bathtub erotica

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The evening was young when my husband arived home from work. He was tired from the day and looked forward to a relaxing evening at home. I on the other hand was looking forward to his arival, as my clit was alive and my cunt wet with my juices, remembering the night before. I held him tight against my body when he came to the kitchen, I rubbed my lucious, firm chest against his, feeling my nipples engage with his.
He quickly changed his clothing and relaxed in front of the television. My cunt driping with juices and my clit desiring a tounge thrust, I took a warm bath to relax, and cool down. I lit the candle and dimmed the lights, closing my eyes and taking myself to another world. My hands relaxed, the jets with there calming bubbles propeling around my skin, aroused me again. What else could I do but careess my breast, one palm to skin and finger tips rolling my niples, then a gentle squeeze, progressing to a firm twist. My imagination began to flow, as I dreamed my own touch belonged to another. I felt my cunt contract firmly, and I dreamed of a large cock entering slowing but forcefully. I enterend my cunt with my own fingers, feeling the nicely trimmed edges of my box, the curly hair formation outlining the entry so clearly. I tearned the jets up higher, more air flow, more pressure, I removed my fingers and placed my cunt to the opening, cleansing and jeting my hot throbing clit. I peered down at the open lips, so pure and soft, the skin glisening in the dim light and bubbles forming on the hair. I slowly parted my lips and carefully placed the razor on the mound surrounding the flesh opening. I placed my finger in the opening and with the other fingers gently seperated the lips to allow for a clean and soft pass to remove the curly dark outline of the opening to my pleasure box. With each and every stroke, my bare skin began to show the magic hidden beneath. The lips used to hug the objects that enter. The skin so soft that the fantasy of tongues carressing my spot, and ever so slowly, one lick after another passing the clitoris that so hidden but so sensitive, allow me to cum, feeling energy pass between my legs, again feeling the contractions, dreaming that a hard dick was there, to feel every moment of my joy. After the cum has slowly dripped down my leg, I place a small amount on my finger, close my eyes, and taste, yes this is a dream, but oh so real. I once again place my smoothly shaven pussy against the jet, and allow the force of the flow to cleanse me. How my husband would be so jelous of what he missed. Maybe another day. Maybe he will reach into my panties and feel the soft skin, and wonder what I have been up to.

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