desperate Lonely and Homeless Part1

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He was cold and hungry The weather had been so unkind to Ronan lately, life was cruel. It had been so long since he had had a warm meal or a bed for the night. He became lost in his thoughts as he nestled into his rucksack dreaming of the wonderful meal he had enjoyed on Christmas day with his only real friend more than 7 weeks ago but he could still recall every bite. These few brief moments of pleasure were all that kept him going. The promise of a brighter tomorrow.
He had been homeless now for many years, life and its wrong turns had left him bitter, as hard as his life was picking at garbage and struggling to exist, having rarely anywhere to sleep Tonight at least he was grateful to have found a vent unlocked he squeezed into to settle down for the night. Though everything that was missing from Ronan’s life the one thing he wanted more than anything was intimacy, love and sex. He was 32 years old now and still very much, oh so painfully a virgin. He’d been on his own for too long. To believe anybody could ever see past all this and want him was to him an impossible task.
His body began to warm though at long last. What a treat it was to be warm and dry tonight he thought. He closed his eyes and stoked the messy long hair from his face. His finger tips Stoking down his neck, imagining that those fingers were his lovers. Then to Bring his hand back up, now in a clenched fist and putting his tongue between his thump and curled finger to kiss it passionately. Longing so desperately for “her” to kiss him back. As he unbuttoned his shirt he crested his torso in the same way as before, Those teasing finger tips trailing up and down and around his body.
Remembering how much he enjoyed having his neck kissed when he was just a teenage boy. His penis swelled in his pants at the thought of being able to cum tonight, it had been so long since he’d been able to empty his balls. He could bare to wait no longer reaching for his rock hard dick though his tight faded jeans. “Time to come out to play” he whispered in his soft southern Irish accent as he unzipped himself. His breathing became very heavy at the sight of how big it in his hand, he wondered if his penis would be too big to go into her mouth, he wanted it down in her throat. Thinking about her gagging the wrenching trying to fit such a thick cock down her throat massively turned him on. He would be seeing her tomorrow afternoon, his friend of so many years, the only girl he had ever so much as even kissed. Those soft sweet lips of hers how he longed for Kelly’s mouth around the head of his penis. How he wanted her wonderful soft long full brown head of hair in his lap. He grabbed his rucksack and placed it between his legs to simulate as best as he could her being there with him. Ronan then spat into his hand to get it as wet as he could and began rubbing it into the head of that throbbing cock. “Oh jaysus, Kel… suck me! Suck me!” he pleaded to her. He held his penis to one side and let out a almighty moan, the cum pumping from his dick shooting out. That was too quick for his liking plus what a waste he thought looking over to see his huge load laid there on the metal flour. If only I could have done it in her mouth, God how I want her to suck me clean now he thought staring down at his still throbbing cock.
He wiped himself now, tucked it away the best he could to try and fall to sleep curled up there alone, yet again Dreaming she was there holding him. His Dick barely altered in size. “You mucky fecker, you need more don’t ya” he smugly remarked.
To be continued….

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