Young and Trained 6

It had been almost a week since Katie had been removed from their midst and Allie and Heather were now convinced that they were never going to see their friend again.

“Where do you think she went,” Heather asked even as she took time out from licking the pussy of the girl perched atop her body.

Reluctantly, Allie pulled her mouth from between the redhead’s legs. “I dunno,” she said. “It’s all a matter of who the client is, but they don’t tell us anything. They just make us eat each other’s pussies.”

“Hey! Speak for yourself,” the redhead retorted even as she gave the brunette’s clit another swipe with her tongue. “No one’s making me do this. I’m doing it for fun.”

Allie groaned as the redhead worked her pussy over yet again. Not for the first time, the youngster marveled at just how good that girl was with her tongue.

“Number Thirteen will fuck Number Eight,” the speaker in the wall announced. “Number Thirteen will fuck Number Eight.”

Heather groaned as she gave the pussy above her another couple of playful swipes before letting the brunette climb up off her body. “I was about to make her cum,” she announced in frustration to no one in particular. She wasn’t sure if they were being watched or if anyone was listening to them, but just in case they were, she wanted to make sure they knew what she thought about the new order.

Already though, Allie was settling down and was spreading her legs for her compatriot. Just looking between the youngster’s legs and seeing her dripping pussy was enough to get the redhead moving. “Oh, all right,” she said just in case anyone was listening, “I’ll fuck the little cunt.”

Not for the first time, as the little redhead sezied the strap-on didlo, she wondered why it was that the brunette got to be fucked and she didn’t. She buckled the toy around her waist and then she closed the clasps around her legs. The toy was now firmly locked in place. It just wasn’t fair. She wanted to get fucked, too.

“Number Thirteen will fuck Number Eight,” the speaker said.

Yeah, yeah, the redhead thought. She had once tried to use the dildo on herself but even before she could get it between her legs, the door to the cell had been opened and she had been dragged from the room. A man had slapped ber bottom again and again and again. “Never do that again,” she was told. “You will do what you are told and nothing else. Do you understand?”

The girl sobbed as she nodded her acquiescence but that didn’t stop the spankings from coming. Her ass just kept getting pinker and pinker and then redder and redder as that hand abused her bottom. She would do whatever these people wanted if only they would stop spanking her.

Finally, the man began to ease up on her bottom but by that time, the girl was sobbing uncontrollably. She felt the man move around her and then he was holding his cock. “Here you go,” he told her, “you can suck on this.”

Anything, the little redhead thought, anything. She would do anything for this man if only he wouldn’t hit her bottom again.

She was still crying as she opened her mouth but she knew better than to let that affect the blow job she was about to give. The best way to get her bottom hit again would be to let her teeth come into contact with that cock.

The girl moaned as she took that cock inside her. It wasn’t the first time she had sucked on that cock and the little redhead was sure it wouldn’t be the last either. She felt the man bury himself deep inside her and instinctively, she relaxed her throat muscles so she could allow even more of that cock inside her.

The man pulled his cock back only to bury his rod inside her yet again. Again he pulled back and again, he pushed forward. Her bottom was still smarting, but the redhead kept sucking away on that cock. She needed to make this man cum.

The girl moaned again as that cock moved in and out of her mouth. It just kept coming and coming after her mouth. The man was going to cum. She knew it. He was going to cum. He was going to cum so hard.

The man pulled his cock out of the girl’s mouth and his hand strangled his meat. “Remember,” he told her, “always do what you’re told, and don’t do what you’re not told to do. Do you understand?”

The girl nodded helplessly. She wanted the man to make the man cum so he wouldn’t hurt her again.

“You’re only going to do what we tell you to, right?”

Again the girl nodded.

“Are you going to do what you’re not told to do?”

The girl shook her head.

“Good girl,” the man told her. “Well then, I guess you’ve earned this.” The man grunted and then moments later, the readhead felt something warm and wet splashing against her face.

“Open your mouth,” she was instructed and instantly, she did as she was told, and the next burst of cum caught her square between the cheeks. In spite of the pain in her ass, she couldn’t help purring. She’d been conditioned to love the taste of cum.

The man just kept cumming and cumming and the little redhead took it all.

Coming back to the present, the little redhead couldn’t help wrapping her hands around her synthetic cock. All she really wanted was to get fucked by a cock just once. Was that too much to ask? Apparently, it was, but the brunette, she got to get fucked all the time.

Still, Heather couldn’t hold it against the little brunette lying in front of her. It wasn’t her fault that the little redhead wasn’t allowed to be fucked and besides, even though she wasn’t allowed to get fucked, she sure as hell was going to enjoy pushing her cock in that hot, little cunt.

Heather eased her way between the other girl’s legs and she pressed her cock between the other girl’s legs. She loved the way the girl moaned just from the touch of her cock against the girl’s slit. She wanted it, the redhead knew. The little dark-haired bitch wanted her cock.

The little dark-haired girl groaned as her cunt took that cock. The redhead pushed her cock a little deeper inside that cunt, and the little dark-haired girl groaned again. Yeah, the redhead thought, that little girl sure as hell loved her cock.

And then the redhead couldn’t help herself. She just kept shoving her cock deeper and deeper inside that cunt. It was so good.

The girl kept moaning and moaning as her cunt took that cock. “Fuck me,” she moaned as her body twitched under that cock. “Fuck me. Fuck me. Oh jeez, come on. Fuck me.”

The redhead just kept pushing that cock inside her harder and harder. She loved to make that girl moan and she wanted to make her cum.

The little brunette just kept moaning as her cunt took that cock. She was going to cum. She was going to cum. She was going to cum so fucking hard.

The brunette gasped and then she gasped again as the redhead’s synthetic cock pushed her overworked cunt over the edge. She was cumming. Her hands opened and closed spasmodically. She was cumming so fucking hard.

The little twelve-year old was still quivering with excitement with the redhead’s big, hard cock shoved deep inside her cunt when the door to their cell suddenly opened. The two girls looked at the door even as a young blond-haired girl was being thrust into the room.

The blond tumbled to the floor but then she looked up at the two girls, the redhead with the dick and the brunette with the cock between her legs and she was suddenly scrambling to her feet. She whirled and raced towards the door, but already, it was too late. The door had clanged shut behind her.

She pounded on the door with her fists. “Let me out,” she cried. “Let me out.”

There were no answers to her pleas.

Allie and Heather looked at one another. Always in the past when a new girl had been introduced into the room, the room had been dark and the girl had been unconscious. This was definitely something new.

ther pulled her cock from between Allie’s legs as the two girls stared at the newcomer. “Come on,” she said, “let’s see if we can help.”

Allie nodded and the t
wo girls moved towards the newcomer.

The girl whirled, almost as if she suddenly remembered that there were two other girls in the room. She was a young, terrified blond with perky, little tits. As was expected of the girls in the cell, the only clothes she wore were a pair of panties so Allie and Heather had a good look at the freckles that graced the girl’s face and chest. Her blue eyes flashed as she looked from girl to girl and back again. Her eyes fixed on the cock between Heather’s legs. “Y-y-you stay away from me,” the girl stammered. “Stay away from me or I’ll scream.”

“You can scream all you want,” the redhead said. “You can scream if it makes you feel better, but believe us, we’re not going to hurt you.”

“I don’t belive you,” the blond said belligerently. “What’s that,” she asked as she pointed at the cock that Heather still wore.

“It’s a dildo,” the redhead said.

“You better not try and use that on me,” the girl spluttered. “If you do, I’ll scream.”

“I won’t use it on you unless I’m told to,” the redhead assured her.

“W-w-what,” the blond spluttered. “W-w-who would tell you to do that?”

The redhead sighed. The truth had been hard for her to accept and she knew it would be hard for this girl to accept, too. “We’re slaves here,” she told the girl. “We exist for only one purpose, to be trained and sold to the highest bidder.”

The blond stared at the redhead as if she couldn’t believe what she had just heard but when she looked at the brunette, Allie just nodded her affirmation.

“B-b-but they can’t do this to us.”

“Look around you,” Heather said. “They are doing it to us. I just fucked Allie here because they told me to. By the way, my name’s Heather and this is Allie.”

“I’m Masha,” the girl said.

“Actually, they just call me Number Thirteen, and Allie here is Number Eight. Since you’re here, I guess that makes you Number Fourteen.”

“They call us by numbers,” the girl asked incredulously.

Both girls nodded. As if to add impact to their statement, the speaker in the wall crackled to life. Number Thirteen and Number Eight will strap Number Fourteen down with her panties off and her legs open. Number Thirteen and Number Eight will strap Number Fourteen down.”

It took the new girl to realize what it was that was being said but when she figured it out, she started to back away even as the two girls advanced on her. “Stay away from me,” she begged as her back pressed up against the cell door. “Stay away from me.”

“We can’t,” Heather told the girl. “If we do, we’ll be punished and you don’t want to be punished.” Hands were grabbing at the blond and even though the newcomer struggled, it was two against one and soon, the two girls were pulling the helpless newcomer to a bench and they were strapping her down.

The blond screamed. “Let me go,” she cried. “Let me go.”

“Number Thirteen will slap Number Fourteen,” the speaker ordered.

Masha suddenly stopped screaming as she felt Heather’s hand connect with her face.

“Do it again,” the speaker ordered, and again, Heather’s hand slapped the young, blond girl.

The blond was crying. “What did you do that for,” she blubbered.

“I had to,” the redhead apologized. “It’s what I was told to do.”

Before the blond could say anything new, the speaker forestalled any further discussion. “Number Thirteen will eat Number Fourteen’s pussy,” the speaker ordered.

Masha looked up at the redhead even as the redhead slid between her legs. Already, she was starting to get a hang of how things worked and then she felt the redhead’s fingers softly stroke the lips of her pussy. She gasped at the feel of those fingers and then she held her breath as she waited for whatever would happen next.

She didn’t have long to wait. She could feel the redhead’s hands pushing her thighs even further apart and then she felt the redhead’s face sliding between her thighs. She moaned as she felt the redhead’s tongue insinuate its way into her hungry, little pussy, and then she moaned again as that tongue pushed its way even deeper between her lips.

She felt the girl slide her tongue along her tiny, little slit and then she moaned all over again as that tongue found her tiny, little clit. That tongue just kept working her clit and the girl moaned again. “More,” she pleaded. “Oh jeez, please, more. Give me more.”

The girl moaned again, this time in frustration as that tongue withdrew from her clit, but then she felt the redhead kissing her cunt, and she felt the tongue explore her again, and the little, blond girl just started moaning all over again.

Allie felt left out as she watched the redhead lick the other girl’s pussy. There was no doubt that the redhead was one hell of a pussy licker. Of that, Allie was certain. She’d had the girl’s tongue between her legs often enough to satisfy her on that account, but she halfway expected that she would be invited to join in the fun, and when she wasn’t, it left her feeling as if she weren’t needed.

The blond was moaning almost continuously as the redhead’s tongue continued to do its damage on her cunt. Tied down as it was, her body still tried to twitch every time the redhead’s tongue attacked her little slit. She was breathing hard and heavy when she wasn’t moaning loudly.

“Oh jeez,” the blond cried. “Oh jeez. It feels so good. It feels so … so … oh jeez, what’s happening to me … it feels so … so … so good.”

The blond was cumming. That much was certain. The blond was having her very first orgasm and she was liking it. She was liking it a lot.

The door to the cell opened and a man stood in the doorway. “Number Eight, put your panties on and come with me,” he said and Allie meekly followed him out the door.

Allie soon found herself being ushered into a room where an Asian man and woman were standing. The man was dressed in a business suit. The woman didn’t say anything. “This is the one,” the man asked.

“She is,” replied the other man in the room.

“She doesn’t look all that old,” the man observed. “Are you sure she can take instructions?”

“What is happening,” the girl whispered.

“You’re being sold,” the man who had brought her in told her. “Now hush up.”

“But you can’t do this to me,” Allie cried. “I’ve been helping you. I’ve been helping you seduce these other girls. You promised that if I did that, you’d let me go.”

The man just smiled. “Yes, we appreciate all the help you’ve given us, but you’re not that special. We can always get someone else to do what you’re doing now, and as it turns out, what we really need is a well fucked little, girl who knows how to follow instructions.”

“But … but … but–“

“Face it. You’re just a little fuck slut and that’s all you’ll ever be. We have a buyer who is going to pay us good money for your hot, little body, but first, he wants to see how well you obey instructions.”


“Shut up,” the other man ordered her. Allie was about to say something but just looking at the man’s face, she knew that probably wasn’t a good idea.

“I have to apologize for the girl’s outburst, Mr. Yamamoto, but I assure you she knows how to obey instructions. You can count on that.”

“And she’s been fucked before,” the man said. “We don’t want one of those cringing, little virgins who gets scared at the first sight of a cock.”

The man smiled. “You were quite clear about what you wanted,” he told the man, “and I think you’ll like what we have for you.”

“We’ll see about that,” the man said as he opened his slacks and pulled out his cock. “Come here, girl,” he ordered as his wife looked on.

Not obeying the order was not an option for the young brunette. She stepped close to the man.

“Turn around, girl, and bend over,” the man orde
red and again, Allie did as she was told. For the young woman, there was nothing else that she could do.

“Pull your panties to one side,” the man told her, and again the girl complied. The man
stroked his cock as he watched the girl do as she was told. “I’m going to fuck you,” he said in what had to be an obvious understatement.

The girl could feel the man coming up behind her and she could feel his cock pressing up against her hole. She moaned as she continued to stay where she was, keeping her panties pulled to one side even as the head of that cock penetrated her hole.

The man’s hands held her by the hips even as he shoved his cock deep inside her cunt. The girl groaned as she felt the man push inside her and then she felt the man pull his cock back only to bury it inside her yet again. The man pushed his cock in her again and again and again and the girl moaned as she took each and every thrust of that cock.

The man was going to cum. He knew it. His wife knew it. Everyone in the room knew it, and even Allie knew it. The man was going to cum in her cunt and there was nothing she could do to stop it. All she could do was take it.

The man grunted even as he buried his cock in her cunt. He grunted again and the little brunette felt his cock surge, felt his cock fill her cunt with his cum. The man growled as more of his cum flowed. “She’ll do,” the man announced.

In that instant, Allie knew she had been sold and yet she continued to stay where she was as that cock surged and as it filled her cunt to overflowing.

The man still had a little something left. As Allie stayed where she was, bent over and holding her panties to one side, she felt the man’s cock surge one last time. “Just a little something for the road,” the man grunted even as he came in the young girl’s pussy.

He was right, Allie knew. Despite how they had tricked her, they had also trained her well. She would do whatever they told her to do. Already, as the man continued to pour more of his cum in her hot, little cunt, Allie could feel it happening. She wondered what her new owner was like. She wondered what he would make her do. She didn’t know what he wanted from her, but what she did know was that she would do whatever it took to make him happy.

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