What happens in Vegas…

I’m Jen, my boyfriend Craig & I decided to go away to Vegas on vacation. About 3 nights into the trip, we’re having a great time, but I really wanted to do something wild, sex & fun for Craig. Craig has always been somewhat “stuffy”. He can only cum in the missionary position, never jerks off, and never will have sex anywhere outside of the bedroom. I adore him – so I basically go along with it, w/ no complaints. I just fantasize about other things while we’re in bed together. One night, I decided to fulfill my own fantasies, while using him as my scapegoat.
He didn’t feel like going out that night, said he was too tired. So – I went out, in search for someone to share our bed with us. I was at a bar, and a gorgeous brunette named Lisa was staring at me. We started talking at the bar, and I told her about my situation, what I wanted to do with her, and what I wanted to do with my boyfriend. She was totally game. I was so excited, I could already feel my wetness. I brought her upstairs with me, and asked her to wait outside. I went into the room, and stripped Craig down to just his underwear, tied one of my hair scarfs around his eyes, and asked him to lay there. He was freaked out, and adamant that he didn’t want to get into this kinky stuff. But I told him if he loved me, he would do it. So I went back to the door of our hotel room, and let Lisa in. Craig was still blindfolded, laying in the middle of the bed in nothing but his black boxer briefs. I put my finger up to my lip, and told Lisa to shhh.. she smiled coyly, and started to strip down to her bra and underwear. Her body was gorgeous – enviable – and I started to think if I made a mistake bringing such a gorgeous woman into our bed… but, the games were about to begin and I knew there was no turning back. I laid next to Craig in the bed, and started to lick his neck, and kiss his lips. After a few seconds of that, Lisa crept into the bed, and started kissing the other side of his neck. At that point he said “Jen, what the hell is going on here?” Lisa and I both told him to shhhh as we continued to lick his neck, and rub his chest and work our hands everywhere but his cock – which still wasn’t hard yet. He still seemed too nervous about what was happening. I took the scarf off around his head, and took his hands behind his head, and gently tied them there. Lisa and I leaned over his body towards each other, and started kissing. She unhooked my bra, and threw it on the floor, and starting going to work on my nipples with her tongue. It felt so good. I wished Craig wasn’t there, so her and I could just let loose on each other. I looked over, and saw Craig was finally starting to get hard. Lisa and I both started to take off his underwear. Once he was naked, we each got naked. I started to kiss craig again, and Lisa and I were using our index fingers to trace lines all over his body. I knew he wanted us to go to work on his cock – his hips were slightly moving. His hands were still tied, and he begged me to untie him. He was dying to touch us. I untied his hands, and he immediately started caressing both of us. I gave Lisa a wink, and we started to work our way down to his throbbing cock. We each started to lick it – picking up the pace, practically fighting over it. I told her to suck him off, and spread his legs, and started sucking on his balls. He had his hand held tight on Lisa’s head, pressing it as far down his cock as he could. His hips were bucking, and I knew he was close to cuming. I could wait for it. I knew then it would be my turn. Finally, he came in Lisa’s mouth. She kissed me, and I got a mouth full too. We worked our way back up to him, and finally, she said what I’ve been longing to hear since I met her “Craig, now It’s Jen’s turn”. With that leaned over and started sucking on my nipples. This time, the pace was picking up, things were starting to get a little rougher, and I loved it. She turned to craig and said “please, can I lick her pussy?” he said oh god yes… I laid on the bed, with my legs open. I couldn’t wait for it. Then she said – no, turn this way… she positioned me so that my ass was on craigs stomach, so he could really have a great view. She started to tease my pussy lips, my thighs, and I was begging her for it. The Craig said – don’t eat her out until I tell you that you can… I was so surprised to hear him talk to a woman like this. But, I loved it. After what seemed like an eternity, craig finally told her to eat me. She took her hands, and spread my lips wide, and started to flick my lick. It was incredible. I felt like I was going to explode. My hips were now bucking, I was rubbing my nipples, and craig was watching with a look of sheer ectasy on his face. I was so close to cuming, when craig told her to lick my pussy faster – it sent me over the edge. I came so hard, my hips bucking, I was moaning her name, it was incredible. I couldn’t wait to return the favor. When I was done cumming, Lisa said, “my turn”. And craig and I went to work on her. He was sucking on her nipples, and I went to work on her clit. I teased it as much as she teased me. Finally, I started moving my tongue as fast as I could, and it wasn’t long before Lisa was cumming. Having her cum on my face like that, made me even hornier. I knew Craig too, was ready to cum again. But, Lisa wasn’t done with me. She told Craig to sit back and watch. She came over to me, and started kissing me, roughly, we were rubbing each others tits, clits, thighs, pulling each others hair and screaming. She pushed me to my back, got on top of me, and started to rub her pussy on mine. We both came at least 2 times. Then she told Craig it was his turn. I knew he was ready to fuck, and I wanted him to fuck her. She wanted it in the ass – craig’s never had that before, and I couldn’t wait to watch. But, Lisa had more in store for me… she said – we’re going to play a little game. She had me lean against the headboard – she got in doggy style position, with her head right by my pussy. She said – the better your boyfriend fucks me, the better I’ll eat you out. I held my lips open, and, Craig got behind her, and slowly entered her – which warranted me a long slow lick right across my clit. He kept slowing going in and out, our eyes locked as we were both using Lisa for our own pleasure. Finally, he started to pick up the pace, and so did she… it felt like such a teast, I just wanted to have her eat me fast, and make me cum. So I told him to fuck her harder. After 5 minutes of this, Craig was cuming in her ass, and my hips were bucking wildly. Once him and I were both done – Lisa left, and we laid together on the bed, worn out, and feeling incredible. He kissed me on the head, and said thanks. We never spoke about it again – but, I knew after that night, each time we fucked, what we were thinking about.

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  1. secret lust

    very nice! i hope thats a true story ;-)

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