Her Admirer

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She wore her sexiest white lingerie. The bra was push up and kind of sheer. It framed her breasts beautifully. They were perfect sitting up high on her chest. Her panties were g-string also a bit sheer in the front. In the right light they would be see through. She was aware of that fact and it turned her on. She wore stockings, thigh highs, they made her feel sexy and a little dirty. She’d been wearing a skirt all day and when she crossed her legs her bare thighs were visible to anyone who looked her way. She was well aware of this as well and enjoyed the stares. At this moment she was in her bedroom and could not wait for the encounter that was about to take place. There was an admirer there and she loved it. As she ran her fingers through her hair down the side of her face and one finger slid down over her lip and just barely into her mouth. As she sucked her finger her admirer did the same. She reached behind her and unhooked her bra. Her admirer watched intently and removed clothing as well. She lowered the shoulder straps down her arms until the sexy white bra slid away from her body. Her nipples hardened slightly to the feel of the cool air. It was the only thing cool in the room because she was hot and her admirer was hot as well. She pinched her left nipple and stared into the eyes of her admirer. The admirer stared back. The stare had her more turned on. She now caressed both breasts with her hands which excited her admirer greatly. She was getting wet from not only the caressing of her beautiful breasts but of the stare from across the room. She ran her hand down her stomach until it reached into the front of her sheer white panties. Her stomach was flat and sexy. Her skin was smooth and even as she reached into her panties the smooth trail continued. Her pussy was shaved bare and she enjoyed caressing herself. Her admirer looked on intently. What a beautiful woman the admirer thought. Absolutely unbelievable. She was very turned on now. Her caress went lower into her panties until she was rubbing small circles on her clit. It didn’t take long until her pace increased. She no longer wanted the panties on restricting her access to her hot, wet shaved pussy. As she removed her panties her admirer finished undressing as well. She took a step closer to her admirer but there was still a few feet between them. She continued to play with her pussy making small sexy noises. Not quite moans but she was getting there. As she touched herself her admirer did the same. They stared each other up and down and touched themselves. She took a step closer to get a better look and never stopped touching herself. She was extremely excited. She wanted to keep her eyes open but the feeling of her fingers running through her pink pussy lips and circling around her throbbing clit made it difficult. Everytime she looked up her admirer did the same. God, she loved this game. It wasn’t the first time they played it, but it never got old. She inched closer barely able to stand as she played with herself. She was hunched over now working two fingers in and out of her pussy. Her other hand caressing, pinching, pulling on her nipples, alternating from one to the other. She opened her eyes wide and kept them open to watch her admirer pleasuring themselves as well. Really working it. Whimpering when she whimpered, moaning when she moaned. They were in sync and about ready to climax. They were now as close as they could be to one another and now the lust and admiration was about to reach an exploding peak. She held one hand out to her admirer as the other worked furiously on her clit to bring her to an intense orgasm. As she came, her admirer came. They shook, they convulsed, they bit there lips. God, that was good she thought. And her admirer had definitely put on a show. As she caught her breath she looked up at her admirer and smiled. The admirer smiled right back and she thought to herself that she really loved this mirror, it made her feel so sexy and she loved to see herself, admire herself and love herself. Nothing made her feel sexier than watching herself being sexy.

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