caught having a self indulgent moment

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I was Caught having a self-indulgent moment of my own
Its morning 8ish I’d been laid awake in bed some while now maybe half an hour or more, I’d been thinking about the previous night and what a good night we had. We’d been chatting over whether or we should be having penetrative sex or not with the girls now it’s getting so close to the time for the babies to be born, June had a false alarm and we rushed her into hospital three days ago having had sex. The girls have been really horny during the pregnancy I think it’s the hormone thing and June had gotten really carried away and ridden Steve’s monster cock hard, in doing this she had triggered some false contractions. Anyway as it was Steve’s birthday yesterday, and we had decided the last day that the girls were to have vaginal sex with the men unless it was oral of course; we had decided to have a little party and some gentle sex. We had a really good might all four of us together. Oh yes anal would be allowed but first signs of problems and this would stop well with the girls anyway ha-ha maybe I should give it a miss for a while also my ass is sore after the large dildo the girls used on me of cause Steve’s attention.
I lay there thinking about the previous night and wondering if the massive hard on I had was due to my sexual thought about the previous night or the fact that I needed to urinate or maybe both.
Well I could need a pee as my ball sack was aching, that also could be from last night also OMG I had cum so many times last night it’s a wonder I had any seed left in my entire body, ha-ha I chuckled to myself as I thought – any seed that was my own anyway!! Oh well only one way to find out I thought, I made a move I do need the toilet, Naked I walked to the bathroom.
I spotted Steve coming from his room as I entered “don’t be-long in there I need to go as well I’ll be joining you if you don’t hurry up” he said.
I was just thinking as I had finished urinating that my stiffness was due to the fact I needed to pee as I was starting to get a little limp when I notice something on the bathroom floor, maybe it wasn’t as soon as I spotted this I started to get hard again.
What I had spotted was a pair of Jane’s thongs on the floor, the last time I had seen these last might they were soaking wet with pussy juice and both Steve’s and my cum, June I believe wiped them around her wet pussy in her tipsy state also before giving them to Steve as an extra Birthday present so he could remember this night of sex. Why would she do this you ask – well I think it was after the comment we’d made about missing the smell of sex after we had all been together the aroma from the juices were quite pungent last night we had been so busy, ummm I thought as I picked them up they do smell so sweet!
I held them to my nose the smell was driving me wild and I started to masturbate, they were still damp I started to masturbate a little faster.
At this point I place the elastic waist band over my ears; I was wearing them over my face like a surgical mask this way I could savour the smell, pump my stiff cock with one hand and play with my balls and ass all at the same time.
I was really pumping away at my cock sniffing the panties as I did, I’d even had a quick lick umm they tasted so good the mixture of cum and pussy juice tasted so good.
Umm my senses were really going wild the smell, the taste and my hand action were driving me wild, I slowed slightly wanting to hold back on the explosion I was feeling was about to happen. One last lick and a big sniff – Ooh yes this is better than doing drugs I start to speed up again Oh yes – Ooh Yes – OH YES!!! I had come my legs felt so weak, I thought my legs were going to give way on me; that was one hell of an Orgasm so powerful the cum shot out like it was fired from a cannon.
The last drop shot from my weapon as I did I looked up Steve June and Jane were all stood in front of me with a big grin on their faces apparently Steve had been so desperate to use the toilet he had joined me as he had threatened. I had been so engrossed with my task in hand so to speak I had not even notice him enter, I don’t even know when the girls arrive they had apparently heard my load groans and come to investigate.
“Having fun are we then Doctor”? asked Jane, “Yes thanks it was a very hard task my patient needed emergency treatment to save his life” I replied laughing and taking off the surgical panty mask from my face. “Doctor I see your patient is not looking so good do you think – err that he will survive”? Steve asks with a big grin.
“No I think he has passed away – I don’t know how I’m going to explain this to his family”.
June laughing Says “Doctor you have killed my killed MY Husband”, laughing again she added “It must have been that choke hold you had on him, you did have a good grip around his neck”.
Well I had to agree my cock was limp and quite lifeless, I made it give a twitch before coming fully placid, “He lives!!” I announced.
As we walked away from the bathroom June looks at me and smiles You better take more care of my husband than that, Until I’ve given birth he’s going to need some special attention from you and Doctor Steve to keep him fit and well” she laughs Jane looks at Steve you better keep My Husband fit and well also” she laughs we all join her ha-ha-ha-ha-ha!!

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