Doing Sheila in the Kitchen

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Doing Sheila in the Kitchen

Sheila’s about 40, kinda’ geeky, a little overweight, but she has these big firm titties and full soft lips. I know that Sheila would like a regular love affair, you know; dinner, candlelight, kissing, blah, blah, blah… But I just want to fuck her and cum in her mouth.

Anyway I invite Sheila over for coffee. I tell her that my room mate’s gone and we’ll have the house to ourselves. She say’s she’ll be right over.

So we’re standing in my kitchen, having our coffee, it’s about noon. Sheila just wants to talk, but I’m having trouble concentrating, all I can think about are her big firm tits and her chubby body. After a bit I go up to her, really close and take her coffee cup and set it on the counter. She thinks I want to kiss but I hold her at arms length and as I look her in the face I begin playing with both of her big titties. They’re firm, I’m enjoying fondling and pushing on them. I’m not kissing her yet. After a few minutes, I take her blouse and lift it up over her tits. I like the way her tits look in her bra with her shirt just pushed up and out of the way. I’m pushing them side-to-side and squishing them together. I’m feeling for her nipples thru the fabric. As I lean in, I very lightly French kiss her. She seems eager to kiss deeply but I back off and undo her bra clasp instead. I’m rewarded to see her big tits fall out and sag a little. Sheila’s tits look so good, I’m starting to get a hard on. I’m still holding her at arms length as I play with her naked breasts. I’m handling her a little roughly, I’m fondling and kneading her titties, I’m squeezing and pinching her nipples. Sheila’s making these sexy little noises. I lean in and very lightly lick Sheila lips, I can tell that she wants to kiss badly, but instead I bend down and begin sucking her swollen nipples, probably too hard, she’s whimpering a little.
I decide to pull her body closer so I can feel her big titties on me. I grab her ass cheeks and pull her toward me forcefully. I push my hard cock up against her and simulate fucking her, she seems to like this, her body’s responding. I’m getting pretty turned-on, but I want to see her naked. I turn Shelia sideways, the better to play with her titties and to unbutton and unzip her jeans. I pull her jeans off for her; she pulls off her shirt and bra. This is exactly what I wanted, she’s standing there naked except for her wet panties, I can clearly see her panties darkening. I think she might be embarrassed, just standing there naked and wet and turned-on with me looking at her. Of course I take all my clothes off too. Shelia’s eyes go wide as she stares at my hard-on. I turn Shelia side-ways again, easier to slide my hand down her panties. Her legs go wider as my fingers slosh around her sopping wet pussy. I’m surprised when I slide my finger into her that she feels so tight. Sheila moans. Her wet pussy feels so good that I fuck her this way for awhile. Sheila’s wet panties are sexy but I need to get them off, they’re in my way. She helps me slide her panties off. I begin fucking Sheila hard with my middle finger, Shelia starts groaning and her legs are trembling. This inspires me to fuck her even harder, I’m shoving my finger all the way in, quickly, my knuckles are pounding her pussy; they’re making these wet slapping sounds. Finally she shudders and cry’s out and I can feel her cum, she’s dripping wet.

I stand back from Sheila to get a good look at her. She looks hot, all naked and plump and obedient with her juice running down her leg. I’m rock hard now and really need to slide my cock in her mouth. I tell Sheila to suck me. She gets down on her knees. I’m holding my cock in my hand for her, it feels cool to steer it to her mouth. We haven’t kissed at all; Sheila seems to want to make up for the lack of oral stimulation by sucking my cock eagerly. She wrap’s her lips around my cock and her mouth comes to life. Her tongue is rolling around my dick; her lips are making smacking noises, she’s sucking sweetly and deeply. I grab a handful of her hair to encourage her, but she doesn’t need much. She fucks me enthusiastically, it sounds all wet and sloppy. I can’t believe how deep I can force my cock in her mouth without making her gag. Fucking her big soft lips and warm wet mouth feels superb. Finally I groan and explode in her mouth. I don’t know when I’ve ever cum this much or so hard. Sheila moans, and continues to suck and swallow and lick my cock sweetly until I’ve had enough and pull out. Sheila looks up at me with her big brown eyes, seemingly asking if she’s done a good job. We still haven’t kissed.

Great fuck, I’m wiped out. I tell Sheila it’s time to go and maybe I’ll call later.

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