Dirty Little Project

As an art student, I spend a lot of time in the wee hours of the night in the colleges large art studio, where we work with clay. The room is huge, with about a hundred “stations” – a table, a wheel, and other supplies you might need for your project. One night, I was there alone at about 11pm. I was just beginning a project, and was therefore in that fun, messy stage where you start with a wet, pliable lump of clay. I was enjoying playing with it in my hands as I lazily imagined what I might make with it. My thoughts turned to the man I had just left – just a sensational fuck, but other than that, not a particularly special person to me. The thought of the things he had done to me only hours earlier began to turn me on. Skilled with his tongue, he was, and I began to absentmindedly rub my pussy through my short satin skirt as I imagined it was him. One hand continued to knead the clay as the other kneaded my mound, and eventually found its way under my skirt to play with my clit. I was getting pretty hot and heavy with myself by now. My juices were flowing….my pussy was getting wetter with each passing minute.
I heard the door open…I knew someone had entered, but it was a fleeting passage in my mind, hardly worth recognizing, and I continued to play with my pussy. The chances that the person in the room would be aware of me, much less of what I was doing, seemed slim. I began to struggle with keeping quiet as I rolled my clit between my wet fingers, alternating that with thrusting my fingers into my hole. When I slid my hand across my pussy and towards my ass, I knew I was coming closer to having an orgasm. That’s when I looked over and saw him watching me. He was in my class, though we had never spoken. He was shy, quiet, good looking but preoccupied with other things. Our eyes met and held. To my surprise, and probably his as well, I began to stroke my pussy even more rapidly. Having him watching me was more of a turn on than I had ever imagined. I licked my lips and slipped my other hand, wet and covered in clay, inside my shirt, where I began to massage my hard nipples. I came hard, never looking away from his eyes. The expression on his face was unreadable, and I found myself suddenly embarrassed by what I was doing. I straightened my clothes and turned away from him to face my clay. Almost shaking with embarrassment now, I resigned myself to the fact that what was done was done, and I grabbed my water bucket to go fill it at the sink, so I could rewet my clay and begin again.
I felt him behind me before I stood up. I didn’t turn around. I could feel his hot breath on my neck when he whispered, “I’d be willing to help you with that particular project, if you like.”
Well, that hardly creative line made my knees threaten to buckle. He correctly took my silence as a yes, and the next thing I felt were his hands on my waist. With my back still to him, he quickly untied my short little wrap and unbuttoned my blouse. They fell to the floor, and if it weren’t this guy’s lucky day already, he now knew I wore nothing underneath. My breath caught as I felt his lips on my neck, rapidly moving downward until he was quite literally kissing my ass….and what girl doesn’t love that? He bent me over the table and began to lick my ass and pussy. I was holding onto the table so hard to keep from falling over from this ecstasy……lest I break this god like strangers neck. He was expertly fucking my pussy with his tongue, simultaneously pinching my nipples with his hands. I still had yet to see him close up when I heard him unzip his jeans. Oh, I was dying to get a look at what I was in for, but he held me steady while he gently probed my crevices with the head of his cock. Which felt pretty damn big. I wasn’t prepared for the rush that I got when he thrust his dick into my pussy. I had never been so full of hard cock, and he began to fuck me. My moans grew louder, my pleasure was unbelievable. It wasn’t the sex alone, but the situation that had me climaxing within a minute of his full penetration. He felt my pussy tighten around his cock when I came, and he began to fuck me harder and faster than I had ever been before. I heard the sexiest animal like growl escape his otherwise silent lips, and then he came all over my ass. He rubbed his still hard cock up and down my ass slowly, as we both savored the moment.
Finally, he held my shoulders and pulled me to a standing position. I turned around to look at him, and he gave me a passionate kiss on the lips. Then he quickly zipped up his fly and spun around to leave. This left me with the feeling that it was the most in depth dream I had ever had, and I had a hard time not turning it into that in my mind. That is, until I saw him a week later…..same time, same place.

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