strap on cock.

Smiling at melissa sarah said.

I haven’t finished with you yet, my young goddess.

Do your worst,Melissa replied.

Sarah put on the double headed strap on and told melissa to lie on her back.

Sarah squirted some lubricant onto the strap on which had a big cock and a smaller one on it.

Climbing on top of melissa,sarah kissed her and said ready for the fuck of a lifetime.

Yes,do it to me fuck me now.

Sarah lifted nelissas legs on to her shoulders and positioned her self in front melissas pussy and ass.slowly she slipped the big cock into melissa still soaking wet pussy until the head of the smaller cock rested against melissas ass.
Sarah pushed forward some more inserting the tip of the smaller cock into melissas tight ass.

Melissa head shot back her hips raised to the new sensation she was experiancing from her new found lover.

Fuck me sarah, fuck my tight ass and my aching pussy make me see all the stars that come out at night let me see the pleasure my body brings you reflected in your eyes.fuck me like i deserve to be fucked.

Sarah pluged both of the cocks deep into melissa
fucking her deeper and faster as she started to get into her rhythmn,all the while melissa was bucking and pushing herself to the rhytmn of me on top of her.

YYEESS,YYEESSS, melissa kept screaming your making me cum,don’t stop fuck me harder,deeeppper
she screamed.

I responded to her request going faster and deeper, i felt melissa start to tighten up underneath me and i knew she was going to cum.

Cum for me baby i whispered to meissa cum for me now let me see your body tsatisfied.

Melissa screamed.


Melissa bucked and screamed uncontrollably as wave after wave of orgasms shot through her body.

After about a couple of minutes melissas breathing started to return to normal.

Both girls kissed and hugged each other,both totally spent.

I love you sarah whispered to melissa.

I love you to melissa replied.

both girls kissed each other and eventually fell in to a deep and satisfying sleep.

Hope you enjoy reading this story as much as i enjoyed writing it.

Luv ya all
Priesty xxx

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    This story has made me so wet! I totally wish that I could find a girl to do that to me. I’d recreate this story WILLINGLY!!!

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