Lunch Guest

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Ever since Eve met Anna at her husband’s company picnic she couldn’t get her off of her mind. There was something about the way that Anna slid her hand into hers to say hello as her husband introduced them last summer.

It was that time again, the picnic and the chance to meet this perfect creature that she had spent months fantasizing about. All she wanted was one moment to touch that wet and simmering pink cunt of hers. It was all that she thought about as she dressed in her low cut tank top and shortest shorts. Even her husband couldn’t resist fucking her the minute she slid them up over her round firm ass. Within moments she was bent over taking it up the ass and his massive cock pulling in and out of her. The veins of his hard dick ripping through her made her explode and the thought of Anna only made her climax even harder. It was a good fuck, but she wished that on this day, it was Anna giving it too her with a massive strap-on.

In the car, her husband still couldn’t keep his hands off of her. His fingers kept lifting the shorts and pulled her g-string over to fondle her pussy. She couldn’t help but cream her pants. Dan just licked his fingers dry of her sweet cream and gave her a minute to clean herself off in the parking lot. Within moments of checking her make-up and shorts she was ready to see…her.

As she walked down to the park she looked around to figure out where she could bring Anna even just for a moment.

Eve put down her salad on the long picnic table and when she looked up there stood Anna looking delicious and very sexy in her almost see through white dress. “I heard that you were here. How have you been Eve?”. With just one look Eve, could feel her clit harden and her nipples rose from under her tank top forming hard mounds. Anna smiled and asked her to come to see the lake.

Dan was out of sight to Eve but, he saw exactly what his wife was up too. He knew that he couldn’t trust her around good pussy, but he was happy to see his wife so horny. Sex was going to be even sweeter later on, he would punish her for being such a bad girl. He couldn’t wait for the moment to make her spread her ass checks apart and fuck her good and hard. The thought of her screaming his name, he didn’t give a fuck if she screamed Anna’s name just as long as he was sliding in and out of the tight ass of hers. Tonight he would come on her face. He smiled, watched them go off, and sipped his beer and continued to talk about golf.

The two girls made small talk about work and how Anna was now spending more of her time traveling then ever before. Once out of sight, Anna pushed Eve against a tree and squeezed her breast together and up and licked the cleavage the sprung to life. Eve just moaned and grabbed Anna’s waist. Within moments, their tongues were locked and wet kisses covered them both. Whispers of what was to come next were exchanged.

In the bushes they lay and discovered one another. Eve’s legs were spread and Anna plucked a near by flower and caressed the glissenting pussy. Soon enough Eve’s figures pinched her nipples as she licked them as per Anna’s request. Anna’s fingers spread Eve’s pussy and she slid two fingers in and out. Soft moans escaped Eve and a devilish smile was the only thing the Anna was wearing. Eve couldn’t get enough of Anna’s luscious tits and flat stomach, her hips were tan and smooth. The tan line she wore outlined the shape of her shaved pussy and exposed the piercing the dangled from her juicy lips.

Both of the changed positions and 69’d in the bushes. Licking each other, fucking one another with their tongues as they plunged finger after finger into each other’s wet hole. Anna pussy was sweet and juicy as Eve licked is clean, she drank every drop of cum the poured out of her cunt and was sure to suck and nibble on Anna’s clit, noticing that’s when she tried to pull away with sweet moans, only asking for more. Eve was in heaven as she felt two fingers in her ass and Anna’s tongue diving deeply into her pussy. She moaned and asked her to stop. Anna refused and kept going deeper and deeper, only to make Eve cum all over her face. She slapped her pussy and rubbed her clit only making her beg and moan with pleasure. Eve slipped her fingers into Anna’s ass, causing her to bite harder.

Eve and Anna climaxed for the last time together and lay breathless on the tall grass. Eve licked her lips and climbed on top of Anna who lay their more beautiful than ever. She gave her one long kiss and worked on her nipples, when she heard footsteps in the grass. When the two women sat up it was Dan. “I hope you saved some for me” he said with a smile. Anna and Eve giggled and asked Dan to join them in the grass. This was fun, but Dan was still looking forward to fucking the lights out of his wife when they got home. But what the hell, a good fuck and a blowjob will work for now. Dan smiled and pulled out his massive cock and went to work.

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    you are a great writer i enjoyed all of your stories!! write more lesbian ones

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