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As she was walking towards her car she noticed a guy standing around.
“Excuse me…but can I help you with something?”
“Nah! Don’t think so. I was just checking out the car.”
“Oh…right” She opened the trunk and set down her bag. When she closed it he was looking at her kinda funny like.
“Wow your boyfriend must trust you or something.”
She rolled her eyes…”Yeah?…
and whys that?”
‘Well…to let you drive that. À 1966 Chevelle SS 396 rag top. Sweet!
” A 454 non-orignal actually.And you are?”
“Oh right…sorry…names Booker”
She got in and fired up the car.
“My names Elle…short for Chevelle.” She backed out.
“FYI…I don’t have a boy-
As she drove off Booker noticed the license plate…

When Elle got to the shop there was a message waiting for her:
“Chevelle…my bad. Dinner? Booker.”
Elle shook her head. He certainly didn’t waste no time. She called…
“Booker? Elle. Hey no biggie. I appreciate the offer but I have to work at the shop.”
“Oh!…but you still gotta eat right?” She laughed…
“You got me there.”
“So…cool I bring you some nourishment?”
“Yeah! Cool.”
“Yes! Catcha later then Elle.”

Elle was under her current project wrenching away. Her long tan legs moving to the beat blasting from the radio. She didn’t hear Booker come in. He just stood there looking at her exposed skin. The shorts set low on her hips…exposing her navel which was pierced and had a tiny wrench fixed to it. Her stomach was bare and just as he was getting to the good part…the car obscured his view.

Elle shot out from under the vehicle so fast that he didn’t have time to move. He ended up right on top of her.
“Shit I didn’t know you were there…sorry. You alright?”
Booker stood up…”Yeah…I’m good.”
Elle kinda giggled…
“Yeah!…I can see that.” Her eyes were fixed on a rather impressive bulge.
“Dang…Busted.” He reached down in his pants and straightened out his shit.
“You hungry?” Booker laughed after he said it. “For food was what I meant.”
Elle simply said…”Yeah and that too.”

She walked over to him and gestured at him to follow her. In the small room she pushed him down on a hammock…un- did his pants and released his package…
“Hello” she said as she started to stroke him. After several jerks…she stopped long enough to remove her top. Her 36s were round and firm with small pinks sporting long erect nipples. She grabbed one and grabbed him with her other hand. She stroked both…
using the same manipulations!
“Do you like the way my hand feels on your cock?”
“Here”…she took his hand and placed it on her tit…”what you do to me I will do to you.” She then mimicked his actions
…for a while.
Elle removed the rest of his clothes and her own. She then bent over and looked back at him beckoning…
He stepped up and grabbed her waist as he slowly impaled her. His rhythm was long…slow…deep but Elle had other plans…
“Let’s ride…” she said..her voice throaty…seductive.
She dropped to her hands and kicked her feet and legs up. It is an amazing position.And didn’t take long before he was close to cumming. S’he pulled away…
“Not so fast big boy…”
Booker let out a deep sigh…but he had a feeling that he wouldn’t be disappointed.

Elle put some music on motioned to Booker to follow her. She handed him a beer and drank hers all right down.
She then started to dance and was soon doing some very sexy moves on a pole. Booker watched as she added a vibrator…relentlessly teasing herself. She made a very seductive show of putting a string of beads up her ass…leaving just a few hanging.

Booker was stroking his tool as he watched her. He was rock hard when she desended on him to do a lap dance. She started with her back to his chest…bouncing up and down then side to side…But when she turned to face him…she went wild…
“Suck on my nipples…bite them….Oh thats it…Yesss!” She was riding him unlike anything he had ever experienced before…
“I’m gonna cum…I’m gonna blow…”
Just as he swelled she pulled off him and he pumped out his hot cream on to her ass…
She slowly popped out the beads as she had an intense orgasm.
Her body was shaking her eyes half open rolled back into her head her mouth opened slightly as she panted.

“Wow…that was fantastic Elle. You are so sexy. I have never felt anything like that before.”
“Well…Thank you Booker. I got inspired. You have a rather impressive tool.”
“Tool? Hmm. I like that.”
Elle smiled…she has a thing for tools.

“Hey Booker…where’s that food?…I’m starving!”

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