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part 2 the elevator swing fun

As we left the club and headed to the elevator Misty. And Brenda walked in front of Steve and I as they walked in their high heels we couldn’t help but watch their asses swing back and forth in them tight short mini skirts both of them had really nice asses.

By the time we got to the elevator there was a few more couples standing there waiting also. When the elevator doors opened and we all piled in the four of us was able to get into the back of the elevator. With Brenda in front of me and Misty in front of Steve. Both ladies started grinding on us we could see what each was doing as they did turn some heads in the elevator. I noticed that the man standing in front of Brenda backed up so that he could feel her on his ass as she reached up and took his hips and made a sandwich out of herself as her ass grinded into my cock which was getting hard again I could feel her hands moving as the man leaned back into us I could gather that she was feeling on his cock but couldn’t really make it out. When the doors opened on a floor just a couple floors down from us the man in front of Brenda was getting out. Which left the elevator to one other couple and ourselves whom was doing their own thing in the front of the elevator. We could see that the other guy had the gals right leg up and her dress was hanging off her and that he was pounding her as Misty and Brenda walked over and quickly joined in Misty started kissing the other gal on the lips for me that was the first time I have seen her do that. Brenda reached down between the man and women and started massaging the ladies tits. The man stepped back so that the 3 ladies could have fun I noticed that the younger man was well more endowed then Steve or I was he had to be a good 9 inches and thick to. I don’t go around looking at others cocks but couldn’t help it on him the man didn’t look much over 30 or so. The lady that he was with was around the same age as he was and damn she was built to at least a good 38d and shaved pussy to and couldn’t have been over 120 lbs. As Misty was kissing the ladies lips she reached down and started to massage the gals tits taking the big tits in her hand and rolling the nipples between her fingers as Brenda was sucking on the other tit and had her hand down on the ladies clit rubbing it as the gal reached between Misty and Brenda’s legs and raising there skirts up and rubbing there pussy’s at the same time. As I glanced at Steve and the other man Steve had his cock in his hand stroking it off with long strokes as so did the other man as we all three enjoyed the scene that had unfolded in front of us. As the elevator reached our floor and the doors opened all of us exited at the same time. We finally got to introduce or self’s and found out the other couples name his was Mike and hers was Pam. We asked if they would like to join us in our room and with out even thinking Pam said yes Mike looked at her and said if she says so. The women all headed down the hall in front of us men and were in the room before we could get there. As we entered the room wow what was going on when we got there.

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