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The flight back was long one. It would take almost all day to travel back to Chicago, which included a two hour layover in San Francisco. We were happy for the long trip; it gave us time to talk about what to do about Angel, who was getting very jealous about our relationship.


The flight was delayed on the runway for almost two hours, the captain said there was debris on the runway and they were working hard to clear it.


Finally the plane started rolling and we were soon up in the air. The captain announced we are traveling at an altitude of about thirty six thousand feet and flying at five hundred and forty four miles per hour, and our estimated flight time would be about four hours and thirty six minutes.


One of the flight attendants started flirting with me, we would exchange glances for a few minutes before she winked at me and nodded her head in the direction of the galley.


I told Ana I had to use the lavatory, as I passed in front of her she smiled, and then she winked at me. Ana knew I was going to get with the flight attendant that was flirting with me, all she said was, “Have fun sweetie.”


I tried hard to hold back my laughter, I followed the flight attendant and she took me back to the galley area. She made sure the galley was empty and motioned me to join her.


When I entered the galley, she closed the large curtain like door and locked it. She turned around and threw her arms around me. She whispered in my ear and said, “My name is Monica, we don’t have much time.


Monica had my shirt and bra off very quickly, and before I knew, not only did she have me naked, but she was as well. She got down on her knees and buried her face in my pussy and used her tongue to rapidly massage my clit as her fingers massaged the inside of my ass.


I leaned backed an enjoyed what Monica was doing to me, my hands held her head in place and pushed her face closer to my pussy, her tongue went deeper into my pussy, I could feel my juices start to trickle down my legs.


I came all over her face, as she licked my cum from my legs, her beautiful brown hair rubbed against my pussy, making me squirt cum into her hair.


She sat on the counter and spread her legs open for me. She had a nicely trimmed landing strip right above her pussy. I worked feverishly on her pussy, as my fingers worked over her ass.


I momentarily stopped and moved up to suck on her nipples when the curtain opened up, I looked back and we saw the plane’s captain standing there.


He walked in and said, “I thought I would take a short walk and give you girls the cockpit’s lunch order, but I see you already prepared it.”


The captain picked up the phone and hit a button and said, “This is Tim, I am going to be a few minutes. I want to talk to one of the children back here for a few minutes and just let the attendant in galley two know if you need me up there. You can handle plane.”


The captain hung up the phone and quickly undress, Monica smiled and forced my head back down to her pussy.


The captain was almost six feet tall, short brown hair, lots of hair on his chest, and nice seven and half inch cock.


As I ate Monica’s pussy and played with her ass, Tim walked up behind me and put all seven and half inches of his cock in my pussy. Tim and I got into rhythm really quick.


He would take his cock out of my pussy and put the entire shaft in my ass. He alternated between my pussy and ass rapidly.


I looked back briefly and said, “Captain, would you like to fuck the shit out of Monica too, she has such a wonderful tasting pussy.”


The Captain would only reply, “Just shut the fuck up bitch, I will let you know what I want to do, I fucked her on the last flight.


I went back to eating Monica, shortly afterward, the Captain pulled out and made me suck his slippery cock. I always enjoyed sucking a cock that had either my wet juices or Ana’s on it.


The flight attendant and the Captain both came at the same time, I took in all the cum from both them. My mouth was puffed up from all that cum in my mouth.


They both looked at me with weird grins as we all got redressed. I grabbed a piece of paper and wrote, “I am fine, I am just saving some your delicious cum for my wife. I want her to taste the goodness in my mouth too.”


They both smiled as I left the galley, I walked slowly back to my seat. I made special attention not to swallow any of the cum in my mouth until Ana had a taste as well.


I sat back down and Ana just looked at me before she said, “Did you have fun? I thought you two would get caught when I saw the Captain walk back there.”


I looked at her and smiled, Ana was waiting for an answer, but I just looked at her. She got frustrated and said, “Come on tell me, I can’t wait any longer. You look like you are sick.”


I leaned over and kissed Ana, when her tongue parted my lips, I pushed the cum from the flight attendant and the Captain into her mouth. She moaned loudly as the cum flowed down her throat.


She pulled away, leaving a small amount, which I promptly swallowed. She looked me in the eyes, smiled and said, “I taste you had a great time.”


The rest of trip was the usual boring flight, when the Captain announced we were on final approach, I could hear his voice had a different tone to it. He seemed more relaxed and happy.


As we left the plane, Monica gave me a small hug and whispered, “Thank you for the good time in the galley, I wished we had longer to enjoy ourselves and maybe your wife too.”


Ana smiled when she saw Monica hug me and whisper in my ear. When Ana passed Monica, she gave her a small hug and whispered, “You and the captain tasted wonderful, thank you for letting Jessica share with me.”


Monica shook her hand and said, “You’re very welcome, I hope you fly with us again and next time I will make sure your needs will be taken care of as well.”


We walked down the jet way holding hands and smiling. We had a couple of hours to kill in the terminal. We found a nice little bar area near the gate and had a few drinks while I told Ana all about my trip to the galley.


After hanging around the bar for a while, we went over to the gate our next flight was assigned too. As we sat there waiting to board the plane, a few of the flight attendants were flirting with Ana.


We both loved it, we both smiled at them, but we could tell they were only interested in Ana. She had let her long hair down and it flowed like a river of gold down to her mid back area.


We were among the very last to board the plane. When we boarded the plane, the flight attendants told us there was a problem. They overbooked the flight and the only two seats left were in first class, they said they would upgrade our tickets to first class for free if we wanted.


We both eagerly agreed and they seated us up front, near the stairwell that went to the lower deck were the cargo bays were.


We sat down and the flight attendants brought us drinks and snacks to eat. They sat down just as the plane started to roll down the runway and lift off.


It wasn’t long before the captain said over the intercom, “We are now cruising at an altitude of approximately thirty seven thousand feet and traveling at about five hundred seventy five miles per hour, we expect to be in Chicago in about three hours. I am turning off the seat belt light and you may freely move about the cabin. Thank you for flying Rainbow Airlines.”


We were drinking our tiny bottles of Jack Daniels when the co-pilot came out of the cockpit and talked to the three attendants who were flirting with Ana. When they finished talking, the co-pilot went back into the cockpit, while 2 of the flight attendants went down the stairwell to the lower deck where the cargo areas were.


After about five minutes, the phone rang and the third flight attendant talked very briefly to someone before hanging up. She then walked over and said to Ana, “I’m sorry Mrs. White, but you need to come with me, we need to discuss something.”


Ana looked at me and excused herself, I started to get up and the flight attendant said, “I’m sorry, we only need to talk to your wife, she will be back shortly.”


The flight attendant led Ana down the stairwell, and I quickly and quietly followed them. I watched from just above the bottom of the stairs.


The three attendants had Ana surrounded, the one that led Ana down there said, “My name is Carol,” she pointed to the one behind Ana and continued, “that is Marilyn,” she pointed to the last one and finished, “and that there is Debbie, we brought you down here so you can pay for those upgrades we gave you and your wife.”


Ana looked at the flight attendants and smiled, Marilyn was the next to speak, “You are not going to give us money; we are going to take it out in trade, now strip.”


As Ana started to undress, Debbie spoke up and pointed to something in the ceiling, “See that, that is a camera, the entire cockpit will be watching us, and so you better put on a good show for them.”


Marilyn and Debbie laid Ana down on her side and tied her to some of the large container boxes. The three flight attendants stripped down naked. When Marilyn removed her panties, her large cock popped free and was already long and hard.


Debbie lay down and forced Ana to eat her pussy, while Carol lay down and started licking and playing with her ass. Marilyn lay down and started fucking her pussy.


They went on taking turns fucking Ana with just about everything they could find in the cargo area. The even opened up bags looking for objects to fuck her with.


Marilyn enjoyed fucking Ana in the ass, Ana resisted. Ana was mostly a lesbian, she did not like cock at all, and she only tolerated it when I wanted to see her fucked.


I was still sitting perched on a step, being extremely quiet and occasionally checking for anyone to come down the steps.


They continued to fuck her hard, Marilyn’s cock must have been at least seven inches and she was forcing it all the way into her ass. Ana groaned and grunted every time her cock was drilled into her ass.


Finally, as Marilyn started pulling out for the last time, she said, “Now bitch, you are going to swallow all mine and Carol’s cum and you also drink all the milk from Debbie’s tits that she gives you.”


Ana shook her head in agreement and said, “Yes I will take it all, but you must let me hold it in my mouth and share it with my wife. She did that on the flight from Honolulu to San Francisco and I want to return the favor.


The three flight attendants looked at each other and they all agreed. Ana ate Carol’s pussy and lapped up every drop from her pussy when she came.


As Carol got dressed, Marilyn stepped up and shot her entire huge load into her mouth. Ana closed her mouth and I could she was mixing it up good, swooshing it around her mouth like a human cement mixer.


As Marilyn got dressed, and Carol untied Ana, Debbie who was half dressed put her tits up to Ana’s mouth and pressed her tits. Two small streams of milk shot out of her nipples and into Ana’s mouth.


I hurried up back up the steps and into my seat and acted like nothing happened. The three flight attendants escorted Ana up the steps and into the cabin.


As Ana started to walk back to her seat, she started to look funny. All of a sudden Ana sneezed, all of the cum from Marilyn and Carol, along with the breast milk from Debbie went everywhere.


The strange mixture dripped from the sides and ceiling of the cabin. It covered the floor, the seats, including the faces, clothing and hair of all the of the passengers in the first three rows.


I was hysterically laughing and wiping the strange mixture with my fingers and swallowing it, it tasted so good.


The three flight attendants were also laughing, they apologized to the passengers as the other flight attendants from the business and coach classes came forward to help clean everybody off.


I refused to be cleaned; Ana came over to me and started licking it off my clothes and face. She took a few breaks from cleaning me and apologized to the other passengers.


Finally the captain came out of the cockpit and wanted to know what happened, he started laughing hard and went back into the cockpit and we all heard the co-pilot and engineer laugh hard as well.


The flight attendants finally finished cleaning everybody up and us all settled down just as the captain announced, “We would like to let everybody know we are on final approach to Chicago’s O’Hare Airport, the time there is five twenty seven and brisk fifty five degrees. We hope you enjoyed your flight and I would like to once again apologize to the passengers in first class who inconveniced by the passenger who got ill suddenly. We hope that you will fly Rainbow Airline again in the future.


After the plane landed, we could not get off the plane fast enough. Angel was waiting for us and we grabbed her and took off to the baggage claim area.


Angel was freaking out as why were in such a hurry. We told her we would explain in the car, but she kept asking.


We waited in the baggage claim area impatiently as the other passengers from the flight came in to claim their baggage. As soon as our baggage came down the carousal we grabbed it and took off to the car.


On the way home, Ana told Angel the story of what happened on both flights as I drove. Angel broke down laughing hard all the way home.


When Ana and I got home, Angel attack me, she jumped up on top off me. She put her legs around my waist, with my arms holding her; she kissed me rapidly and feverishly.


After about five minutes of her forcing me to kiss her, she got down and passionately kissed Ana.  Ana just looked at me when Angel finally walked into the kitchen to make us dinner, Ana and I looked at each other and we both knew something had to be done with her fast, hopefully tomorrow.


Ana and I sat down on the couch and relaxed while Angel made dinner. Angel walked out of the kitchen with a dish of lasagna; she set it on the table and vanished back into the kitchen.


Before long, she had the table completely set. Ana and I went to the table and it was beautiful, at the settings for Angel and I, Angel made sure to make Ana feel she was not welcome at the table.


We all sat down and ate dinner, Ana was furious; she knew Angel was sending her a message by the way she set her place at the dinner table. Angel gave me and her really nice china plates, the nice silverware, wine glasses, all Ana got was a paper plate, plastic fork, and a paper cup.


Ana was very nice about it all, even though I knew she was pissed, she sat down and ate dinner like she didn’t notice a thing.


After dinner, the three of us cleared the table and started cleaning the kitchen. I was washing the dishes when Angel walked up behind me.


Angel put her arms around me and unbuttoned my shirt. I was not wearing any bra and both of my perky pregnant breasts popped out. I was really starting to show and it seemed to turn Angel on.


After she massaged my swollen breasts, she gently massaged my now swollen belly, having a pair of soft hand on my body always excited me, but I wished he hands were Ana’s, my lover, my wife, and my sister.


Angel unfastened my pants and pulled them and my panties completely down. I lifted one leg and she removed my shoe and my pant leg and panty, she did the same when I raised the other leg.


I was now standing there washing the dishes naked; Angel quickly removed her clothes and played with my pussy and ass while I worked.


Angel was really distracting me, it was very difficult to wash the dishes with her finger and tongue playing with my pussy and ass.


Angel walked over to the counter and opened a drawer. Ana and I thought she was going for a knife, so Ana slowly started moving toward the door. I continued to wash the dishes and pretended not to notice what she was doing.


I saw Ana seemed relieved, so I turned and saw Angel standing behind with the biggest fucking strap-on I ever saw. The dildo had to be at least ten inches long and was green. Angel leaned closer and said, “They call this one, The Incredible Hulk.”


Angel pushed my head forward and down when she rammed all ten inches into my pussy. I squealed like stuck pig, all Ana did was take off her pants and start masturbating while she watched me get fucked by this huge plastic cock.


Angel fucked my pussy well, I got wet quickly and the pain subsided and I got into a nice rhythm with Angel’s thrusts.


Ana kept playing with herself harder the more she watched us. When the strap-on was good and lubricated, she pulled out of my pussy and rammed in my ass. I took all ten inches, I felt like it was splitting my ass into two, but I loved it.


Ana got tired of playing with herself, even though she didn’t need to, she asked Angel if it was alright for her to lick my pussy.


Angel was upset with Ana for disturbing her rhythm, she looked down at Ana and said, “I don’t give a fuck what you do bitch, her ass is mine right now.”


Ana quickly went to work on my pussy; it felt good to feel her tongue on my extremely wet pussy lips.


Ana quickly devoured my juices; her hands moved up and went into Angel’s pussy and ass. Angel looked down at Ana again, “That’s right bitch, fuck my pussy and ass with your fingers, put them all the way in.”


I came harder and more than I have ever done, Ana licked up every last drop of it. I looked down at her, and she was looking up at me smiling, her face and the front part of her hair all covered with my cum.


Ana stood up and I licked my cum from her face and hair. Angel pulled the strap-on out of my ass and ran her hands over my back; I only wished it was Ana’s hands that were caressing my back.


The three of us went up stairs and washed up in the shower. We all jumped on bed, the three of us lying there holding each other.


Since I was thirsty, Angel volunteered to get me something to drink. She came back a moment later with a glass of water, I drank it down quickly. It tasted a big strange to me, but I just thought it was the aftertaste of my cum left in my mouth, so I ignored it. Moments after drinking the water, I quickly fell asleep.


I woke up the next morning and rolled over to give Ana a kiss good morning, but she wasn’t there. I woke up Ana, and we searched the entire house, not a trace of Ana could be found.


It was weird, her purse, car keys, her car; everything was still here, but no Ana. I started to go crazy; I couldn’t believe she could just disappear.


That night, I called Daisy, the police woman who forced fuck me at the station, she told me I could not file a missing person’s report until she was missing thirty six hours, but would do the preliminary work in case Ana didn’t return. All I could do was sit there and wonder what the hell happened to Ana.



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