the night before my best friends wedding

It had been a long day patients in and out. and tommorrow is Dr. Verl’s wedding. and i love her, i have loved her since the day i got the job. her with her nicely shaped large breast and firm legs, we were just closing. shes been my friend for years. but not even she knows my big secret.

she was at her desk, arguing over the phone to the wedding planner, i walked over and hung up the line and sat on her lap face to face, and said the 3 words i though i would never utter to her “i love you.” i couldnt stop, “im gonna fuck you right now.

there was a long pause then she said. “ok”

i started kissing her she helped me take off my scrub top and expose my black lace bra, then i felt it her hand in my pants, i was moaning and couldnt stop, i was in heaven, i then slid off her lap, and pulled her skirt up and her slakings & panties. there it was i could smell her exctasy, i started licking her folds hereing her moa made me happy, i then said lets pack up and go to my place, “i have toys.” …


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