Lady and the tramp

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My story will start with a quick profile of my self and how i found myself in this incredible position / positions.

My name is Sarah, i am 26 years old, 5’8″ tall and have a very firm body.

My size is 36-24-34, i have greeny blue eyes, mousy brown shoulder length hair, olive coloured skin, and i am completely waxed all over.
I am very well off financially and live alone in a large cottage in the countryside of Cheshire.
My story started with a new years resolution i made to myself.

To do someone a good deed.

Whilst out shopping in the city of Manchester one extremely cold January evening i noticed a figure huddled up in a doorway.

I asked the figure if they were ok.

This young woman looked up at me with tears in her eyes.

No she replied, i am freezing and hungary, i have no were to sleep, my clothes are wet and dirty and i feel bloody awful.

She started to cry even heavier than before.

I decided there and then that this was the girl that i was going to do a good deed for.

I want to help you i said.

Why would someone like you want to help someone like me?

Why not i replied.

She sniffled, looked at me and smiled.

Are you being serious, do you really want to help me.

Yes i do, i told her.

How, the girl asked.

Well lets get you on to your feet and we can go get something to eat and drink and we can discuss it further.

I helped this complete stranger back to my 4×4
the thought that she could be dangerous or a thief or worse did cross my mind, but when i looked into her moist eyes which were a deep aquatic blue she didn’t give me that impression.

I went to the Macdonalds drive through got some large quarter pounder cheese burger meals and a couple of cups of coffee.

We sat in the car park, she mainly eating and drinking and me doing all of the chatting.

Hi, i’m Sarah i told her.

She nodded swallowed her food and said.

Hi, my name is Melissa.

How old are you i asked her.

I have just turned 19, Melissa replied

How long have you been homeless for, i asked Melissa,

Only for about 2 weeks, i fell out with my step father, Its a long story.
When he drinks he gets violent, so i decided to run away.

We finished our meal and then i asked her if she wanted to come back to my house to freshen her self up and sleep in a warm bed for the night.

That sounds really good, but how do i know i can trust you.

I guess you don’t i said.

I do promise however that no harm will come to you, and the company will do us both the world of good.

I guess so Melissa said,
What the hell, i’ve got nothing to lose anyway.

When i pulled up into the driveway stopping in front of the garage Melissa let out a sigh.

You live in this beautiful big house on your own, she said.

I’m afraid so, I replied.

We went into the house.

The central heating had been on for a couple of hours and the house was radiant with the heat surrounding us.

Melissa let out a squeal of delight as she looked around the large living room.

Wow, Melissa said, this house is gorgeous.

Look, Sarah said, why don’t you get out of those wet dirty clothes and go and take a nice hot shower.

I showed Melissa to the one of the spare rooms and said to her, you can sleep in here.
There is an en – suite bathroom through the door over there next to the wardrobes.

Melissa looked at me and smiled, she threw her arms around me and said, Thank you, no one has ever done anything like this for me before.

I smiled at her sheepishly, feeling myself start to blush.

Why not get yourself ready for your shower, Sarah said, and i will fetch you some towels and some clothes to put on whilst i wash your other clothes and get them dried for you.

When i returned to Melissa’s room with the towels i could here the water of the shower cubicle running, i started to imagine this young woman in there washing all the dirt and grime off of her young body, lathering shower gel all over herself, running the soft soapy sponge over her firm tits down over her stomouch, squeezing the soapy suds over her wet pussy and in between her firm tight little ass.

My feelings started to arouse deep within me.

My nipples hardened to the point were they started to ache i reached out and pinched one,
this sent shivers racing through my body, my pussy released a small amount of my sweet juices wetting the small black thong i was wearing.

I quickly came back to my senses, put the towels and the spare clothes i had gotten for her on to the bed.

The clothes consisted of a pair of jogging bottoms and a plain white t-shirt.

It was late and we were both tired, we said goodnight and went to our own rooms.

That night i dreamt about Melissa, Kissing her body all over, sucking on her hard nipples, licking them, nibbling them, tasting her hot wet pussy for the first time, eating her wet cunt until she exploded her juices into my mouth and screaming out my name, begging me to let her return the favour.

When i awoke in the morning, my bed was damp, my pussy was aching for some action.
I was just about to frig myself into oblivion when i heard Melissa up and about.
Thinking better of it i got up and went down stairs to make a drink.

Melissa came in to the Kichen.

Good morning, said Melissa,

Good morning i replied, Did you sleep well.

Eventually, Melissa replied. Its so damn quiet around here, i guess i’m not used to it.

Listen i have a friend who owns a beauty salon and i was wondering if you fancied having a day of beauty treatment, call it a belated Xmas present.

Look, Melissa replied, you have already done more than enough for me, i couldn’t possibly repay you for the kindness you have already shown me.

I insist, i said to her, i want to do this for you.

Please, i said.

Ok, she smiled.

I drove her over to my friends salon and told her to give her the works.

Melissa, Sarah said, i have some things to do and it looks like you could be here for some time.
I will come back later and pick you up.

Ok, Melissa said, i will catch you later.

I drove to Manchester and went on the biggest clothes spending spree i have ever been on.

I had gotten melissa size from the tags in her clothes and had decided to buy her a complete new wardrobe to go with the new look she would be receiving from the attention being given to her at the salon.

I spent about £5,500.00p in total on clothes & bedding for her room.

The best bit was selecting her underwear imagining how she would look in it, imagining touching her wearing her new underwear, taking it off of her young body and then fucking her like i have never fucked anyone before.

It was late in the afternoon when i arrived at the Salon.

When i saw Melissa standing there in front of me i could not believe my eyes.

I stood there open mouthed and just looked her up and down.

Wow, you are beautiful i said to her.

She blushed, thanks to you and your friends at the salon i am.

When we got back home i got her to help me with all of the bags that were in the 4×4.

What have you been buying Melissa asked.

Clothes for you i told her.

Why are you doing this for me.

Tears welled up in her eyes, i don’t understand.

I wanted you to look good, to give you a fresh start, i wanted to let you know that not everyone out there is a bad person and that good things can happen to you.

She looked up at me and smiled.

thought i was going to melt under that beautiful smile.

We both changed the bed sheets in her room and layed out the clothes on the bed and on the floor, wherever there was room for them really.

Can i try them on now Melissa asked.

Of course you can silly, they are your clothes.

Melissa started to arrange the clothes int
o outfits.
She got undressed right there in front of me,

I thought my pussy was going to explode right there and then, my emotions running wild inside of me.

Melissa had had her body totally waxed, she had had her hair cut short and had had blonde highlights put in it, she looked absolutely stunning.

Sarah, will you help me put all of these clothes away.

I snapped back into to reality.

Of course i will.

I would like to cook you something to eat to say thank you Melissa said, however i want you to get all dressed up for this meal as it is important to me.

Is that ok, Melissa asked.

Of course i said, if it makes you happy, no problem.

She lifted up this short black silk dress i had bought her, i think i will wear this little number.
Then she showed me the little black thong she was going to wear.
I hope you don’t mind but i think i will forego wearing a bra as it will show through the thin starps on the dress.

Of course not i said.

I went to my room, and had a shower.

I decided to wear a little red dress i had purchased recently, it also had thin shoulder straps, and a low cut cleavage. I put on a pair of black hold up stockings and a little red lacy thong.

Melissa shouted, dinners ready.

I went downstairs to the dining room and joined Melissa for dinner.

When we had finished we retired to the living room and sat there in front of the big open fire drinking wine and chatting.

Melissa said to me, you look wonderful in that red dress would you mind standing up and giving me a twirl so i can take it all in.

I stood up and did what she asked.

When i turned around and faced her again she was staring straight up at me.

God, she said i hope you don’t mind me saying this but you are beautiful.

Thank you i said.

Do you fancy some pudding i asked her.

I don’t know if i could eat another thing Melissa replied.

I could i said to her.

What do you fancy Melissa said to me, i will get you what ever you want.

I want you, i replied.

It just splurted out, i couldn’t beleive what i’d said.

Melissa looked at me, a smile spread across her face.

I was hoping you were going to say something like that.

We leaned into each other kissing softly and slowly at first then deeper and harder as our passions aroused more and more.

Melissa started to kiss my neck and nibble on my ear,

Oh god, that feels good i told her.

I slipped my hand down on to her tit and squeezed it softly she sighed into my ear as she felt the soft touch of my hand sending shivers through me.

We stood up and still kissing each other took off our dresses and knickers kicking them to the floor.

I pushed Melissa back on to settee and lay on top of her kissing her soft lips caressing her body from head to toe.
The touch of her velvety soft skin underneath me got my mind racing, wanting her to give me the pleasures i knew she had got inside of her.

I moved down her body kissing her shoulders and then her nipples, licking her nipples in tight little circles, seeing where my saliva had left a trail on her firm succulent tit, i then started to nibble her hard nipples all the while her breathing was growing heavier and heavier, her body was arching up underneath me begging me to suck in more of her soft warm flesh.

Melissa moaned, oh Sarah i can feel my juices building up inside of me, i want you to make me cum all over you, i want you to please me like no other person has pleased me before.

I kissed Melissa all the way down her stomouch making her giggle along the way.
When i reached her bald wet pussy i blew on it slightly making her arch up to me as she grabbed at my hair giving it a gentle tug.
I slipped a finger down on to her pussy running it all the way down to her ass and back up again.
She let out a loud groan and started to beg me to eat her pussy.

I slipped a finger into Melissa’s already wet cunt and slowly started to circle the inside of her tight little cunt, she started to move her hips to the rhythmn of my fingers, i slipped in another finger making her arch up even more,

Yes, yes, yes, said Melissa fuck me with your fingers, fuck me like i deserved to be fucked.

At that response i started to fuck her even faster, my tongue then shot out and started to lick her freshly waxed lips gliding up and down them, parting her lips with my thumb i started to lick and chew her clit, all the while she had her hands wrapped inside of my hair whilst she bucked herself up and down against my face at the pace of my fingers inside of her.

AAAWWWWEEEE!!!!!!!! Sarah, yes eat my cunt right there, that is fucking brilliant.

I took my fingers out of her cunt and started to fuck her with my tongue, i felt her muscles in her pussy tighten around my tongue and i knew it would not be long before she would cum all over me,
I took my finger and started to run it over and around her sweet little ass.

Melissa let out a loud groan and pushed her ass down on to my finger, i pushed my finger in to her softly, i felt her ass grip me and then relax, i started to finger her ass whilst fucking her pussy with my tongue.

OOOOOHHHH!!!! GOD, i’m going to cum she screamed, i’m cumming, i’m cumming, i’m ccuuummmming, FFFUUUCCCKKKKK, she yelled as she tightly grabbed my hair, making me lick and finger her harder and faster.

After about 3 or 4 contiuous orgasms Melissa collapsed back down on to the settee and let out the biggest breath of air i had ever heard.

I looked up at her, my face glistening in the fire light with all of her cum dripping all over my smiling face.

That was fucking brilliant Melissa said, but i now owe you more than you could possibly imagine.

She smiled at me wickedly after she had said it and i knew this was going to be a long night and one that neither of us would ever forget.

But alas that is another story.

Don’t worry though the conclusion to this story will be on its way real soon.

Luv all you sexy women out there.

Priesty XXX

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