“Meet me in class” I called out to Alexis. It wasn’t the first time I’d grabbed the wrong book for the wrong class, but it WAS the first time I was going to get detention for it.

As soon as I showed up to class old Mrs. Crawford decided to “make an example” of me according to the new principals guidelines. I tried to explain I had plans to baby sit my neighbors kids, but she obviously didn’t have her aid turned up and couldn’t hear a word of protest anyways. One hour. One hour! For being 5 minutes late. What was high school coming to?

I skulked into detention 5 minutes late, just in time to catch the tail end of Mrs. Crawford’s monologue about the rules of detention. She didn’t even turn to look at me as I slid into the back seat of the third row. Her ramblings continued just long enough for me to survey my fellow delinquents. Two desks in front and one row over sat Jake. Typical jock. I found myself increasingly curious as to what he’d done to end up here and set out to ask him when a rather interesting distraction started in the last row.

Jessie and Damon had been flirting with each other and Jessie had accidentally-on-purpose, dropped her purple feathered pen on the ground, inches from her Orange Etnies. It was quite obvious Damon was serving a dual purpose by bending down to pick it up when he slid the back of his hand up the inside of her bare leg to the edge of her plaid mini. He glanced up at Jessie and she licked her lips in anticipation. Damon took that as the go ahead, and the feathered end of the pen disappeared under her skirt. At first Jessie laughed out loud.

I instantly turned my head forward to search for Mrs. Crawford. She was sitting at her desk at the front of the room, tilted back in her chair with a copy of Pride and Prejudice held open on her knee. Her hearing aid was still apparently turned off as she didn’t even flinch or break the rhythmic breathing of sleep.

I noticed Jake in front of me turn his head toward Jessie and Damon. I smirked to myself as I did the same. By now Jessie was moaning and biting her bottom lip and Damon’s hand had disappeared entirely under her skirt. Damon’s other hand had unbuttoned Jessie’s shirt and revealed her C-cup red lace bra. He hungrily pulled her bra down over her breasts and began circling her erect nipples with his tongue.

I stole a glance at Jake and realized he had turned in his seat and I could see his rock hard cock straining against his basketball shorts. As my own thoughts played through my mind I looked over in time to see Damon glance at Mrs. Crawford and, satisfied that she was still sleeping, gestured for Jessie to lie in front of him on his desk.

She moved quickly to position herself in front of Damon, boobs exposed and skirt up around her waist, Damon began working Jessie with his tongue. He licked around her inner thighs and base of her stomach. He reached forward for a handful of boob and found Jessie’s mouth surrounding his finger. As Damon’s warm tongue found Jessie’s hot clit she sucked harder and deeper on his finger. Damon slid his tongue over the length of her slit and thrust it deep into her wet hole. Jessie let out a moan and released Damon’s finger from her mouth. He dove his wetly sucked fingers into her as he flicked his tongue over her clit faster and faster. Jessie whimpered and moaned and her body tensed as warm liquid poured all over Damon’s hand and mouth.

Without missing a beat Damon stood up and sat on the desk behind him while Jessie moved in to straddle his seat. She reached up to unbutton his Dickies as Damon placed a hand under her chin and tilted it up to look at him. She maintained eye contact as she bent her head and undid his zipper with her teeth. Damon moaned as Jessie sucked him through his boxers. I could hear more moaning but I realized it wasn’t coming from Damon.

Jake had slipped his hand inside his shorts and was stroking his cock. He glanced back at me. At first I was embarrassed that he had caught me watching him. We didn’t exactly hang out in the same circles and I wasn’t sure how much he knew about me outside of Lit class. But he didn’t seem phased in the least and continued looking at me. I felt my own legs spread and my fingers fall between my knees. I watched Jake’s eyes follow my hands as they dipped under my skirt. I lifted my right knee close to my body so he could see that I wasn’t wearing any underwear. I saw his hand move faster over his cock and felt my wet fingers glide over my swollen clit.

Moans of pleasure erupted from Damon as Jessies mouth enveloped his dick. She pumped him with her hand too and cradled his balls with her free hand. She released him from her mouth to watch her hand slide up and down. She looked over at Jake and saw him pumping his own cock. She closed her eyes and began playing with her pussy again.

I returned my attention to Jake as my own whimpering could be heard as result from my busy efforts on my throbbing clit. Jake had pulled his massive cock out of his shorts and was stroking faster as he watched my frantic fingers work the magic they often did. I closed my eyes and listened to the sounds of people getting off. Damon was grunting. He would cum soon. The wet friction of Jake’s hand on his cock combined with his own shallow grunts was bringing me closer to the edge. Jessie had brought herself near orgasm for a second time and was very vocal about it.

Then it happened. All at once I heard Damon cum and Jessie cum with him. Jake was immediately after and the sound of him trying to catch his breathe swung me over the edge. I rode my fingers as a wave of pleasure rushed over me. I felt heat from my head to my toes and my fingers being squeezed inside my tight hole.

I opened my eyes to see Jake facing forward in his chair and Damon and Jessie in their desks and rearranging their clothes. I would have thought it was a dream if the smell of sexual juices hadn’t been hanging in the air. I quickly lowered my leg and fixed my skirt.

The room fell in sweaty silence and the only noise was the relaxed breathing of Mrs. Crawford. The detention bell sounded and she startled awake. “Detention over” she mumbled. I collected my bag and watched as Jake rushed out of the room and Jessie and Damon shared a slow smile and then each exited through opposite doors. Mrs. Crawford remained at her desk and re-opened her copy of Pride and Prejudice.

I walked out of detention and down the hall past the gym. I stopped to look through the small window on the door and saw Jake drop his bags and high five his team mates. Alexis was playing volleyball and waved me over. I hesitated for a moment, but was rewarded as I walked through the doors and received an intense once-over from Jake. I held his gaze as I walked over to him, reached into my bag and pulled out a purple feather pen to write my number on his hand. He looked down at the number and back up at me. As I released his hand I grabbed his shirt and pulled him towards me as I whispered in his ear “I plan on being late for class tomorrow. See you in detention.”

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