Private Lessons

Brenda Richter was one of those girls that every other girl in the school either loved or hated, but all envied. Michelle was no different. She had admired the girl’s curvaceous, perfect body and cover-girl looks since she first met her. Brenda had a confident air about her that was disarming too, though this didn’t seem like a great mystery to the lesser blessed girls of the school; with looks like Brenda’s–those penetrating green eyes, long, flowing wavy blond hair, and silken, flawless skin–who couldn’t be confident?

Michelle was no slouch herself. Though petite (a good seven inches shorter than the tall, stunning Brenda), the brunette Michelle had the doe-eyed face of an innocent: luminous brown eyes, large and captivating, and a fine, slender but well developed body too. The boys were always looking at her behind, and indeed, it was her greatest attribute: a masterfully sculpted half-globe of sumptuous wonder, and could not be improved upon one iota. Her fair skin only hinted she wanted to learn how to kiss really well, so that she would knock her boyfriend out of his socks. The other girls giggled, and joked about “kissing lessons,” but Brenda made it pretty clear that a lesson or two wasn’t a bad idea. Whispers followed during a sleepover: “Brenda, could you…I mean…help me..” and “Hey, I heard Brenda gave Lisa some lessons..” and the rumors started to fly. How, everyone wondered, do you get kissing lessons from someone of such stature and experience? Just go up and ask? No one had the guts to do that, but the girls started to watch each other and listen for hints, trying to figure out who, if anyone, had done so. It was a secret within a secret, one that no one wanted to admit to, and everyone wanted.

One night, at Barbara’s house, there was a slumber party that Brenda had missed. The chat topic meandered to Brenda, naturally, and Michelle had blurted out, “Ooh, I would kill for some kissing lessons from that girl.” Peals of nervous and uncertain laughter.

A few weeks later at another party, she spied a boy, Tommy Raller, that she liked. Maybe now would be a good time to make small talk with the football star, before Brenda walked by him. She moved slowly, and then stopped watching from a distance. Michelle was at the far corner of the patio, standing almost in the shadows. Beyond that was the lush landscaped yard of the huge mansion-like home. She cocked her head, trying to lip-read Tommy as he chatted with another boy, when she felt a warm hand on shoulder.

“Hi,” the honeyed voice came from behind. Michelle turned to see Brenda standing there, smiling. Brenda had yet to be in the pool either, and she was radiant, as always. “Oh, hi Brenda, how’s it going?” “I heard you wanted lessons,” Brenda said, fixing her emerald gaze on Michelle. Michelle frowned for a moment, unsure of what she meant. “Lessons…” she repeated, trying to find the memory. Just then, Brenda took her wrist. Michelle just stared at her, wondering what was going on. “Now is a good time, actually. This party is kind of dull right now, and I don’t
feel like swimming. Do you?” Then the “lessons” meaning dawned on Michelle. The kissing lessons! She blushed deeply, but before she could say a word, Brenda’s grip on her wrist had her following the blonde girl down past the patio lights into the darkness. “C’mon,” Brenda said, pulling Michelle past the shrubbery to a tree-shrouded area near a brick wall.

Michelle wanted to protest at first, but her head was swimming. Ok, she thought, why not now? Tommy would be there later anyway, and maybe her friends could enjoy boy-hunting without the main competition around. She followed dutifully, feeling almost like a child being led by a teacher, and in essence, wasn’t that what Brenda was going to be? She couldn’t help but glance at the gentle twitch of Brenda’s buttocks, as perfect as her own and separated only by the slender strap of red fabric nestled in the crevice of her bottom.

“Let him start. You just open your mouth a little for him, and let him start. Understand?” “I…I think so,” Michelle said nervously. “All right,” Brenda went on. “Let’s try this first. Just open your mouth, and lean in a little, and remember the tilt. I’ll be the boy, ok?” That made sense. Michelle was 5’2; Brenda towered over her at 5’9. Michelle swallowed and tilted her head slightly, parting her lips. As Brenda’s face came closer, she looked at the approaching mouth in wonder. “Brenda Richter’s lips…about to kiss mine?” she thought to herself. Michelle stood still, her arms at her sides, as Brenda, with a hand on each of Michelle’s shoulders, enclosed Michelle’s mouth firmly with hers. It couldn’t be helped that Brenda’s full breasts, barely covered by the bikini, touched hers, and the fabric was thin enough on both of their garments for Michelle to feel the taller girl’s nipples poking her skin gently. Brenda’s mouth was a luscious fruit sent from the gods. There was, at first, a vague cool trace of Coca-Cola, then the warmer sweetness of the girl’s mouth, her lips soft but commanding as they engulfed hers.

Michelle tried to concentrate on the technique, and waited for Brenda’s tongue. It stabbed gently into her mouth just then, making contact with her own, and Michelle responded, moving her tongue forward. It slid sensually against Brenda’s and Michelle felt a bolt of pleasure course through her, spreading into her veins like a runaway river. The sensations startled her; she had awkwardly kissed a couple of boys on the mouth before, but never knew that kissing a girl could feel quite like this.

Brenda broke the union of their mouths suddenly and smiled at her. “Relax.” She rubbed Michelle’s bare shoulders up and down comfortingly. “You did fine, you just need to relax. Let’s try again.” Michelle found that she could only nod, her heart pounding so furiously in her chest now. Her body seemed to sparkle like a night full of stars.

This time, Brenda held her forearms and drew her closer, and Michelle’s mouth opened as she felt her body being pulled gently towards the taller girl. As Brenda’s mouth imprisoned hers again, Michelle instinctively put her arms up around the blonde’s neck, and felt the golden locks fall over her skin. Brenda slid her arms around Michelle’s waist, and almost imperceptibly urged her closer. Their bodies were touching–breasts, tummies, legs–and Michelle felt her mouth melt when the other girl’s warm, silky tongue explored her again.

A whimper escaped from her throat, and she was suddenly mortified at the thought that she was locked in a deep French kiss with the most beautiful girl in her school, and had just let her know with that little sound that she was enjoying it. Whatever fear she had about giving herself away seemed to evaporate when Brenda’s hands moved warmly in slow circles on her back. “Keep cool,” Michelle told herself, but she was certain that Brenda had not only heard the soft moan she had let out, but could feel the hammering of her heart against her chest as well. A wild, excited pang wove through her insides, like the feeling of being on a roller coaster. She was acutely aware now, as Brenda gently devoured her lips, of how little she had on. Being in the warm, silky embrace of another girl in her tiny bikini made her feel almost naked, and the tender mound between her legs began to roil with moisture and intense warmth.

Michelle didn’t know what to do. Does this end? And if so, who ends it? Is Brenda expecting her to pull away, or does this “lesson” go on until the teacher says? Michelle was just about to break the kiss, just to get a breath, as her chest was beginning to heave with excitement, when Brenda did the unthinkable. The tall, gorgeous blonde’s hand slid down Michelle’s back and under the waist of her bikini bottoms. Michelle flinched as Brenda’s slender fingers slid over her round ass cheeks and massaged them slowly under the thin fabric. Her knees wer
e turning to jelly, and she felt as if she had r
un out of air. She broke the kiss, keeping her wrists looped around the taller girl’s neck, and suddenly her face was buried against Brenda’s graceful neck, gasping softly. Her mouth, which had been kissing the gorgeous girl fully, seemed to have a mind of its own, and formed another kiss on Brenda’s neck, just below her ear.

Michelle could feel Brenda smile, and then felt the girl’s other hand stroke her hair gently, comfortingly. The blonde kept her hand inside Michelle’s bikini bottom, exploring her ass without apology. “It’s all right, baby,” Brenda cooed in a low whisper, stroking Michelle’s silky hair. The words wound around her like a warm blanket, and seemed to melt her even deeper into the taller girl’s embrace. Michelle whimpered softly again, as she realized the fullness of her surrender to her beautiful classmate. Now there was no pretending. The understanding moved through both of them like an ocean wave, leaving a wordless, impossible, entrancing notion: Michelle’s intense arousal was clear, and left her nearly helpless in the taller girl’s arms. Brenda exploration of her seemed to lay claim to every inch of the brunette’s skin she touched. Michelle was at Brenda’s mercy, and they both knew it.

As if to define the point, Brenda moved her finger purposefully down the length of Michelle’s ass crack, her fingernail brushing over the tiny puckered rosebud on the way down. She wiggled it slowly at the lowest point, finding a cauldron of syrupy nectar within the confines of the tiny bikini bottom. “Hmm!” Brenda murmured. “My student is pretty excited about this new class, hmm?” Michelle flushed deeply, humiliation mixing with her near-panicked excitement and somehow catapulting it into a new realm of desire.

“Ohhh, Brenda,” she stammered, her voice shaking with arousal. Michelle could hide nothing now, and her petite body was alive, and humid with excitement. She only vaguely realized, with her face plastered against Brenda’s lovely shoulder, that she was humping her hips into the other girl. It didn’t matter, nothing mattered to Michelle now except her worship of the blonde goddess. She looked up into Brenda’s eyes as her hips bucked, pushing her mound into Brenda’s open legs, their pussies mashing together with the tiny triangles of fabric their only barrier.

Michelle let out a desperate moan as her clit rubbed against the tall beauty’s mound. Brenda looked down into her eyes, still holding Michelle’s lovely little butt in one hand, riding the pumping of her hips as the smaller girl humped her slowly. Michelle gasped as Brenda, smiling coolly at her, reached down and hooked her finger in the front of Michelle’s bikini bottom and pulled it to the side away from her, letting the elastic catch on the side of her vulva. She had exposed her cunt to the air, and the next thrust from Michelle’s hips pressed her naked pussy against Brenda’s mound.

She felt like a young, wild animal now, hopelessly snared by a beautiful huntress predator, her body writhing slowly out of control. She arched, her head falling back and her hair dangling onto her back, her mouth wide open as Brenda held her. Brenda kissed her again as she lay her face to the sky, firmly claiming her mouth and drilling her soft lips with that silken tongue. It was too much for poor Michelle. Brenda’s hand on her round, pouting ass cheeks, her sex bared to the scantily clad beauty queen who now mouthed her at will…a climax rose from deep within her young body and seized her. She clamped her legs around Brenda’s smooth, shapely thigh and rubbed furiously as their mouths entwined and she moaned loudly, finally breaking her mouth free and squealing as the orgasm jolted her.

Brenda held Michelle against her as she twitched and purred against her body. Michelle panted into Brenda’s breast, her life changed forever by this shameless display of desire for another girl. Brenda stroked her hair slowly again, and whispered, “I know, Michelle…it’s all right. No one will know.”

But what would they not know? The kissing lessons? Or the wanton, out-of-control humping and cumming all over this blonde beauty that she could never have dreamed of happening in a million years? Brenda, who seemed be able to read Michelle’s mind now, answered the unspoken question: “No one will know…that you’re my girl,” she said.

Michelle shivered at the words. She felt her heart and pussy melt again almost instantaneously, because she knew exactly that was what had happened in the darkness of this hidden garden. “Your girl…” she whispered against Brenda’s breast, trying out the new idea. Then, she looked up at Brenda, totally enraptured. The blonde nodded and touched her lips, and Michelle repeated, as if her destiny had just been handed to her. “Your girl…”

Brenda felt Michelle’s knees shaking. She moved to the side and pointed to a bench. “Sit down, Michelle.” Michelle pulled her bikini closed, and sat, unable to take her eyes from Brenda’s. The tall blonde stood in front of her, one hand on her hip, and the other cupping Michelle’s chin like a child. “From now on, baby, when you have something you want from me, you come and ask. You don’t go telling others. Understood?”

Michelle looked up at the girl who now seemed to own her, and shivered. Each new exchange of words was another confirmation of her inexorable role as Brenda’s submissive. “Yes, Brenda.” “Good girl.” Without thinking, Michelle wrapped her arms around the blonde’s waist and hugged her face to Brenda’s lower tummy, just above the waistband of her bikini bottoms. She nestled her cheek into the soft skin, so close the warm treasure below. She amazed herself: she wanted to be a “good girl” for Brenda. The blonde stroked her like a pet, their young skin warm and silky against one another.

Then, Brenda leaned back. Her voice changed to a slightly sterner tone. “Umm, Michelle…” Brenda pointed to a glistening smear on her thigh. “See the mess you made, little girl? I think you have some cleaning to do.” Michelle turned a deep red. “Oh, I’m sorry, Brenda. I–” “Get on your knees and clean it up, now.” “Yes, Brenda,” Michelle nodded, kneeling in front of the blonde. She started to wipe the spot with her fingers, and Brenda pushed her hand away. “Clean it with your mouth, Michelle.”

“Oh…I’m sorry…yes…” Michelle looked up at Brenda, then lowered her face to the blonde girl’s thigh and licked and sucked the juices from her. Her cheek brushed her captor’s mound as she did, and she could smell the humid, sweet muskiness of Brenda’s excitement. A new wave of weakness engulfed her. She licked slowly, obediently, looking up into Brenda’s face every so often for approval.

“Good girl,” Brenda said. “Take my bottoms off now.” Michelle pulled Brenda’s red bikini bottoms off, her heart pounding with a searing combination of fear and desire. She looked at Brenda’s trimmed, blonde pussy as the bottoms came down her legs. She guided them to her ankles and then off, and placed them on the bench. Brenda smiled down at her, and lifted one leg, placing her foot on the brunette’s shoulder. Michelle, panting with anticipation now, looked into Brenda’s deep green eyes as the dominant girl slid her fingers firmly into Michelle’s hair.

“And now you get a gift, baby, for being such a good kissing student. You want me, don’t you, Michelle?” The kneeling brunette could barely speak. “Oh…oh yes, Brenda…” she whispered. Wordlessly, Brenda pulled Michelle’s face into her sex, and Michelle moaned as her nose and mouth sank into the warm, slick flesh. She licked deeply, her face becoming lathered with Brenda’s arousal, and when she twice lifted her face to get more air, strands of the sweet fluid hung from her nose and upper lip, bridging across to Brenda’s beautiful cunt. Michelle feasted on Brenda, wanting to please her so much, sucking on her clit, licking her pussy, thrusting her tongue deep into the warm hole and nearly drowni
ng in her nectar. Brenda moved her hips against Michell
e’s face and moaned with pleasure, and finally, her magnificent body arching on the bench, shuddered intensely and cried out “Ohhhhhgoddddyessssss” as her climax erupted.

Michelle lay there afterward, her face resting on Brenda’s mound, her face coated with the beauty queen’s juices, as Brenda stroked her. “Whose girl are you, Michelle?” the blonde asked quietly, the sounds of the party scratchy and muffled in the distance. Michelle, dazed by the incredible afternoon that had turned her into Brenda’s slave, moved her lips to answer, tiny blonde hairs brushing her moist lips. “I’m your girl, Brenda.”

Half an hour later, the girls returned to the party, and Brenda jumped in the pool as if nothing had happened. Michelle tried hard to look normal and relaxed, and went in for a swim too. A voice came up behind her, and Michelle realized it was Barbara.

“Where the hell have you been?” her friend asked. “Oh…didn’t feel well, and umm, went to lay down for a bit.” “Oh,” Barbara said, looking at her friend suspiciously. Michelle forced a smile and went underwater. When she glided back up, she turned and saw Brenda smiling at her from across the pool.

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    really hot story!

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    really hot story!

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    you make me feel like I am right there! wow. I loved it.

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