Benny 2

Across the Boulevard…a young woman is frantically pounding her twat. She steals glimpses of Benny…she imagines that it is her pussy that he is fucking…she mimics his actions. She finally feels shes about to cum…she gasps as it hits her. Her orgasm quells her appetite for now.

Stella. She is almost a carbon copy of Benny…minus the prize winning cock. She is 5 feet tall and less than 100 pounds. Her sky blue eyes and full pouty lips are accented by golden brown hair that falls just below the cheeks of her ass. But if you saw her it would be her tits that stand out the most. They are 36 Ds and they are the perfect slightly upturned pink nippled firm don’t even need a bra kind of tits. All natural. Thing is on her small frame they look…well…big. But she ain’t complaining. Add tiny waist and a bubble butt. That’s Stella.

The problem is…she never leaves her walk up. Least ways she hasn’t for quite some time. She is Agoraphobic. So she’s not really shy she just wont go outside. She’s also a voyeur and is shamelessly addicted to sex. When you stop and think about that for a minute…seems like rough going. A sex fiend that never goes anywhere? Hmm!

She has been watching and fantasizing about Benny for quite some time. In fact she focuses on just him now.
She has an excellent view of his entire apartment since the walls are all glass. He didnt bother putting up anything. She figures that he doesn’t think anyone can see him 10 flights up. They probably can’t unless they happen to have a spotting scope.

She sits watching him stroking his prize with that “thing”. She looks for certain identifiers in his expression and body language signaling he is close to getting off. She knows what he likes…how he likes it. She also knows that she would rock his world…and her own. She won’t ever get the chance
…though…unless she does something to make it happen.

Benny found a note from the manager. There’s a package for him. He wondered what it could be. The manager said she picked it up because it was laying on the floor in front of his door and surely some hooligan would have snatched it. He thanked her and went home. He set the package down…planning to open it after a shower.

Stella was watching…pacing back and forth…thinking
“For fuck sakes…open the damn thing.” It seemed like forever but he finally is opening it.

“What the fuck?” He notices a note:
Tonight 8pm Across the Boulevard Look for the flashing blue light…If you are interested!
He set down the note and picked up the scope. He went to the window and started looking all around. “Hmm…” he thought…”why the hell not!”

Stella was beside herself…now to make ready her presentation. There was no question in her mind…he would look for the blue light.

Benny kept busy but his mind was on this mystery. He didn’t know anyone over there. What could it be? Some smart ass? Nah. Kind of expensive prank to pull. Well there’s only one way to find out.

7:45 Stella is in high gear. She is both exhilarated and apprehensive.

7:55 Benny is also wound up. He doesn’t know what to expect. But his curiosity is getting the better of him.

At 8:00 Benny looks through the scope…scanning for the blue light. He catches a glimpse of pale blue just within his field of vision. He adjusts the focus. As the light becomes slowly brighter he can see an outline forming.

Stella is sitting in a window. Up and pushing on the window frame her crystal clear stiletto is helping her keep her balance…light plays through it. She has on a pale blue bodystocking. Her hair is pulled back somewhat…with wisps lose just enough to add to her desired effect. The light behind her serves as a frame. It showcases the contour of her body…

Benny see the form of a very sexy woman take shape right before his eyes. He drinks in every detail…
“Who are you? Why are you doing this?” he says out loud to himself.
And as if on cue the light dims and goes off. Benny calls out
” No! Wait!…Please.”
He sees pinpoints of light appear and he strains his eyes hoping to catch another glimpse of the woman. But she is not in the light.

A mini marquee warms up then begins to slowly send its message :…I am STELLA…STELLA…STELLA…

Benny whispers out loud…

…1110C…1110C…1110C…I WANT YOU…NOW!…The lights fade and die out.

Benny stared into the darkness. He dropped the scope and ran out the door. He headed across the Boulevard…He buzzed 1110C.

Stella opened the door for him. He gasped at her beauty. She deliberately let her eyes trail down his body to where his bulge betrayed his desire. She quickly looked back up at him. His face reddened and he started to lower his head. She caught his chin and lifted his face to hers…

“I want you too. But first I must tell you. If you are willing to come across this threshold…then you willing become mine and must submit to my every whim…
my every desire…”

Benny can not take his eyes off of her. Her blue eyes are electrifying…mesmerizing. He slowly reaches out and touches her cheek and quickly retracts his hand…as is he had come to close to the fire. He looks at her lips…her neck
and gasps as his eyes see her perfect tits jutting out
well within his reach. His eyes drop down to her pussy. His cock wells up and he is on the edge of orgasm. Without saying a word he steps inside and closes the door behind him.

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