“I’m gonna rip this slut’s head off” thought Fiona as she stomped toward the door to her old enemy’s place. Fiona had a rivalry with Tera that had dated back to high school. Tera never liked Fiona and thought of her as a spoiled little priss. Fiona thought of Tera as a slut and a bitch. Every time Fiona would even get close to a boy, Tera would take him. And Tera was very mean in general to Fiona. Not to mention the fact that Fiona had heard rumors that Tera went both ways. Fiona was very Christian and against homosexuality. Anyway, after high school, the two hadn’t really seen each other. Fiona went on to be engaged to a successful attourney. She was leading her perfect little storybook life that she had always pictured until just the previous night. She was going to grab a bite to eat at a small diner in a small middle-of-nowhere area of town. Fiona had started to walk in, but she seen a sight that enraged her. Her fiancee and Tera were at a table having lunch together. Cut back to now. Fiona bangs hard on Tera’s door. She had found where she lived by following her the night before. After a bit, the door opens. Tera answers wearing only some skimpy white nighties. As soon as the door opened, Fiona started clawing at her. “Bitch, how dare you touch my fiancee!” “It wouldn’t be so easy if you gave him what he needed, bitch! Besides” Tera adds “He’s just my attourney.” This angered Fiona to no degree.

They roll onto the ground and roll around a bit, before Tera gets the advantage and rolls on top. She quickly scoots up to sit on Fiona’s chest and punches her hard across the jaw. Fiona grabs Tera’s clitlips and pinches hard. Tera then screams as Fiona rolls her over and throws a punch herself. Tera laughs. “That’s it, show me what ya got, princess!” They start to choke each other and Fiona says “What the fuck is your major problem? Why me?” “I’ve always hated girls like you. Spoiled rotten princess. You think you can just judge someone like me as a whore, while you use sex as a tool to control your man. Truth is, the reason you hate me so bad, is because somewhere deep down, you want to be me, but you just don’t have the balls.” “Yeah right, I wanna have VDs and a vagina that smells like fish.” Then Tera gets pissed and says “You know what? If I were you, hon, I’d be a little nicer to me right now.” Fiona hesitates and asks “What do you mean?” before getting another punch across the jaw. Before she can react back, Fiona hears Tera say “Wiler”. All of a sudden, Fiona stops as a million things are going through her mind at one time. Tera continues “I know about every juicy detail of that embezzlement scandal and *tsk tsk* it would be such a shame for such a good looking, successful young man to go down like that. And he would go down. I have enough evidence on my little floppy disc to have your boy put away for a very looong time.”

“W-what do you want?” asks Fiona, trying to hide her anger. Now, Fiona had a terrifying thought. She wondered if the old school rumors about Tera liking girls, too were true. Then, she got an answer. “Well, first, let’s get you out of these clothes.” breathes Tera lustily, leaning in an inch from Tera’s face as if she’s going to kiss her, as she squeezes her rear end tightly. Fiona started making other offers, trying to talk and beg her way out of it as hard as she could. As Tera helps Fiona out of her clothing, it is obvious that though Fiona is still angry, she is also very scared, and deep down, though she would never admit to it, turned on. “Here, wear this” Tera straps a dogcollar and leash around Fiona’s neck. “Follow me, princess” says Tera playfully as she pinched Fiona’s left nipple and and sized her up with a wild gleam in her eye. Fiona’s anger was subsiding more and more. They came to a bathroom where Tera started to draw a tub full of soap and water. “Hop in, princess” “Don’t call me princess” Fiona snapped without thinking. Tera laughed. “Oh, I think I’ll call you whatever I want, princess. That is.. unless you want me to make a few calls”. “N-no, I’ll be good.” “Good slut” Tera spits on Fiona’s face and tugs her collar down hard towards the tub, almost yanking her in. Fiona gets in as Tera grabs a sponge and starts to bathe her, all the while groping her bare body lustily.

Then, Tera stops at Fiona’s wet vagina. “Aw, I didn’t picture you as an au naturele girl. That’s alright, though, we can do something about that”. Tera grabs a razor and some shaving cream from a nearby table. “Get out and have a seat here.” Tera says, pointing to an artsy type chair that sits outside the tub. When Fiona sits, Tera starts to lather up and finger her horny vagina. She slowly shaves her mound til it’s smooth as a baby’s bottom. Once fully shaven and latherfree, Tera leans in to taste Fiona. “Mmm, better”. Tera eats her out for a minute before getting up. Tera grabs Fiona forcefully by the collar into the living room. She leads her into the middle and orders her onto her hands and knees. Tera then leaves a few seconds, before returning in a black silk negligee. Tera has a seat on a bench in the back of the room. “Crawl to me..Now!” orders Tera. Fiona does as told, begging again to try and get out of it. Once Fiona gets a bit close, she stops. “Cloooserrr” Tera says. “Cloooserr”. Fiona is right on Tera’s mound when Tera orders “You know what to do, princess.” Tera shoves Fiona’s face right down onto her sticky mound. “Say yes maam, princess” says Tera, just fucking with her as Fiona can barely mutter a word as she’s buried in her hated nemesis’s crotch and now has tears in her eyes. “Ys mm” Fiona mumbles. “Ooh yes, I like that.” Tera lights up a cigarette and exhales.

“Harder, use that tongue like you mean it.” Just then, they hear another knock at the door. It’s Fiona’s fiancee. “Hello? Tera? I have that case info we talked about” Tera holds Fiona’s leash in a firm grip and says “Come on in.” He looks at them and says “What the hell is going on?” as he sees his fiancee in tears. “Tell him to leave now, princess”. Swallowing, Fiona says “I’m alright, honey. Just go…please.” He starts to do something, but Fiona bursts out “Go! Get the fuck out! Please!” “Fine” he says leaving, as Tera takes another drag and exhales, while licking her lips and grinding her hips into Fiona’s face as she pushes it back down. After a few minutes of oral service, Tera puts her cigarette out on Fiona’s back, causing her to scream and almost fight. But Tera just says “Wagner” and Fiona regains her composure. Tera gets up and tells Fiona to crawl over to bend over the bench. “I’ll be right back.” Tera returns and Fiona hears her lusty breathing as she is on her knees behind her and traces up her form from the crotch up. Once at her lips, Tera inserts a rather large cucumber into her mouth, slowly, telling Fiona to “show her talents” as their clits rub together. Fiona goes up and down, real sensuous, and after a minute, Tera decides to get a mean streak again, and pulls back harder down her throat, making her gag and almost hurl. “You’re my bitch, now, princess.”

She pumps her face for another minute, then pullls out and jams it into her snatch and stopping all of a sudden, which confuses Fiona. Then, Fiona feels another being forced up her back door hard and dry, until it’s to the point where it will not slip out easily. She cried out as it happened. Fiona then felt a third one enter her mouth again. Tera then took the other end of the one in Fiona’s crotch and entered it into herself as she pumped hard into Fiona and reached over using her hands to pump the one in her mouth hard. The one in her ass stood in place. Fiona started to really enjoy this as she moaned. Fiona came hard as Tera continued her assault. Then, Tera lets go of the one in her mouth as she arches her back with one last couple of thrusts and cums hard herself. She also simultaneously pulls the one from Fiona’s ass, causing her to cum a bucketload. “Aw yeah, you are a choice piece of ass, princess. I just want you to do a few more things for me and I’ll leave you alone.” “What?” a
sks Fiona, now tired.
“I want you to taste your ass. Here, suck on this for a minute while I watch.” It was obvious from the smell of the vegetable where it had been. Fiona almost gagged as she mouthed it as if it were the real thing. Tera just lightly toyed with herself as she lit another cigarette and told her to take a drag. Fiona was appalled by smoking, but did as told. She coughed hard.

After licking and sucking at Fiona’s bare breasts and body for a bit, and rubbing their bodies together, as Fiona humped against her, Tera came again. “Now, just say one thing for me and I’ll be out of your life” Tera said. Say “I’ll always be your little slut, Tera.” Fiona fidgeted for a moment, then brought herself to say it. “Now, get dressed and get out. I’m bored with you, now.” Tera threw her clothes at her. Over the next few weeks, Fiona would start to explore her sexuality much further then she had ever even dreamed in the past. And to think, she owed it all to her her old high school rival.

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